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A2A with John Butler of Amphora Capital

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Earlier today, we held our final A2A webinar of the year and we couldn't have had a better and more timely guest than John Butler, author of the great book, "The Golden Revolution".

In this tremendous, 45-minute presentation, John addresses a multitude of subjects, including:

  • The possibility of a gold-backed Russian government bond, which would provide stability for the rouble
  • What China might be planing to do with their gold reserves and the upcoming IMF meeting next autumn
  • The meaning of today's announcement by the SNB to begin charging negative interest to depositors
  • The growing list of gold repatriation requests from around the globe

Many other subjects are covered as well so please be sure to listen to the entire recording. When you're done, check out John's latest Amphora Report entitled "AS THE ‘SANCTIONS WAR’ HEATS UP, WILL PUTIN PLAY HIS ‘GOLD CARD’?"( You should then join John's mailing list so that you're notified whenever he publishes something new.

Lastly, if you haven't yet read "The Golden Revolution", I strongly suggest you order it today by clicking the link below. It is as powerful and relevant today as it was when it was published in 2012. You won't be disappointed.



AIJ's picture

Been tough...

...but look at the stack of PM's you have accumulated.

They could have allowed a slow gradual rise, but at 1900 AU, when  S&P downgraded the US debt market

they were staring into the abyss. They could at that time,  do the right thing or go all in. They chose the later.

Now that they have decided to commit suicide, stand back and watch.

God didn't create Gold and silver for nothing.

Teleology. Purpose.  6000 years of history.

Check then Mate.

DeaconBenjamin's picture

Russian Chervonets -- gold coin established by Lenin

Dr. P. Metals's picture

Everyone here and elsewhere

has decisions to make, and that was a truly good rant SIM! I'm jealous ;)

For me, I'm putting on the only armor that has no flaws in it and one which cannot be defeated, by anyone or anything, at any time, from ages past to ages future, and trying to polish it up real good and shiny.

Arag's picture

Gold stuck between $1196 and $1200

Very weird, to say the least.

At the same time, putting a collar on any $100+ move (!) and flatlining the price of the metal.

What is the intended effect of this dead chart ? 

Well, maybe getting all the traders out of the place. Imagine you have a long position when all breaks loose -> your broker will have to pay you a fortune. It's imperative to exhaust the patience of as many players as possible before the D Day (the few who remain will be treated with Force Manure).

This dead electroencephalogram of Gold is the equivalent of the sea retreating before the tsunami.

We are approaching the end of 2014, the Lagarde Year of Renovation.

All these countries reclaiming their Gold have Intelligence Services who know perfectly what is about to happen.

Let's sit back and just wait for the next move... it could surprise us.


NW VIEW's picture

Well S.I.M.!

Yes that was a rant.  Most would agree and even add more.  Some say "this is not going to end well". 

I have had a gut feeling for awhile that most stackers will never have time to spend/trade/barter their piles of metals.  A man with a good metal detector can still find a pile of coins in Europe that some stacker has hidden a thousand years ago.  Will that be us also?  We place to much hope in our stacking and not enough in being prepared internally.  If we have lost our peace, cannot sleep at night, worry about all these international events and bring strife into our homes, we have already lost.  There is not enough gold to fix that in anyones stash.  jmo      Jim

AlienEyes's picture


"At the rate we are going we are going to wake up in 20 years in a New World Order and wonder how in the hell it happened."

More like ten most.

"It" happened because 51 % of our damn fool voters voted for "it" to happen. Twice. When you take the most far left member of congress and make him president, only a complete idiot would expect things to improve.

Righting Moment's picture

And on we go...

I read and learn.  Watch and wait.  Prepare and store.  Stare in disbelief.  Struggle and compose.  Stack and stack some more.  And on we go...

Tremendous thanks to Craig and the assembled multitudes here.

"Put you down oxygen mask on first..."

boomer sooner's picture

NY Fed Bail In PDF

Did not know if it had ever been posted.  Sorry if dup.  Printing off and taking by accountants office tomorrow and see his eyes glaze over.

Why Bail In? and How!

Fred Hayek's picture

Much as I hate the continuation of the manipulation . .

I have to like being able to buy 1 oz. silver rounds from SD bullion for $16.73 each.  Especially for someone of modest means like myself, that's terrific. 

So, I hate that the cartel and the equity whores get to chortle and get to lie to themselves and others that their corruption is natural and sustainable.  But, we get to exchange green pieces of Charmin for real money at a ridiculous rate.

Remember, if you converted the peak of price in 1980 to present day dollars using even the comically understated official rate of inflation you still find that the equivalent price of silver today would be around $230 per ounce.  Silver's selling for less than a tenth of that.

I know, 1980 can seem like a long time ago.  But how long was it?  It was a shipped out of the U.S. manufacturing industry ago.  It was the difference between the baby boomers entering their peak earning years to retiring ago.  It was more than a Glass Steagal ago.  It was investment banks all being private partnerships and not publicly traded companies ago.  It was a Department of Homeland Security ago.  It was oceans of money printing and tsunamis of debt ago.  It was largely honest markets ago.  It was at least somewhat honest policing and regulation of markets ago.  It was a time when the U.S. economy had much greater strength and yet, if not for the rules being changed to stop the Hunts, the price of silver would have gone much higher than it did.  And, inflation adjusted, it's less than 1/10 that price now. 

So curse the fvckers who're rigging things.  But take advantage of the gifts they inadvertently give you.

Arag's picture

Trickle down


AlienEyes's picture

Socialist !


All men are NOT created equal. Some are too lazy to breathe. Others are dumber than sh!t.

wonderer's picture


You have captured my mood perfectly. I have been trying, politely, to get my adult children's attention. None of my three surviving children (all well over 40) pay any attention to the real world around them, because they are too busy trying to survive in the false world presented by modern media

I am elderly, living on SSI, in what is called "independent senior living", (a polite euphemism -meaning our adult children feel comfortable about ignoring us except for obligatory monthly visits, because they really don't have the time - football, jobs, shopping, divorcing and re-marrying, whatever...)

If we dare mention that the carousel of "modern life" might suddenly halt, they get testy, assume that we are doomerish in our dotage, and just don't understand that "this time it is different", so they tune us out, if we can't offer an email summary proving our concerns that can be read in 3 minutes. 

Suggesting that they prepare? They can't imagine the end of "everything now", they can't imagine the failure of JIT delivery to the mega-stores, the hacking of the internet, the loss of critical infrastructures, the failure of banks. They are stuck in a brief moment of lucky human history, and they take it all for granted, and have no understanding that it is just that - a brief golden moment, and not an entitled constant .

I am grieving.

Not for me, for my time is now short, but because they are not interested learning about the skills, and knowledge of survival that I learned from my parents and grandparents - and that I tried to carry on & perfect in my journey through life. I grieve because these adult children find them unimportant, not worth their time to understand or master, and because the grandchildren now only value picking a good fantasy football team, think history is only for a grade on a test, and have no interest in basic economics. 

These grandchildren cannot imagine life without a supermarket. If the airplanes stopped flying in food out of season, and the trucks stopped delivering frozen pizzas on a daily basis, they would starve, because neither they or their parents know how to cook anything from scratch, never mind grow it, thresh it, can it, hunt it down and butcher it, etc.

Getting late, getting sad writing about all this, realizing that all the gold and silver won't help us much when our children no longer have the basic skills of human survival, and we are heading toward a total societal collapse.

Lugnut's picture

Steven Cohen on C2C tonite

Steven F. Cohen will be on Coast to Coast AM tonight with George Noory in the first hour of the show. Should be interesting hearing him as a first time guest talking about Russia and all that is going on right now.

Havenstein's picture

SIM and Wonderer

Your heartfelt commentary is truly spirit filled. We will persevere. But when. I need more hobbies.


nadgeskaul's picture

wow, wonderer...

That is some very powerful stuff, sir. Thank you for expressing your sentiments and sharing with us.

I know times are tough, but history tells us the human spirit will prevail in the end. It always does; your generation is the epitome of such spirit.

G-Rod's picture

Unusual action on the ASX

Hi Guys,

Big volumes of shares trading on the ASX gold miners today. Massive, Huge, MASSIVE volumes, 2x, 3x, 4x normal.

Prices were a mix across the board, more up then down.

The Australian version of the HUI, the XGD was up only 0.8%.

My personal portfolio based on (Producers:: NST, DRM, SAR),  and (Juniors IVR, and AZM) was up 5.49%, so a good day for me.

(@Search - SAR noted...)

We are in a Gold/Silver static price at the moment, yet massive volumes of shares are changing hands, and the HUI & GDXJ are up 2 days in a row, and this Mining Companies movement is occurring in multiple markets.

Something is brewing and I think that it is prices are going to break to the upside soon - i.e. less than 8 weeks.

Best wishes G-Rod

J Siefert's picture

@ Lugnut

Is the C2C site open to all?

Could you give us a link to the site?

-SilverIsMoney-'s picture

"we are heading toward a total societal collapse"

And when it happens I just hope something good will finally come out of it even if it takes decades and me becoming an old man before it happens (i'm 25) no matter what happens, and no matter how much we may despair at times, we must always remember we cannot give up... we can never give up... even the people who don't listen now will remember what we've said when the time is right...

“Speak up, speak often and don’t worry about those that at this point cannot understand as they can never un-hear what we tell them.” - Ron Paul

I try my best to stay away from religious anythings here but just remember folks -  all of us ending up here is not a coincidence - there are no coincidences - and young or old, male or female, black or white, poor or rich, educated or not, none of that truly matters as we have all found our way here because we are all on the paths we were destined to walk and those that do not walk with us simply were not destined to at this point in time.

Moments of weakness are only natural for all of us but above all else we can never give up because even if we aren't around for those future points in time when things may have shifted we will have surely played our part...

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

Keep fighting... keep persisting... and one day far beyond this realm we may truly understand why we couldn't give in...

Good night and good luck... tomorrow is another day on the path...

NW VIEW's picture

@ Wonderer

The picture that you have painted is typical in our culture.  The days of gramps and grandma, living on Walton's mountain, are over.  It was a wonderful thing , until this modern era, to see the generations all living together.  My two older sisters (80 and 90) still grow their gardens, can their food and enjoy their lives.  We are looking forward to planting our organic vege garden as soon as winter is over.  There are still many good things to ponder in this life.     Jim

SilveryBlue's picture

Wonderer - it isn't all lost

Did you lie to your kids? I did. Whoppers. I did it to teach them to holy crap did you see that pteradactyl! discern & check facts for themselves. I have been imparting curious & questionable facts about the world to my kids - now 22/3 and 24 - for years. They are finely honed to try to catch me out. It's fun.

They grew up as city kids, could've been bratty but aren't, appreciate loyalty and are hard workers. The youngest one has had a rough ride for the last couple of years but is now in full time job, loved by the boss and still very sensible. The eldest has moved away from the city has 2 sheep, 10 ducks, cat, rabbit, fish, loads of fruit & veges, hunts & fishes with partner, is a decent shot. There could be more animals by the next time I visit. They may need more space :P

The point is, they both see clearly.

Try telling a few whoppers to the grandkids - just for backup. You would be doing a good thing as long as everyone understands the rules of the game. smiley

J Siefert's picture

@ wonderer and NW VIEW

Great post wonderer and great comment NW VIEW.

I see not all on the site are youngsters.

Greetings from a 70 year old guy in Switzerland who has noted similar attitudes among younger family members. wink

Lugnut's picture

Coast to Coast

It's a syndicated radio show. On a whole lot of stations. Check for radio stations near you.

hans007's picture

i gotta figure, they can only

i gotta figure, they can only hold it at 1200 for so long.  its just like when silver broke through 18.20.   its held it there for months, but eventually gave way.

at some point 1200 is going to seriously break down on the up side,  and gold is going to be going places.

Search's picture

Sge withdrawals 50 tonnes, ytd 1955 tonnes

G- rod well done on the Sar- buying more down here. With hedges in place it at a crazy price, if we are lucky they might find something else on the cheap to buy.

Search's picture

G - rod

Look at EAR too. Mkt cap 10mm. They have a good deposit next to nst's jundee. The guy next door bought the bronze wing gold plant and needs mill feed. He just bought 16% of ear and looking for as much as he can down here.

this guy if he can put the deposit and plant together, will make a fortune. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

G-Rod's picture

Thanks Search

I'll have a look at EAR.

SGE - Last week was a blip - now back on target.

4 oz's picture

$1200 is fine with me.

$1200 is fine with me.

Like Turd says, my "PM's have NEVER been more valuable."

Getting into Au & Ag in 2011-- was spending so much more back then to add than I do today.... Gotta say these ridiculously low-- Sale prices--- have brought my DCA down a lot further than I ever expected; They can cap it here or it can even go long as it's still -available- when I have dry or get the inclination to add. What really matters is----IF I want to add today...are PM's available for me to get!

ivars's picture

Interesting short term chart

Interesting short term chart from Societe Generale via Zerohedge. They suggest that divergence of oil and gold prices may spur Russia to sell some of its gold, and that sales have already started in W1 of December. As Russian CB reports- if it does- their gold reserve level to IMF next month about December Levels, we may know for sure if anything has happened ( GOFO went positive briefly in W1 of December):

gldslv's picture

Swimming upstream in a clown suit wears you down

Swimming upstream in a clown (since 2006) suit can be a lonely effort especially when trying to raise independent thinking children and your better half is losing faith in your financial guidance. We're getting close to retirement and I now keep a very low profile these days whenever financial discussions come up around retirement. Most of my peers are VanGuard this and that with balances between cash and bonds. And they are doing OK.  Of course they don't ask for my opinion anymore because the downstream matrix is working just fine for them. As far as they are concerned the world situation is just fine.  But the kids are feeling the pain of taxes and prices on things you need let alone the things you want. The baby boomers are not feeling the serfdom yet but the younger ones are caught in the matrix  and its painful to watch as they do believe in gold and freedom.  But the rent is due and the oil bill just came in. "Maybe I can get some silver next month Dad, but right now I have bills to pay".

Converting fiat to PM is a way of life for me and thankfully I'm  in a position to continue. Ultimately it will pan out but it may end up being a generational thing and leaving it to them does give me some peace.  They understand the situation but can't do anything about it. And it saddens me to see the willingness of people to accept ever increasing government control for security... something the financial sociopaths have perfected for millenia.

I really think the next 2 years we will see the confidence of the matrix shattered with an uncontrollable political/financial event that exposes the underbelly of the debt system.  Offering a cash market for an oil/gold exchange could fit the bill as it would overnight double the price of gold and shock the system into  a reality that true markets are really FINITE exchanges of value that puts everyone on an honest playing field...

But right now I'm the one in the clown suit.

gldslv's picture

@ivars Would it not make more sense for Russia to sell to China?

It makes zero sense for Russia to sell gold to the western market when the political events are deteriorating with the US. They have multi-billion yuan/ruble agreements with China. A simple knock on the door with China would do the trick if they are that desperate and want a buyer for their gold.  Again, they have more oil and gas than gold and could offer more oil to China at a lower price and accept yuan. If they did sell gold into the western market then the Ukraine activity is just a global charade.  Oil at $60 would work for them for the next year (Rickards) and then they can default on the their Euro creditors if things get worse.  Recently someone on this blog linked a comment that the G6 BRICS have a higher wealth (accumulated assets) than the G20.  

Question your information sources...

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