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judejin's picture

manipulation and GLD raids aside, gold/silver highly correlated

to the CRB index.

you can see CRB topped in april, 2011 and since has been stuck in a downward sloping triangle. sorry, i don't how to paste a picture in here.

i remember at end of 2010 when commodities/silver did very well, i read about reports that there'd be 50 billion in-flow into commodities fund in 2011, which pushed the CRB to its new high in 2011 and the 50 dollar top in silver. most of the other commodities actually topped before silver.

i guess since then money has flown out of the commodities fund and i read about reports that these funds have suffered since 2011 as well!

the highly volatile commodities space has gone back to the level seen before QE2.0.

gold/silver was the last two to erase the gains since QE2.0. most of the other commodities all erased gains before april 12, 2013

the cartel capped commodities prices to hide inflation while pumped equities prices to make the rich happier.

but as you can see from the CRB chart, the index has been squeezed into a tiny corner, ready to jump out of it.

so light at the end of tunnel is not very far.

but patience is wearing thin.

none of the gold/silver pundits are analyzing gold/silver with the commodities space in mind.

i just want to share with you this important aspect.

in april 2011, i was cross referencing CRB and the other commodities, but was fooled by gold's relative cool performance because gold/silver usually top together.

i made a big mistake!

Spartacus Rex's picture

@ judejin

Re: "in april 2011, i was cross referencing CRB and the other commodities, but was fooled by gold's relative cool performance because gold/silver usually top together.

i made a big mistake!"

What? Do you mean by "mistake" that you didn't flip up your Silver Stack into Gold at that fabulous GSR Ratio?

Spartacus Rex's picture

@ Karankawa - Kudos!

Re: " I've bought and shared tons of copies of G. Edward Griffins book."

Right On! Same here. Curious how long have you been at this? You wouldn't by chance also be longtime JBS, would you?

Spartacus Rex's picture

Oooh! This Looks Good!

Lightbeam allows you to track those who track you online

Spartacus Rex's picture

Come On Bron, I C U...

If Dubai's Gold Spot Contract isn't it, how about a tiny little hint as to where to look for the deals launching next year?

Whitecastle123's picture

Sierra skier

The surgery was for the cruciate ligament on his knee but this procedure requires sawing through the bone and re-aligning with titanium bolts, screws, hose clamps, you name it.  It's all quite gorey. My wife's been a Vet Tech.  for 20+ years and even she got the swirlies.    

We adopted this 3year old  Amercan Stafordshire Terrier in June and this is his 3rd. Surgery now.  He had a malignant tumor which was removed and found this type of  tumor can spread easily during surgery so a week later they had go in again to make sure they got it all. 

We just call him 6K now.  

Spartacus Rex's picture

Halloween Apropos: Some Really Scary Sh*t, lifted from Jesse's

31 OCTOBER 2013

An Enemy of the State


Redefining 'Imminent Threat'

In early 2013, a Department of Justice white paper surfaced that laid out the Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen. 

The government lawyers who wrote the 16-page document asserted that the government need not possess specific intelligence indicating that an American citizen is actively engaged in a particular or active terror plot in order to be cleared for targeted killing

Instead, the paper argued that a determination from a 'well-informed high level administration official' that a target represents an 'imminent threat' to the United States is a sufficient basis to order the killing of an American citizen. But the Justice Department’s lawyers sought to alter the definition of 'imminent,' advocating what they called a 'broader concept of imminence.'

They wrote, 'The condition that an operational leader present an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States does not require the United States to have clear evidence that a specific attack on U.S. persons will take place in the immediate future.' 

The government lawyers argued that waiting for a targeted killing of a suspect 'until preparations for an attack are concluded, would not allow the United States sufficient time to defend itself.' They asserted that such an operation constitutes 'a lawful killing in self-defense' and is 'not an assassination.'

Jameel Jaffer of the ACLU called the white paper a 'chilling document,' saying that 'it argues that the government has the right to carry out the extrajudicial killing of an American citizen.' 

Jaffer added, 'This power is going to be available to the next administration and the one after that, and it’s going to be available in every future conflict, not just the conflict against al-Qaeda. 

And according to the [Obama] administration, the power is available all over the world, not just on geographically cabined battlefields. So it really is a sweeping proposition...'

Today, decisions on who should live or die in the name of protecting America’s national security are made in secret, laws are interpreted by the president and his advisers behind closed doors, and no target is off-limits, including U.S. citizens. But the decisions made in Washington have implications far beyond their impact on the democratic system of checks and balances in the United States.

Jeremy Scahill, Perpetual War

Motley Fool's picture

Am I buying silver today?


Neither yesterday, nor tomorrow.

Sadly I have so little left that it's not even worthwhile trading for gold.

Spartacus Rex's picture

@ Motley

No One more sadder than an unemployed Clown!

Whitecastle123's picture

Jim Willie

Substantiates Karen Hudes claims of $170,000 tons of gold in Hawaii.  Don't know if it's true or not.  It's sounds like a story of  international mystery and intrigue with the Brits  and the Chinese White Dragons. 

judejin's picture


obviously, you were smarter than i was.

i just hate to say this.

none of the pundits' website paint a full picture.

turd's all about the COT.

srsrocco's all  about EROI.

kingworldnews/jimsinclaire's all about fear monering.

silverdoctors is all the above.

yet none of them mentions the CRB index and its impact on gold/silver.

if the commodities funds are not willing to step up to the plate to load up, we're far from out of the woods.


Turd Ferguson's picture

Re Bron


Very rushed this morning so this will have to suffice.

Turdite Bron has written up a new post at his blog claiming that I am 

  1. Wrong in my analysis of the "round number" Comex deposits
  2. Hiding from him by not directly responding

Let's start with #2. I'm not hiding. I guess because he's continued to add comments to a thread that's over a week old...that constitutes him working and me hiding. Whatever. I do recall posting something earlier this week about how "God himself might have come down to weigh the bars, too". Anyway, if he wants a debate that's fine. I'm not "hiding".

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter. Bron alleges that because the Comex allows vaulting and delivery of 1-kg bars, that  it's possible I'm dead wrong and that the numbers posted last week are all accurate and true. Of course this is possible. It's also possible that I'm dead freaking right and the entire Comex vaulting and delivery process is a sham. Of course, in my corner is this disclaimer, which was added earlier this year to the daily Gold Stocks reports:

The information in this report is taken from sources believed to be reliable; however, 

the Commodity Exchange, Inc. disclaims all liability whatsoever with regard to its accuracy or completeness.

This report is produced for information purposes only.

So....let me see if I've got this straight. Once again, I'm just a know-nothing charlatan who is foolishly leading folks off a cliff, misreading the "buy and sell signals" and showing my ignorance. Bron and his ilk, on the other hand, are paragons of knowledge and truth, desperately working to correct the misunderstandings so prevalent in the precious metals world. 

Whatever. He has his opinion and I have mine and as long as The Comex, The LBMA and the CFTC continue to maintain their veil of opacity, we'll continue to argue opinions about who is right and who is wrong. 

achmachat's picture

Re: Bron


we need to remember that Bron's paycheck is directly dependent on the current system staying afloat and functional.

So it is understandable why he would defend it. 

Byzantium's picture

@ TMosely, Kcap,

Are your responses towards Daveyboy because you believe him to be a troll, a fool, unnecessarily abrasive, something else, or some combination thereto?

As an aside, out of the three of you, he doesn't take the prize for being abrasive, so I hope that your objections are elsewhere.

WineGuy's picture

Re: Bron

I have scoured the web for PM related articles and information religiously since 2006. I have never heard of Bron. Who is this dipshit? Just like the Christian flap last week I question the timing and motive. 

Byzantium's picture

How soon?

How soon will these manipulations end?

Say you employ somebody, and need them to work harder. Initially, you just ask them.

When that doesn't work, you incentivise them.

When that doesn't work, you might threaten them with poor reviews or dismissal.

When that doesn't work, you sack them and employ somebody else, or subcontract the work.

So, we have layers of strategy. One fails, we then invoke the next.

How many more layers are there to this manipulation? Why are we so sure that when this current mode of manipulation finally breaks, that another tactic isn't waiting ready?

Gold ownership has been criminalised before y'know; God knows what else they might have ready. I'm not saying they do; none of us know, but like Turd says, unless you really know, and have the facts, then its all opinion.

tyberious's picture

RE: How soon?

Lets see, silver manipulation started in 1873, with the crime of 1873.

Panic and depression struck the country again in 1893. Conservative leaders pointed to the Sherman Silver Purchase Act as the root of the nation's ills, but the farmers blamed eastern economic interests. Indeed, the country had split over the silver issue. The Democratic Party, despite the prominence of Grover Cleveland, was largely in the hands of the free silver forces. The Republicans called for strict adherence to gold alone.

Gold manipulation started around the 1940, to lazy to look up exact dates, just trust me wink

So we can conclude that the bankster waited 100 years after silver was demonetize to demonetize gold!

Back to your question, when will the manipulation end? When TPTB have no more metal to sell and they lose power! I can see the first happening within then next 2-5 years but I'm not optimistic about them relinquishing power.

blackhawk01's picture

Silver Wheaton

The last time SLW traded at this little premium to spot, two or three weeks ago, the stock shot up to unchanged by the close. Just saying. 

Byzantium's picture

@ wineguy

Bron works within the industry (Perth Mint?).

He therefore has insights, and perhaps his own agenda.

When Turd puts forward a theory, Bron might articulate an unofficial 'industry response.' To the extent that he might be motivated to address Turd's theory, he carries more clout as 'devil's advocate' than what could be provided by most posters here. 

I would argue that challenge is both necessary and healthy. If your challenger has an agenda, it doesn't necessarily invalidate their points. Challenge doesn't need to be done with hostility, but better that than no challenge at all. Turd is not God; when he has a theory, I look forward to somebody smarter than me to explain where the assumptions that support the theory might have been overlooked, or be vulnerable. It then helps people who think like me, being wary to accept anything at face value. I want to see the challenge first; then I will know the resilience or not, of the theory.

One could purge the site of all those with questionable motives, but we would lose at least half the challenge as well, and with it, other attributes of importance.

Orange's picture


Turd Ferguson's picture

THIS is the kind of bullshit I don't like


Our old pal, Nic, goes on Bron's site, makes ad hominem attacks on me by claiming I'm the one making attacks in the first place. What a bunch of horseshit.

I "turned on Dan a personal level". WOW! Talk about having your own reality! And they claim I'm the one living in FantasyLand. What a douchebag.

Turd Ferguson said...

Bron: You suggest that I'm "hiding" from you because you've continued to add posts to a column that is over a week old. Whatever. If you want to claim the intellectual high ground again, knock yourself out. You have your opinion and I have mine and until your beloved fractional reserve system becomes a significantly less opaque, that's all we have to go on.

S Roche said...

Hi Turd,

I would think that with Bron having offered you this gem of analysis, on numbers that you first noticed, you would be a bit more humble and actually expand your mind-set, rather than once again rejecting any information that is not conspiracy based.

Same as when Dan Norcini disagreed with your analysis. Rather the re-examine your work you turned on him at a personal level. Passion is fine, but not when it gets in the way of the facts.

It's unfortunate.

ancientmoney's picture

@Tyberious re: Gold manipulation . . .

"Gold manipulation started around the 1940, to lazy to look up exact dates, just trust me"


Actually, the big gold manipulation began a few years earlier:

"Executive Order 6102 is an executive order signed on April 5, 1933, by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt "forbidding the Hoarding of gold"

People were required to turn their gold coins, etc. in to Federal Reserve banks, where they were given specie (paper) at the then-going rate of $20/oz.

Shortly thereafter, gold, now held by the Treasury, was revalued by the U.S. government at $35/oz.  A pure shafting of the people.

The coins then were 90% gold and 10% other alloys, like copper.  The coins were melted down, but it is said most was not purified to "good delivery" standards.

Some 25,000 tons of this Constitutional money, gold, was stolen from the people, and after sending much to other countries in exchange for dollars they sent us, Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, when we had about 8000 tons remaining. 

Many people think the government and the bankers sold much of the people's stolen 8000 tons of remaining gold over the last couple decades to protect their fiat money system, and to enrich themselves. 

Hence, no audits of the Fed, Fort Knox, etc. have been allowed since Eisenhower was president.  Some guards at Fort Knox have said the only thing they are guarding is the big secret that it is empty of gold. . .

ancientmoney's picture

@wineguy re: Bron . . .

Bron Suchecki works for the Perth Mint in Australia.   I know little of the Perth Mint, but I believe a main part of their business is to sell certificates that show allocated ownership of gold.  I am unsure of whether you can exchange the certs for the gold stored on your behalf.  I think it may be possible, but difficult to do so.

The provide minted bullion products and other services as well.

tyberious's picture

RE: ancientmoney

I was going to include that but wasn't sure if it should be included in the classical definition of manipulation. That was more of a currency event as gold=gold FRNs, as the bankers increased or devalued the money supply. If people only knew what was being done to them.

This whole scam has destroyed a once great nation! Damn bankster and politicians who love them!

Dagney Taggart's picture

It will only get worse, Turd

From here on out until TEOTGKE, as more of those whose  source of their "manhood" relies on a criminal enterprise get thrown under the bus by their masters, they will be looking for someone to blame it on and the louder their noise will get. And someone who is psycho enough to rely on such a system, will only blame others and never stop being so until it destroys them.

There is a fascinating phenomenon amongst people, possibly associated with TEOTGKE, that may or may not apply here: they just don't understand or have forgot that they can choose to ignore anything, for any reason, anytime they want. Govs and media know this too. Look at how they constantly poke and pull at them for attention trying to egg them into a fight either with them or amongst themselves. Look at the iTard crowd who race to their iCrap every 10 seconds who couldn't ignore it even if they were in a cage with a lion.

@Bron, if you see this, you are not entitled to a reply just because you demand one. I don't expect a reply.

Have a good weekend.

SilverRunNW's picture


Thanks for the fact filled post regarding gold's early manipulations.  Just wanted to point out one of your comments:

"Some 25,000 tons of this Constitutional money, gold, was stolen from the people"

While I can't throw out facts, I really don't believe that vast majority came from the confiscation.  Do you have any sources that show the Treasury gold tonnage in 1934-1935?  Our gold reserves did get that high, but wasn't a lot of that accumulated after WWII when we were helping to rebuild Europe and Japan and were running a huge trade surplus?

That damn Charles De Gaulle had to go redeeming his dollar stash for gold, and spoiling the party!

Dagney Taggart's picture


I'm also fascinated by those who sell product which is in conflict with what they present themselves as ..... like Kitco.

What if I started selling plans on how to effectively demo a bridge we designed before we were commissioned by its owner to do so?

tyberious's picture

And now....

The Number Of Days In Which JPMorgan Lost Money Trading In 2013 Is..

Nothing to see here!

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