Sick of The Lies and The Liars

I'm no longer willing to let the Cartel apologists run roughshod over the good guys. I will not back down and I will not allow you to be misled and deceived.

Simply put, I'm fed up.

Fed up with the lies and The Liars that promote them. I could turn this into a 1000-word post, replete with examples and counter-points but I've already done that countless times and I don't want to get sidetracked. This post is dedicated to The Liars.

Let's begin with two, simple points. The current, fiat currency scheme is based solely upon trust and confidence. Without trust and confidence, the scheme collapses. The ultimate indicator of lack of trust and confidence is gold. Gold and silver are money. They have been for millennia and shall be forever.

The current system scheme fraud has been explained in many ways by many different analysts. None, however, have explained it more clearly than Mike Maloney and his team at Please take time, right now, to watch this entire video. Then, copy the link and send it to all of your friends and family. Knowledge is power and, if we are to escape our inexorable march to serfdom, as many as possible must be awakened and informed.


Now that you understand how the system scheme fraud works, you should finally have an appreciation for the rationale of gold price suppression. Again, gold is sound money and a rising price represents a direct threat to the hegemony of the current system of power. It is therefore logical that it's price would be suppressed and manipulated by the controlling powers. As detailed in Ferdinand Lips' outstanding book "Gold Wars" (, this manipulation has continued for decades:

  • Following Bretton Woods, the price of gold was directly managed to keep it near the "exchange rate" of $35/ounce throughout the decade of the 1950s.
  • The London Gold Pool was created in 1961. Supplied with gold by eight, different countries, the goal of the "Pool" was to supply dump physical gold into the market each time gold threatened to move away from $35/ounce.
  • After Milhous the 1st closed "the gold window" in 1971, there was a clamor to acquire physical gold. American citizens were finally allowed to purchase gold again on 1/1/75. Created expressly to control price, Comex gold futures began trading on 12/31/74.

You see, gold manipulation is not a "conspiracy theory", it is a HISTORICAL FACT. Those that deny this FACT can only do so under the following conditions:

  • That person is underinformed and/or naive.
  • That person is an ardent believer in the status quo (see bullet point above).
  • That person has an agenda and is purposefully trying to mislead you.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I'm sick of playing defense. The Liars and Cartel Apologists regularly run misrepresentations and half-truths, while at the same time performing character assassination on those who are simply trying to awaken the masses to the seriousness of the situation and warn of what lies ahead.

Personally, I've been labeled as a "charlatan" and a "cult leader". It's been written that I am only interested in "trolling for donations" and "ad clicks" but this is nothing compared to the constant harassment of folks such as Jim Sinclair, Chris and Bill at GATA and Andrew Maguire. But we are all only interested in the truth and have nothing to hide so why should we be put on the defensive all of the time? The time for defense is over.

Who is Jeffrey Christian and what is his business? How about his pals ErikT, Bron and Kitco? What are their motives? What about sites like Screwtape and "personalities" like Kid Dynamite? Who supports them and what drives their interest? Since gold price suppression is HISTORICAL FACT, what is the hidden agenda of these folks? Are they on the take, secretly supported by a cabal of interests, intent on preserving the status quo?

In the interest of full disclosure, read this:

My name is Craig Hemke. I live in Kansas, USA. I've been trading commodities options for over 25 years while working as a stockbroker and mutual fund wholesaler. After leaving the corporate ladder in 2008, I opened two businesses. One was a spectacular failure ( and the other (a frozen yogurt store) is barely scraping by. All of my interest in this subject matter comes from the heart and a desire to prepare myself and my family for what lies ahead. I share my insights willingly through this site, which many thousands worldwide visit on a daily basis. My work is supported and this site is made possible by the advertisers on the right side of the page, affiliations in the "store", periodic donations from grateful readers and the Vault subscribers. That's it. I have nothing to hide. No hidden agenda or deep-pocketed sponsors.

I challenge those that disparage me and my efforts to similarly make their intentions public. Who is Kid Dynamite? Who really are Jeanne d'Arc, the crew at Screwtape and the bloggers of the Kitco boards? What are their names and what are their real jobs? What is Jeffrey Christian's background and who are CPM Group's clients? Who are his sources and from where does he get his information? What is CPM's business model and how do they profit? How about Kitco and The Perth Mint? Perhaps they can explain how pooled, unallocated accounts work. I'm not alleging fraud or malfeasance but I do think that folks need to know where there might be conflicts of interest in this fight. Bron Sucheki is a registered user of this site so perhaps he'll take a few moments to comment.

Lastly, it's time to make some changes. For starters, I was alerted to this article over the weekend:

As a response, I suggest and will do the following:

  • Hard Assets Investor, for promoting the lies and misinformation of Jeffrey Christian, has been banned from this site. As their only contribution has been to spam threads with links, they likely won't be missed.
  • I want to strongly urge everyone currently doing business with Bullion Vault to consider other alternatives. They picked up the HAI article and reposted it to their site. The simple question is: Why would anyone seeking The Truth support a site and business that promotes the garbage that The Liars spew? Please consider Hard Assets Alliance and GoldMoney, instead. Both are affiliates of this site.
  • As soon as they can get to it, The Tech Team will be removing the Kitco charts from the homepage of this site as I do not want to be associated with them in any way. Not sure which company's charts will replace them but I'm open to ideas.
  • Any references to Jeffrey Christian and all future attempts by him to disparage, slander and libel the character of those seeking The Truth will be met rebuttal and demand for full disclosure and honest representation of motive.

In the end, and as stated above, knowledge is power. You must educate yourself. Take the time to watch and rewatch the videos from Mike Maloney and others. Read Mr. Lips' extraordinary book. This is not a time for passive apathy. You must know history in order to prepare for what is to come because "what is past is prologue" and the tempest of upheaval is upon us. This site will always be here to assure you that you are not alone in this fight. Persevere and prepare and be sure to always seek The Truth.

TF (Craig)

p.s. As you search for The Truth, please don't set out on a road trip, seeking the counsel of the all-knowing Turd. All that I know is already provided through this site. Besides, you must be mindful that you never want to sneak up on someone who is always and at all times prepared for anything.



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@Basil re: obvious manipulation . . .

In your response to Urban roman you exactly described the ongoing manipulation perfectly, then say its normal market trading!  Wow!

"By shorting heavily in a thin market, needless to say the trader got a far worse average fill.  Who know exactly what that price was, but lets say in was right down at 1340.   However this sudden movement triggered a whole load of algo / black box selling which tumbled the price right down to 1320, representing a 20 point gain for the trader  ie) shorted at 1340 and the price fell to 1320."


Market rigging 101.  A perfect lesson in manipulation!

When anyone with deep pockets sells 100x the amount they could deliver for the purpose of causing the price to drop, that IS manipulation!  People are supposed to buy and sell in response to market action, not force prices in the direction they wish.

What you described is concentrated, most likely naked shorting, especially if we are talking silver. 

That said, the manipulation is apparently legal, since the 5-year CFTC silver trading investigation yielded a big fat ZERO.

So, while the manipulation is indeed institutionalized, I will still call it what it is--manipulation.

Your view is identical to that of Jeffrey Christian and all the other TBTF apologists.

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I coached tee ball this year!  Does that count?yes

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Mac Daddy Hemp

Where o where is Green Lantern?

...and I shall shed my light over dark evil.
For the dark things cannot stand the light,
The light of the Green Lantern!

Anyone have an update on GL?


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"It's nothing to do with manipulation. It's everything to do with traders making as big a profit as possible. And yes - these traders could well be sitting behind desks at JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs. Contrary to popular belief this guys aren't criminals - just good traders , handpicked for precisely the job they do".

Ummm that is manipulation and it is criminal!!

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Ok - I take your point, although not convinced that this practice is actually illegal. Responded to Pining in the new thread.

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Gold $1415, Silver $24.50

Gold $1415, Silver $24.50

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Manipulation is normal?

The Gen X'ers, the 30-40 yr olds today - well, they were taught that there is no truth, that all life is a spin job by every living thing. We all want to win and we will all see the world our separate way, that is the drift of their consciousness. They are sitting ducks for MSM.

A world w/o truth is one of unaccountability.

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I am with us

There is no place to hide our identity. Every hat tip I give is recorded by the Gov.

i believe we are better off knowing who we are than hiding from each other. We are not a conspiracy.  I believe you deserve to know what I think in exchange for your telling me what you think.

i live in Sonoma county. I have kids. I actively promote community resilience and local economy. I am a member of my local Grange and there are 150 of us there thinking about how to be ready for anything that comes next.

I think we could stay in this manipulated vortex for a long time and kinda hope we do, in that, at least we can pretend Santa is coming for Xmas for my kids and that my parents can live out their natural lives with out a huge political tragedy at the end.

my name is Lawrence

my farm is named Left Field.

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The Changing of the Guard

Interesting Russia is providing the air defense system while the Saudi's pay for Egypt, all while Obummer supports the Muslin Brotherhood in Egypt and heart eating cannibals in Syria.

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so many things, so late in the post

Turd, thanks for your disclosure. You have my respect under any name, but "honesty is the best policy". Toward that I wonder if there couldn't be a "disclosure" of an ideal TFMR asset allocation. Is it 100 gold/silver coins? That is, after all , the tone here. If it is that's fine- no that's fun.

You have created Turdville. The people here are united by an idea. This is nothing less significant than July 4th. Really. A

And thank you for "declaring" turdville.

I was not far off^ I placed you in Oklahoma.

To Golddog, moving to Chile? Might be nice, haven't been there don't know. But I do live overseas myself. And one thing I miss is voting rights and other rights that I would have if I were a citizen- permanent resident does not equal citizen, where I am in perhaps in chile too. From this site, it seems America is heading down the tubes, but as a born and bred USAer, I don't want to think that America is dead (I mean the idea). (I like the CanadaFreePress website's subtitle, "'cause without America there is no free world"- But I wax nostalgic.

Finally, if you out there really wish for the collapse of the system, you are going to have be to more independent. Think Little HOuse on the Prairie. I continue to recommend the title, Flee to the Fields, or any other from IHS press. It is big food for thought.

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Someone mentioned this earlier...

MODERATOR I might as well repeat it here.

First of all, I am NOT a financial advisor and what I say IS NOT financial advice. That said, I have NEVER suggested a 100% allocation to gold and silver. Not once, not ever. Here is what I've consistently stated:

A major reset is coming and you need to protect your accumulated wealth and purchasing power. You do this by acquiring physical metal. How much? In its simplest form, think of it this way:

  1. Do your homework and determine the price at which you think gold will be finally and fairly revalued.
  2. If you think that number is something like $500, then forget it. Sell it all.
  3. If, instead, you think that number is $6000/ounce, then you need to have some.
  4. $6000/ounce represents a five-fold increase from here.
  5. Therefore, a "proper" allocation might be 20%.
  6. Why? If you allocate 20% of today's assets to something that is going 5X higher, WHEN that happens your gold is now worth the equivalent of 100% of your dollars today.
  7. You've been protected and your "insurance" did what it was supposed to.
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Reply to Fiat currency and confidence:

"Confidence" is a "Con".

If you are an American citizen, you are property of the state, and all that statement implies.

If you accept the statement that the USA monetary and governmental systems in current operation are in fact privatized "cartels" which are owned by a VERY few rich and powerful entities, and that as long as you remain a USA citizen, you are subject to their rules and laws (however frequently and arbitrarily modified), you then understand that in fact the ultimate backing of the US currency, along with every other "institution" that "government" supports, is in fact backed up with the barrel of a gun.

We have come full circle from revolution and rejection of "taxation without representation", (if you believe in fact we ever truly became "independent" as a nation, governed "of, by, and for the people"), back to almost where we began. In fact, some would argue, we have already surpassed the "tyranny" King George is purported to have exerted on "his" colonies.

You can talk about what other countries think, say, and do about our currency.

If you live in the USA, are a citizen of the USA, you had better be clear in your head that when the "man" says "jump", you will have to ask "how high", or be fully prepared for what happens when you decline to do as you are told.

Any argument with that ?

Spartacus Rex's picture

@ turd666

Funny how lawful money, gold & silver Coin never was, "backed up with the barrel of a gun."

Re: "If you live in the USA, are a citizen of the USA, you had better be clear in your head that when the "man" says "jump", you will have to ask "how high", or be fully prepared for what happens when you decline to do as you are told."

Oh, so you too, are 100% "Confidenced" about that B.S. and outcome are you?

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Still stacking coins?

Hello all. Been a while since I stopped by as forex trading has been on fire recently. Looking at the price action on the gold charts it seems $1250 is the closest level of support. Below that and I would imagine gold prices attempt to hit $1180. I love catching up with the blog here and reading comments from investors who continue to stack coins when the price of the metal is deteriorating.

ancientmoney's picture

@CoachFX re: price deterioration . . .

"I love catching up with the blog here and reading comments from investors who continue to stack coins when the price of the metal is deteriorating."


Most of us are not investing in metals--we are buying insurance, or more properly, wealth protection.

While prices of my metals have deteriorated some the last two years, the elemental metals themselves has not.  Much to be said for that over your digital fiat FX, which is intrinsically worthless as we speak, and will be nominally so as well soon enough. 

ag1969's picture

Oh, hey Coach FX

It is nice to see you too!  It is always nice to have a drive by potshot at the whole community veiled in niceties.  I appreciate the visit!

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Goldmoney has a pretty good Gold chart

If you ever come north, TF, the cold ones are on me.

It doesn't give the tree ['three' aux Anglaise] day colour that Kitco does but I use it.

Kitco is on my @$$hole$donotsupportlist, too.

Thanks TF.

Craig Hemke is on my free beer, your money is no good here list, in every bar in the world in perpetuity!

God Bless You,


P.S CoachFX oops, fat finger hat given, that 2 is really just a oner.

You should be able to get through the doorway now, without your ears scraping.

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Still stacking coins -- coachfx

your profile says a member for 2 years and 20 plus weeks.

First post 20 weeks agoish, sounding like a newbie, now you are a pro and offering sage advise. 

something seems strange..... hmmmm can't quite put my finger on it.

douchebag, no thats not it, arrogant prick, no thats not it, I think I am getting warmer, what could it be??[value][year]=2013&date_filter[value][month]=11&date_filter[value][day]=12&title=#comments

Novice question at 20 weeks to shorting at 19 weeks

TROLL....thats it

Keep stacking my friends


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Reading between the lines of

Reading between the lines of what Jim Willie and Jim Sinclair have said, it would appear that any so called reset is at least 7 years away from occurring. The banksters have played us, savagely attacked the stock market to offer the manna of metals, which they have then proceeded to pull the plug on too. Now, it would appear that there is going to be no gold standard, if there was, then whatever the new price is, it would stay there. Therefore to suggest it remains a great investment after said price adjustment is an entirely false premise. So, perhaps it forms part of a new currency, or perhaps it doesn't form part of any new currency.

However on this premise that it does, we in truth have no idea what it will be priced at. We keep envisaging based on our ideological assessment of the situation and come up with a figure accordingly. I guarantee you that I can go back on google and read posts in prominent pm sites in which anyone suggesting that silver would be dying a death at just over $20 at the tail end of 2013 would be called a shill, a liar, a troll blah blah blah. Yet, look where we are, look at the pathetic strength being displayed in this market. It is bullshit, it's bullshit because you can't put perfume on a pig, it's bullshit because I could be a millionaire by now (became aware of bitcoin very early) but c'est la vie.

You know when things are desperate because the weakening of price action is such that we are just waiting now for the next fall. Ivars mentions 13.50 and I say JESUS CHRIST, but then I switch onto other pro pm sites and a supersonic move is just around the corner and whatever you do, don't sell now. It is this kind of shameful and shameless selling which disgusts me, either that or the people pumping that message really are delusional.

So now it appears we are left with this notion that manipulation is the ONLY thing preventing an exponential rise which supposing is actually true, means that this market is a complete car wreck for years to come. Therefore as an investment what is being quietly admitted to is that it's non existent and will only become an asset to the individual should a mass devaluation take place.

This is NOT good news for attracting a larger segment into this market. Furthermore I would posit that if Gold really is the life blood and an indicator of the stability or not of the world, the a fall of over $600 would suggest that behind closed doors, the various groups have conspired, oh excuse me, I mean agreed, on a way forward. I again think that the way forward will come in the form of a digital currency but this is based on the uptake of Bitcoin and based on the control which these freaks of nature strive for.

I think that silver has found a bottom around the $18 mark and I am not so gloomy about it's future prospects but I have taken all of the air out of my expectations of where it's heading and accepted that the likelihood is that it will likely rise modestly for the next few years. I think Martin Armstrong has been moving back the goal posts for when he believes a Gold/silver rally will occur.

By the way for the sake of not providing false hopes/expectations to people, can those who I have no doubt know what they are doing, please knock it off with "the mint is running out of silver" this kind of misleading nonsense further discredits those of us who are now long suffering investors (almost 3 years eek). The mint operates a JIT, therefore if they underestimate demand then they have to wait for further supplies, if they over estimate, well it costs them. This got spread like wild fire that the mint had run out of silver and now it's about to start up again with this same hot air.

I also think that those who believe we have a deflation, followed by a hyper inflation, also need to look at such a scenario on a timescale. Deflations do not take place over weeks, months, they take place over years and or even decades. What I want to know though is in 2 years time for example, if we are where are now, and we hear the very same things from the likes of Jim Willie, then where is the accountability for their declarations? These events are being sold as certainties when really all we know is that the "voice" is promising such.

MetalPrices's picture


Wow. You are hostile. Did you stack some more silver coins today?

MetalPrices's picture


I appreciate your response. However, would you not have benefited financially from trading spot metal? Why is fiat worthless? What do you use to buy groceries with?

ancientmoney's picture

@CoachFX re: worthless fiat . . .

While I know you know the correct answers to your own questions, I will respond so that any new readers don't get led astray by your strident comments.

Would I have benefited from trading spot metal?  No, since I an incline to believe in TEOTGKE, which could change things overnight.  Spot metal would mean I'd buy with middleman margin, and sell without them, which is a losing proposition.  I buy phyzz and hold.

Why is fiat worthless?  Currently, it has value.  You'll note I said intrinsically worthless.  Digits in cyberspace have zero intrinsic value--I would ask you, what gives digital (or paper) fiat its current value?

What do I use to buy groceries with?  Fiat, of course.  I keep enough fiat to pay my bills, have a bit extra for current emergencies, and use the excess to further prepare for TEOTGKE.

Happy investing!

Oldhat's picture

@ Ancientmoney

My wife is a Regional Director over the medical records department for 18 hospitals.....her main focus for 25 years has been medical records and has her masters degree in Health Informatics....I agree with the shit pot load of money.  Enough to convince me to sell my business and retire two years ago at 40 years of age.  Seen her making $50K a year with a 2 year degree in medical records in the early 90's.  I have an engineering degree and started out making  less than that.  If I had remained in the engineering field it would be safe to say that she would be paid 3 times better than the earning potential of an engineer with 25 years experience.  

Hell they even bought our house to get her to take the job, made us a "company loan" (at just over 2%) to get us into a new house in another state (their headquarters) and paid our closing costs.  Moved us (all we had to do was pack an over night bag and leave the house, they done the rest), moved us in.  Flew us to the area (family of 5) 4 times to look for a home.  Gave us $50K in "incidentals" for the move and 5000 shares of company stock.......That field is still in demand.  She hires folks on a "medical records department director" level with sometimes even a 2 year degree (with experience) at $85K a year starting pay....  4 year degree with some experience = $100K. There are 4 other Regional Director positions like hers open now that they can not find the talent to fill (They like Masters Degrees for these).

Now don't feel sorry for me, I manage to fish (from the bass boat she bought me), Play golf at the country club (on her membership) several times a week, and travel around bow hunting various states in my "free time"....and last but not least she buys me a lot of silver on a monthly basis....did I mention she is also pretty fucking hot and gets a 20% bonus each year?

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silver 66 - not the best

silver 66 - not the best wording, it is the availability at discretion, we don't choose the type of storage you want. As Motely Fool says, we have limited need for metal in our working inventories (which backs unallocated) and limited vault capacity for allocated and pool allocated, so the three storage types may not available for all metals at all times. At the moment we don't offer unallocated silver or pooled gold.

ancientmoney - you misread me. I did not post Sam's comment to rub anyone's nose in anything and if you looked further down in the FOFOA comments you'll see I told Sam he was being harsh that TF had a wide readership and so prioritised to respond here. My point, which obviously was missed, was that over here I get a lot more tolerance for commenting later. Also given there is not much love for FOFOA over here, I thought you guys might also find it funny. I'll make sure I use a lot more smiley in the future.

Edward G's picture

Clelebratory anagram

.....of Craig Hemke :   The best I could come up with  was "a.m. rig... cheek !! "

Hammer's picture

"Am Rich Geek" perhaps ?Or

"Am Rich Geek" perhaps ?

Or how about, "Meagre Hick" lol

Turd Ferguson comes out at "Fronted Gurus" loool :)

or "Fed Gurus Torn !!!"

bronsuchecki's picture

The Perth Mint business model

You asked what the Perth Mint’s “agenda” is and to explain our Depository accounts. First up, the Perth Mint was created by the West Australian government to (key bits from section 10 of Gold Corporation Act):

  • to recover, extract, process, smelt, sample, refine, assay and work gold and anything containing gold;
  • to mint, make, issue, buy, sell, distribute and otherwise deal in coins
  • to provide storage and safekeeping facilities to international standards for gold and other valuable objects;
  • to maximise the value added to and export income derived from gold production through the development and marketing of things containing or relating to gold;
  • to promote and develop markets for gold in Australia and elsewhere;

Those are our motives. We sell more gold and make more profit if the gold price is going up, that is our conflict of interest. We have been government owned for 114 years because gold mining employs a lot of voters, and thus our job is to do the above to keep the industry strong. We are also state government owned, not federal, so neither Australia’s federal government or central bank controls us or tells us what to do – we exist to benefit the state of Western Australia.

Unfortunately, the Perth Mint’s government ownership means we are public servants and thus cannot comment on policy matters or be critical of our own or other governments policies or actions – as public servants should not be using what are the public’s assets as a platform to advance their own political beliefs – and in the end holding gold as reserves and using it and other currency reserves to manage exchange rates and the economy is a policy decision, politics. This is why you don’t see us commenting on these matters or being involved in organisations like GATA. Indeed my personal blogging activities push this line somewhat and have on occasion caused angst internally.

You may legitimately be cynical about this, but as the only truly commercially focused West Australian government entity, with not one bureaucratic government appointment in the organisation, be assured that we are aware we would sell a hell of a lot more coins and bars if we were privately owned and could do and say the things Eric Sprott does, for example. We keenly feel that restriction on our ability to market gold (as there is a modest bonus if we exceed budget), but know it is not our role to advocate policy and thus we focus on adding value to Western Australian gold production.

As to the Depository, it is but one part of the Perth Mint and we make more money from our refining and coin/bar businesses, but it seems to attract attention. We offer three storage types:

Allocated – this is the real deal. As I said in an earlier comment, you can come in and look at your bars and if you want to be sure we aren't just doing a switch, scratch or write on them with a texta so you can tell if you get to see your exact bars back again. Few allocated services will allow you to do that.

Pool Allocated – this is the same as GoldMoney, a pile of bars backing client accounts with a published bar list.

Unallocated – this is our working inventory backing client accounts, 100% backed and not lent our, explained on our website here:

“Unlike other depositories, which are merely warehouses, The Perth Mint is a manufacturer of precious metal products and one of the world's largest refiners.  Accordingly, the Mint has a substantial requirement for physical metal to support these operations.

To fund this work-in-progress inventory, the Mint traditionally borrowed metal from bullion banks, at cost.  At the same time, there were investors storing metal with bullion banks and others, at cost.

The Mint realised that if it took deposits directly from investors, it could cut out the intermediary and create a win-win situation: the Mint wins by obtaining free funding for its inventory and investors win by getting free 100% backed storage.”

So our unallocated cuts out the bullion banks and denies them leasing revenue from us and storage fees from investors. Maybe you might now understand why I get confused when people think I’m part of “the cartel” especially since anyone bothering to read my blog, where I’ve covered fractional bullion banking, confiscation and manipulation for years, will see I’m far from an apologist.

mac's picture

Out them all!

Kitco is outed. Do not trust  Kitco.

- also this site has some suspicious people writing "propaganda".

You know the NSA does this. It invades social media sites and then sets up shop , to obfuscate perception. Disinformation pros. Evil in action.

But, hey, we can spot most of them anyway in a short time. Just one slip up and they will be outed.

ancientmoney's picture


Nice!  You really are living the American (male) dream . . .

My son is marrying a girl who also works in medical records software--between them, they will be able to retire at 45 or so, assuming they stick with it, and the world financial system doesn't destroy that business model.

ancientmoney's picture


Thanks for the clarification.  Still, your choice of Sam's comment, as quoted, smacked of a left-handed compliment, at least from my perspective.

Also, I appreciate your post explaining the Perth Mint business model.  I have a better understanding wherefrom your comments originate, and how they may be restrained.

It appears that the Perth Mint must actually own mines?  Or is it a contractual right/requirement to purchase ores?  Thank you.

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