Your Mother Was A Hamster

You don't frighten us, Cartel PigDogs! Go and boil your bottoms, you sons-of-a-silly person. I blow my nose at your so-called Jamie-King. I will not deal with you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries. Now go away and let the metals rise or I shall taunt you a second time!

We stand alone and taunt our enemies. There are those who choose to capitulate and run in fear, led astray by mainstream MOPE and newsletter-writing shills. That is not us. We prefer to think for ourselves. We observe the facts and act accordingly. The paper traders may influence price on a daily basis but we have time, fundamentals and the simple laws of economics on our side.

Paper price has once again fallen to actionable levels, for those willing to trade in the casino. Gold and silver, when measured by spot price versus futures price, have moved to levels of backwardation not seen since early 2009. And this is an Asian holiday week. Several Asian markets come back online tonight and more reopen on Thursday. Physical buyers will return in earnest and paper traders will be forced to hedge and cover. &

The charts below illustrate the opportunity. Long-term stackers should be using any and all weakness to continue their accumulation. But...IF the "markets" present us with another opportunity to purchase some paper at a sub-1640 gold price or a near $30 silver price, consider it a gift. Be ready to act.

And here are your other random, assorted items that I've collected over the past few days. First, this very interesting blog piece, sent to me via email. It discusses the inaction regarding the implementation of the Dodd-Frank law. Keep in mind as you read it that, in the U.S., we supposedly elect representatives to go to Washington D.C. on our behalf. These folks are charged with considering and crafting laws for the general betterment of the nation. But then the kleptocracy gets involved and laws are subverted and undermined.

Here's something that will leave you with the impression that the stock market is about to go into the toilet:

You probably should spend some time listening to this:

And this research report is lengthy but worth your time, even if you just skim it.

QBAMCO - Locked & Loaded by zerohedge


We've been watching the Yen sink like a stone since October and it looks like the subject will be on everyone's mind in Moscow later this week, when the full G-20 meet.,0,2456971.story. It's perfect timing, actually, as the Japan situation will serve to distract any and all conversation away from what's really going on...the inexorable march away from the dollar and every other fiat currency. Jeff Nielson has begun a new series meant to discuss these issues and Part 1 can be found here:

And this Bloomberg video is terrific. It discusses the "currency wars" but, from about the 3:00 mark on, the panel has a reasoned discussion of the gold standard. What kills me is the fixation upon the standard being unworkable because "gold is $1675". One of the guys suggests the real solution (which will happen) which is a revaluation of gold multiples higher. Unfortunately, that comment is quickly brushed aside and the conversation continues in a different direction. Regardless, this video is a must watch. Please do so.

Now, go have a great day and enjoy taunting The Monkeys.



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The Subject?

From Turd's post...

"I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries."

Just kidding. It's late, markets been closed for a while, "big news" in the news...

Check back tomorrow for a fresh thread, or check out some of the forums, there is some serious talk over in "Pailin's Corner"

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Would anybody like to suggest what Sinclair is referring to

That will make a difference / change by March to release gold?

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   I thought this was a



I thought this was a PM blog. Please can we get back to subject!! Less talk of fucking horses and random men with guns in the US!! - You want the guns so deal with the consequences! Now let me get back to my horse burger and read about where silver is going next....

Get over yourself!  

On any given day there is more talk about the fundamentals of silver, gold, metals, oil, economic data than any place else on the blogisphere.    You have almost daily charts by Turd and others, interviews, dozens of members posting relevant information on the metals, Callawyer on the legal implications of the JPM case, SRSrocco on Peak Oil, Ivars charts and economic expansion analysis, both economic analysis and dozens of news stories by DPH,  traders providing their opinions on what's happening in the next 10 minutes, links to two hour presentations by the metal luminaries telling what's next for silver, talks by Canadian billionaires, links to Zerohedge, Silverdoctors and dozens of other articles that are freshly printed.   In the last 36 hours, there was more information put forward on the future of gold and silver, how much one should have invested in the metals,  including Jim Sinclairs bold prediction than ANY WHERE ON THE BLOGISPHERE!!!  Second to none.   If only for the links that others provide, you have access to free commentary by experts and fellow investors for absolutely nothing.  And you bitch!

What's the matter with all the expert articles and charts you've gotten in the last 36 hours, you want one more opinion on the direction of silver?   How many do you fucken need to grow a brain of your own and choose an opinion??  On top of that based on your history, you've contributed NOTHING to this community.  You obviously have no opinions,analysis of your own to offer!  No wonder you need one more article in a 36 hour period on silver.  HOw many do you have to read???

Here is your alternative.

If you run now, there is at least a 100 people talking about somebody picture of a stack.  Whoa now that's some discussion.  

The horse meat was a joke dipshit.

The floor is open.  Start telling us what you know about silver!  We'll give you a few days to come up with something while you wait for the rest of us to provide you with your thoughts.

Stop the whining, bitching and moaning!!  Turn off the fucken computer and go hug your children.   If after reading one or two articles and a few opinions, you are still confused, sell your metals or go join the knitting forum.  But warning, after they have spent the afternoon talking slip knots, double knots, purl bee's, they end up off topic talking about Kim Kardashian's make-up and who is boning her.  Can you handle it?

Here's real life.  Everybody complaining and announcing their departure and crying  like a jilted girlfriend-wa, wa,wa, wa is going to wake up tomorrow, turn the switch on your computer, scratch your ass, and say , let's see what's happening in the metals.  Of course, you might not log in so nobody see's your name below of the people who are logged in.   Funny, sometimes the people that depart forget they left and log in.  hee hee hee

You'll Read Dan Norcini-10 minutes done.   Listen to a couple of interviews on KWN which amount to gold going to 10,000 an an ounce, done.   A conspiracy theory or two on zerohedge.  30 minutes later, you're right back in the place you left, lurking on the place where you just trolled because you know full well that besides the horsemeat, there at least a dozen people putting out some analysis on the future of silver that you never bothered to think about in between horsemeat posts. .  

Go, leave.  But I guarantee you bitchez's one thing.  When gold hits $2000 per ounce, they will be hanging from the rafters in this place.  All the whiners, all those who feel the pressure of the doom and gloom will want to know what others are saying.  And after a 2 minutes of reading Jim Sinclair and a Max Keiser show, they are all gonna saunder right back here.   Human nature is a bitch.  

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@ Silverbee

I don't have a link for you, but I have a clear recollection in one interview that Sinclair gave, that a good part of his conviction comes from his connections in very high places. The thrust was, that these are not just connections who are privy as to what is going on behind the scenes, but who are in fact themselves, major players who can help turn markets.

Therefore, for reasons of discretion a la HEH, Sinclair cannot tell us details of who his contacts are and what they said, but he gives us simply the predicted outcome.

So just to repeat; Sinclair's conviction does not come from accumulated knowledge alone; he believes that he is privy to the thinking and intentions of those who are not in the cartel, but who are strong enough to move markets. And he is privy, because he does not betray their confidence.

I will caution though, that the big-shots may well confide their intentions with him, and of course thereafter change their minds. This has happened before. So that is how I take Jim Sinclair; through him, we can get a glimpse as to what the non cartel giants are planning to do, which is a great insight. But of course, tomorrow they might change their minds.

Jim's integrity is not doubted by me, but proceed with caution all the same.

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Sinclair, one more bit.

As to why they confide in him:

This is where his accumulated knowledge, and connections come into play. My understanding, is that he is an advisor to many of the big players, and a trusted go-between, to facilitate co-ordination. When strategy is being formed, or the tactics to achieve them is undecided, you call Jim. And, underlying and anchoring this dynamic to something solid, he is seen to be a man of integrity.

This is just my humble opinion, as to why he is privy to such info, and why he has such confidence in his predictions.

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@Green Lantern

Damn good show! A sterling performance!

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Well said!

I hope that silver does pop in the next few months, as I need to liquidate a wee bit to start a commercial Tomato Hydropnics farm. 

Can't wait. I figure if I am growing  1000's kgs of tomatoes a year, I will always be able to trade this food for other food.

So I hope the 3 Jims are all right-Sinclair/Willie/Rickards and a can of wuup ass soon whacks JPMorgue.

Good night all.

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See what's happening here is

See what's happening here is that schism that exists in real life has shown it's ugly face here.   And make no mistakes, it's those looking for a free ride.  Not only do they want a free ride, they want it, the way they want.  This is ain't Burger King where they make it your way. 

So while Obama might not be THE problem. And the elite and Rothschilds' might not be THE problem (although % wise they contribute more per capita than other individuals because of their positions) the real problem is the Masses of HUMANITY.  Enlightenment has never been a subject of the masses.  

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@Green Lantern


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Reading between the lines

<<Disclaimer: I have no inside knowledge, I just read tea-leaves, and try to connect the dots. Don't base any investment decisions on my speculations!>>

If Sinclair is expecting action in March, it is likely because he knows what big money is planning to do, and it tells him that it will be March.

What does big money want to do, buy at high prices, or low prices? They want to buy at low prices.

Therefore, they will pick a time when they expect metals to be whacked and suppressed (Opex? FOMC minutes?). They will buy at such a rate, as to take everything that is being offered at a discount, without overwhelming the cartel and making them lose heart. They want to keep the fire-sale prices coming. Once the cartel realises that they are being tricked, then they will give up the shorting game, and then they have to cover. The non cartel big boys filled their boots at the fire-sale prices, and will continue to do so until volume forces the cartel to give in. Then we get the mother of all short squeezes, where the cartel now has to pay the bill, because the longs will want the physical and will stand for delivery. There will be too much to cover, and we blast through to new highs, and the cartel loses control. We blast through $2000.

That's my guess. Is there another interpretation?

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Jim's integrity is not doubted by me, but proceed with caution all the same.

No one doubts Sata's intentions here on this blog.

But, what if the big shots are using him to spread wrong info. Jim has not been spot on before.

So, what if this too pass, and again we are back to $3500 stories on the blog !!!

Very difficult to believe fully, so BTFD and don't live beyond your means.

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You are on fire this morning.  I apologize for calling Onewileyz out on the strawman and starting a fight.  It just made no sense to me to talk about what maybe someone else mighta, coulda said in his place whilst the 4+ year President was delivering the state of the union.  I really didn't think my post was so egregious that people needed to quit and go home.  But, I guess some people are a little more sensitive than others.

Your 6:25 post is a classic. 

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Say "No !" to manifesto posts !

Chris Dorner's diatribe or Chris Hedges' "Psocialist Psychobabble"  .... keep it short, mean and dirty !  Funny works, too !       Monedas    1929      Comedy Jihad How About Sylvia And Her Sluty Sister Palladia World Tour    devil

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I totally agree. I don't myself base investment decisions on Jim's advice, hence my caution.

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The markets must like Obamma's "I am going to save the world"


PIG down, equities up and real money down... Just the way the "Cartel Pig Dogs" like it

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SOTU Speach:


I know this is really lame, but I'm being perfectly serious when I say it.

Last night when I was reading this blog and Zero Hedge, those four letters just kept popping up all over the place,

and maybe I had a brain freeze, but I had no idea what they meant.

I started to try to make  my best guess, and all I could come up with was:

Savior  Of  The  Universe.

It was not until this morning when I woke up that I figured out my mistake.

Sometimes I don't know everything.wink

Green Lantern:

That was GREAT!!!

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¨I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends. I think they're all insane. But I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what is insane about it. Don't you agree?¨- John Lennon

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WHy do I feel like a major smash is coming?

it's Wednesday!

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Petrogold: Are Russia And China Hoarding Gold Because They Plan To Kill The Petrodollar?

Petrogold: Are Russia And China Hoarding Gold Because They Plan To Kill The Petrodollar?Will oil soon be traded in a currency that is thousands of years old?  What would a "gold for oil" system mean for the petrodollar and the U.S. economy?  Are Russia and China hoarding massive amounts of gold because they plan to kill the petrodollar?  Since the 1970s, the U.S. dollar has been the currency that the international community has used to trade oil around the globe.  This has created an overwhelming demand for U.S. dollars and U.S. debt.  But what happens when the rest of the globe starts rejecting the increasingly unstable U.S. dollar and figures out that gold can be used as a currency in international trade?  The truth is that it doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure that out.  Demand for the U.S. dollar and U.S. debt would fall off the map and there would be a rush into gold unlike anything we have ever seen before.  So are Russia and China accumulating unprecedented amounts of gold right now because they eventually plan to cut the legs out from under the petrodollar and they want to gobble up huge stockpiles of gold before the cat is out of the bag?  Of course they will never admit this publicly, but there are rumblings out there that this is exactly what is happening.

Not that you can really blame any nation that wants to get into gold right now.  News outlets all over the globe are telling us that we are in the midst of a "currency war" as central banks all over the planet race to devalue their currencies.

So why would anyone want to be in paper in such an environment?

And of course the Federal Reserve is one of the biggest offenders.  The Fed has been printing money like it is going out of style, and nobody at the Fed or in the U.S. government really seems too concerned that all of this money printing could be endangering the petrodollar.

But the truth is that the Fed is endangering the petrodollar.  Just read some foreign news stories about the U.S. dollar.  They mock us for our reckless money printing.

In the end, our recklessness will make it very easy for the rest of the world to ditch the U.S. dollar.

At some point, it will happen.  In fact, there are persistent rumors that Russia and China actually intend to make it happen.

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Mr. Fix

thank you... now I will have THIS in my head for at least three days!

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Anyone look at the seasonal charts?

This contract for gold, April, stinks over the years.  just saying

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Just buy the SPY. Why fight the market?  Miners arent gonna fly. Gold and silver are boring, sideways action. No one cares about currency devaluations. End of the world hasnt happened and most likely wont. $3500 gold aint gonna happen. No one cares about the metals, no one. This is a very small community. Thats reality. The PPT wont allow the market to break, maybe one day it does, but not now. All the news is baked in, seriously. Has the market acted any different, not really. Just trade and accept the greatest disconnect ever and you will keep your sanity....

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What did gold do during the fall of 98 to march 2000?

That was the biggest stock market run ever. bubble city!

It wasn't until about 2003 that gold really started to take off.

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Crude@98.....time to sell/short??

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There is that Euro/Yen cross again

Legendary trader Yra Harris is counting on the Fed to continue to pump out dollars. He says, "I can go to sleep at night and know one thing--the Fed will not allow deflation." The reason is simple, according to Harris, "We live on debt in this society. Debt based societies cannot absorb a deflationary spiral." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst and trader Yra Harris.

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GL is a... on fire!  Love the passion. yesyes

When TSHTF or the PM's or markets  go beserk when some major announcement is made....where would you rather visit when any of that happens?

This site.


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If you look at the concept of "police", the root word of this being the Latin "polis", as in politics, you understand that they are there for political reasons.  Sherrifs, or "shire reeves" in ancient Britain, enforced the king's law in rural areas, and have been a part of Anglo-American law enforcement for centuries.

Police, on the other hand, are a relatively recent construct (about 1800), when the government needed a force (on their payroll) to protect its interests, mostly urban infrastructure and to keep the peace.  The police aren't sworn to defend the Constitution (IIRC), they are defending the people that pay them, the politicians.  Let his relationship stew for 200 years and you can get some pretty good corruption going (Tammany Hall and the gun control laws in NYC, etc).

Cal Lawyer can clean this up for me, but don't count on the police to care about your consitutional rights.  If you have a dark colored pick-up, paint it white.

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