Your Mother Was A Hamster

You don't frighten us, Cartel PigDogs! Go and boil your bottoms, you sons-of-a-silly person. I blow my nose at your so-called Jamie-King. I will not deal with you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries. Now go away and let the metals rise or I shall taunt you a second time!

We stand alone and taunt our enemies. There are those who choose to capitulate and run in fear, led astray by mainstream MOPE and newsletter-writing shills. That is not us. We prefer to think for ourselves. We observe the facts and act accordingly. The paper traders may influence price on a daily basis but we have time, fundamentals and the simple laws of economics on our side.

Paper price has once again fallen to actionable levels, for those willing to trade in the casino. Gold and silver, when measured by spot price versus futures price, have moved to levels of backwardation not seen since early 2009. And this is an Asian holiday week. Several Asian markets come back online tonight and more reopen on Thursday. Physical buyers will return in earnest and paper traders will be forced to hedge and cover. &

The charts below illustrate the opportunity. Long-term stackers should be using any and all weakness to continue their accumulation. But...IF the "markets" present us with another opportunity to purchase some paper at a sub-1640 gold price or a near $30 silver price, consider it a gift. Be ready to act.

And here are your other random, assorted items that I've collected over the past few days. First, this very interesting blog piece, sent to me via email. It discusses the inaction regarding the implementation of the Dodd-Frank law. Keep in mind as you read it that, in the U.S., we supposedly elect representatives to go to Washington D.C. on our behalf. These folks are charged with considering and crafting laws for the general betterment of the nation. But then the kleptocracy gets involved and laws are subverted and undermined.

Here's something that will leave you with the impression that the stock market is about to go into the toilet:

You probably should spend some time listening to this:

And this research report is lengthy but worth your time, even if you just skim it.

QBAMCO - Locked & Loaded by zerohedge


We've been watching the Yen sink like a stone since October and it looks like the subject will be on everyone's mind in Moscow later this week, when the full G-20 meet.,0,2456971.story. It's perfect timing, actually, as the Japan situation will serve to distract any and all conversation away from what's really going on...the inexorable march away from the dollar and every other fiat currency. Jeff Nielson has begun a new series meant to discuss these issues and Part 1 can be found here:

And this Bloomberg video is terrific. It discusses the "currency wars" but, from about the 3:00 mark on, the panel has a reasoned discussion of the gold standard. What kills me is the fixation upon the standard being unworkable because "gold is $1675". One of the guys suggests the real solution (which will happen) which is a revaluation of gold multiples higher. Unfortunately, that comment is quickly brushed aside and the conversation continues in a different direction. Regardless, this video is a must watch. Please do so.

Now, go have a great day and enjoy taunting The Monkeys.



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My silver guy called last night

Somebody sold him 80 ounces and he was phoning everyone on his list for a buyer. I am tapped out, but but it got me to thinking... People don't understand what is going on. Technical levels help the trader because the monkey algos have to be pinned to some form of data, but really technicals don't matter, seasonal patterns no longer matter, supply & demand no longer matter, EROI doesn't matter, other fundamentals don't matter. The cartel is suppressing the prices, pushing them down against determined and strong buyers. Turd is probably right--that we will not see AG in the low 20s. 29 or 26? Possibly, but not likely. It depends on what serves the cartel. This manipulative system--designed for manipulation--is the one we have until other nations design a better one. That manupulation takes lots of money and the cartel has the ability to print it up at will.

AG and AU were suppressed before all this financial & economic  crumbling began. They started to get away in price but were reigned in. they are still suppressed and are currently very cheap when forces of EROI, fundamentals, S&D become overwhelming. Buy when you can and hold on. Sell if you must to take care of family.

My best friends brother is a lawyer  and has always provided both of us under the table legal advice. My friend is broke, stuck in a mediocre job in the wrong locale and desperately wants to move to the western US. His bro told him he ought to max his unsecured credit lines, move west, buy a house free & clear, put it in his kids name, wait a year and declare bankruptcy. Wow! Strange times indeed when a reputable lawyer gives such advice. I am sorely tempted to follow it myself. 

So what will the price of AU and AG be after the big reset? That is the wrong question. We mus stop measuring our wealth and preparedness with an unstable measurement device--fiat. Ask how much metals, food, land, livestock, and other commodities you own or control. You may be "wealthier" than you know.

Off to school. Make money trading or stack something today!

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we get a pop up on the sales figures, who knows why

the metals like it, then the usual melt back down. 

Who are right, those who bought, or those who sold the pop?

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Thanks for your opinion on Santa's motives. It would have been nice to have had more opinions however yours seems extensive and informed so I take it as read.

Much appreciated.

End of the Petrodollar it is then!

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How Is China Inflation Affecting Metals?

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Incase Turd needs some help

Incase Turd needs some help with sending farts in cartels direction and needs some assistance.

Remember Sinclair grew up in a banking family.  he knows the game first hand.   Sinclair did battle with the devil himself.  He staired them in the eyes day after.   Sinclair saw the bull market coming in the 70's and knew that the cartel would change direction and go long.  He is stating he is seeing the same conditions in the market.   You can't ignore it. 

He is suggesting that you take a full position.   That is different from going ALL IN.     Being extremely bullish does not mean you throw away prudence and caution.  He is not sayiing that.    Only you can decide what is a full position.  100% in should only be done at the point where your fiat is no longer buying butter.   

Anybody making any fiat realizes that at some point, you'll be buying gold at $2000, $2500, $3000, unless you prefer to hold onto to cash that is seriously devauling.  In that respect, everything is on sale! Extremely on sale.

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Hey that's a really well written article


I'm jealous because I wish I'd written it myself. It explains things very clearly...even cites Jim Willie.

btw, a bit behind on the new thread production this morning as I am headed out to get some palm ash mud smeared on my forehead. Thanks for your patience.

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@ Groaner - pop

We should find out exactly today, who is right? the dip buyer or the pop seller. I for one bought calls in the 1700 strike price this morning before, hoping I'm one the right side myself

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@opticsguy I studied Latin


I studied Latin and Ancient Greek and "police" comes from the Greek word "polis" meaning city or more probably  "politeia" meaning state, government or administration depending which you choose to go for and not from the Latin as you posted. Just FYI :)

"Politics" definitely does come from the Greek "polis" meaning city and has the addendum -ikos  "of" or "to do with" or "relating to" or in this case -ika meaning the plural of that.

Politika therefore means things of (or to do with) the city....ergo politics in modern English

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Paul Craig Roberts is one of the good guys. . .

He is on target.  In a police state, the police and those who control them can never do anything illegal, as they are not only above the law, they ARE the law.  Corzine go to jail?  BWAAAA-ha-ha-ha-ha!  He stole for the benefit of the police state, so he is a hero (to them).

Right now, the federal government is the economy.  It creates money to do with as it pleases, including keeping the wealthy and corrupt wealthy and corrupt.

This will end.  They know it.  That is why the arms buildup across the country.  When China pulls the petro-dollar reserve program off the dais, and the dollar's power is gone, and it takes real assets to do business, the current, corruptfederal  government will fade away, and a better, smaller one will emerge.  At least, this is my hope.

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Roberts was an insider..

I wonder what his story is? Why did he leave the dark side? He must be hated by the other scum bags.

I like his statement. "The US is the most corrupt government in all of human history"

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re: Roberts was an insider . . .

He was, but a long time ago, before the neo-cons took over.  Obama is a neo-con in sheeps' clothing.

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This trading action never ceases to amaze me

spike up on high volume,,, spike back down and then some on high volume.. 

just your insane free market. bwahhh.

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silver glut

These deposits are so large and of such high grade, they will “make money at $10 an oz. silver” and survive “under almost any market conditions”, explained Dr. Megaw.

He further shared the riveting story of how he and his team were able to acquire over 250 million oz.’s of silver in the ground for the cost of filing fees.

and then tapped his shoes together and returned to kansas.

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@Green Lantern . . .

That was one beautiful rant, my man!

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Burned some of that dry powder

.. and ordered some freedom girls. I could never resist a pretty girl. 

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AG was hammered yesterday, now it's way up?

Options expirations?

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Here's another good idea

I might even get one of these to use for more formal occasions

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Thank you GL !!

Wow,   excellent post.

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Does using the link provided by TF help "feed the Turd"?

Burned some of that dry powder

.. and ordered some freedom girls. I could never resist a pretty girl.

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AP is reporting Dorner's drivers license was discovered in the charred cabin.

Add this:

"He never emerged from the ruins and hours later a charred body was found inside"


Charred cabin, charred body, but they found his california license to ID him.

Kinda like the 9/11 hijacker's passport that was discovered on the street intact.

Groaner's picture

no correction in market.. duhh

Mr Bernanke do you manipulate the markets. Asks congress. "No"

I am blind

Groaner's picture

the good old 10 am smash

just happens at the same time..?

NOTHING changed in the markets to explain this smash.. usd hasnt budged.

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Thats not a smash. It's just because oil is up, platinum is up, copper is up, dollar is down....all makes perfect sense.

Groaner's picture

Hey guys, I found my theme song.. lets have a sing along

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Nana, clearly you have never

Nana, clearly you have never had a house fire.  The weirdest things survive, including drivers licenses.  I know from practical experience that they will survive with minimal protection, even in the direct path of a fire.

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Why Russia?

I get why China would need to stock up on gold if they anticipated a which from petrodollars to gold for oil.  They are a net energy importer.  I don't see why Russia would need gold on hand for this purpose, they are a net exporter.

Clearly, Russia has some reason for adding to their gold reserves.  It may just be lack of faith in the dollar, but I don't understand why they would need to stockpile gold for a move away from the petrodollar.

Response to: Uhhhhhmmmmmm.....Yes!

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@ ag1969 re:WTF...

"Our medical bills should not be based on the number of tests ordered...."

I was listening to coast to coast a few nights back when a doctor was on (can't remember the guest name, had to do with being healthy by pH levels, anyway...)

I thought I heard him give the following statistic. Unfortunately the station I listened to suffered from fade just at the wrong time, but I am pretty sure the statement was that under Obamakare there were over 186,000 medical codes for a doctor to be paid upon a diagnosis or entry into the record of a finding of or treatment of a malady, but there was not a single code for the doctor (hospital, etc.) to be paid if the patient was found to be healthy and needed no treatment.

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fire and paper

It's very possible that his drivers license survived that blaze.

If anyone has ever thrown a wadded up newspaper into a blazing fireplace and then discovered the next morning hours later after poking through it that some paper still survived  then the guys license seems very plausible.

Soot or carbon is actually a great insulator once something gets covered by lots of it. As morbid as it is to type, a person laying down or in a bathtub who perished in a blaze may have been laying on their back with his wallet underneath him.

In that scenario the wallet and license survive. Whatever the case might be, I'm glad that killer is no longer a threat to the public.

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Groaner re AG

Coeur just put in a competing bid for Orko so the shorts in AG and Orko had to cover poor babies.  A quick look at the level 11 for Orko shows what really happens in a sweet short squeeze, over 5 million shares traded in less than an hour.  Very exciting for those of us who own OK and a quick glimpse at the tawdry underside of the traders belly as they trip over themselves to cover.  Hopefully this will happen to all long suffering miner shareholders of great companies like First Majestic and those who have superior projects like Orko's La Preciosa.

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thanks for the info on that..  something has to give very soon in the miners...

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