Another Helpful Interview

Everyone seemed to like the previous one, so here's a follow-up.

Again, this comes from and it's an interview of one of the analysts at Casey Research named Marin Katusa.

In this video, Marin discusses the mining sector, the rationale behind holding gold and his own, personal price and inflation expectations for the days ahead.



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Andrew Maguire Metals Trade

Anybody here able to replicate the profits from Andrew Maguire Metals trade?

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@ porkydawky Re: Drone on You Tool

Ah, I hear your lament dear neighbor, however I don't share it. I'm thrilled beyond my capacity to express how elated I am that pms are still on sale.

I had the proselytizing streak and talked to friends and neighbors about the impending zoom until I was blue in the face. I'm naturally reticent, so I don't have a lot of pitchfork wielding neighbors advancing down the lane. In fact I've given up completely talking about metals, markets or most anything with less than really close friends and family. Operation security seems more important than converting a sheep.

I'm having my first drink of the evening and it all looks oh so much better.

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Online surveillance bill killed in Canada

Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says the controversial Bill C-30, known as the online surveillance or warrantless wiretapping bill, won't go ahead due to opposition from the public.

Canadians rallied against the bill after the public safety minister told an opposition MP that he could "either stand with us or with the child pornographers."

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@erewenguy: "At about 14,000,

@erewenguy: "At about 14,000, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stands at nearly twice the 7,949 at which it stood on the day in January 2009 when President Obama first took the oath of office. But value of the stocks in the index has drifted downward; a portfolio of one share of each stock is worth only 8.3 ounces of gold, down from 9.3 ounces on Jan. 20, 2009."

That quote from the NYP piece is very illuminating.  Thanks for the post.

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oh no, silver's down, the sky is falling

and that's all I have to say about that.

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Major Support Line Hit on Gold

I won't post the image, because it never renders correctly on this site, but Jessie's Daily Gold chart shows the Gold price touching the support line from June 2012. Looks like the second test of this level. Watch for a bounce or else....


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Thank you Biggus.

Thank you Biggus.

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Yes - Keep It Focused!


But you need to be diligent and on top of things. The system notifies you in real time.

Contact Paul Coghlan at Coghlan Capital for more details.

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Porky Doggy and Grilled Capitalist !

You are both potential Monedas clones .... try doing this since 1971 .... I've been through all the phases .... and a little empathy is always welcome !        Monedas      1929          Comedy Jihad Over Time Manipulation Will Put Your Brain In A Droning Blender And Only The Tough Survive World Tour     devil    PS:  You need a hobby ! I find beating up on sweet little people like Katie Rose .... is good therapy !

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Porky Doggy and Grilled Capitalist !


This statement tells me everything I need to know about You, and Why you are here.

"I find beating up on sweet little people like Katie Rose .... is good therapy !"

You remind me of what TV has become. 

But I'm glad you are having fun and I defend your right to do so.

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Comedic break - partly funny, partly pathetic

We've all been hearing about the generalized unemployment across industrialized and westernized nations.

Check out this story:

A 19 year old girl applied through German government for a job.  She got a letter in the mail, assigning her to work as a waitress at the local brothel.

Upon questioning, the reporter writes about the bureaucrat's response:
"He said that the agency should have first called the woman to check to see if she might be interested in the brothel job rather than simply sending her a letter."

I'm trying to picture this bureaucratic guy calling this attractive 19 year old female about this job "opportunity".

You wonder if the brothel workers in Germany get worker's compensation, disability coverage, and paid time off.  Which union is it that covers these "workers"?  Would that be SEIU or Teamsters?  I have to assume that the metal workers, dock workers, Major League Baseball Players Association, NFL Players Association, or the United Auto Workers are also out of the collective bargaining?

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Priced in gold

Keep Stackin'


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What ever happened to the inverse relationship to the PIG

It used to be much easier to figure how the metals would trade. pig up, metals down, etc.

Now who the heck knows.. it's constantly changing.

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I'm in a similar position, still way down measured in fiat well over a year after investing in PMs. I'm finding this pullback more disheartening than previous ones for some reason, have a few late night soul searching sessions wondering if I'm wrong and the bull market is over..  wondering if i listen too much to the bullish analysis and not enough to the bearish.. wondering if that peak in 2011 really was the peak for this cycle.. contemplating pulling out prematurely and investing in Spanish property instead, or even piling a significant amount into bitcoins!! 

In the cold light of day though, fuck em! I'll stay the course. Every bull market has moments that will shake out all but the strongest hands.

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If your stacking

If your stacking in earnest began at 30 or higher, one of the hardest things to do is to hang on to the thinking that prices are going higher. These beat downs over the years have gotten more brutal by the day because the fiat animals are becoming more and more cornered and desperate.  Somedays you just want to shitcan the whole idea of stacking and sell the hoard for some immediate paper gratification, don't do it, hang in there a while longer, the days of honest weights and measures is coming.

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@Patrancus: "If your stacking

@Patrancus: "If your stacking in earnest began at 30 or higher..."

I'm one of the ones in that position.  I started stacking in late 2010 when silver was around 26 or so.  I got caught up in the fever and really began loading up between 30 and 40.  The first big drive-by of 2011 was a heart breaker for me, but I kept buying.  Drive-by II was even worse.  I was shaken badly.  Around that time I finally saw the wisdom of cost averaging--buying a fixed dollar amount on a regular basis as opposed to a fixed weight--with an occasional splurge on the dips.  That has helped.  I've brought my average down quite a bit, but I'm still in the hole by more than I care to think about.  Other than making me a little more humble, the experience has not made me question the wisdom of buying and holding physical metal.  I didn't lever myself or go into debt and I am able to keep enough cash on hand to pay my monthly bills with a little bit of a buffer.  Since none of the reasons I started stacking has changed I am still confident of where things are going, enough that I don't worry about where they are right now.

One thing, though, hearing people say the metals are going to take off "real soon now" is getting kind of old.  I take it with a grain of salt and keep stacking.

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Wrong thread.

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quit trying to be last Puck


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I will.

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The Greatest Bank Theft in History.

This has become an irrational game of poker and why not. They are insolvent with no further bailouts from the taxpayers.

They are now on their own. All the toxic mortgages have already been bought by the Fed. There simply can't be very many more and, if so, then they are nothing but crack house ready to burn.

The "Investment" Banking behemoths are doubling down like an inveterate gambler. They have been further encouraged in doing these insane bets, by the so called regulators saying there is nothing wrong with these bets, against all existing rules of law and that they won't go to jail or that their companies will face only minimum fines.

Why not double down and double down again, when the only penalty is a complete BK of these banks, and where the major players have already stashed away huge amounts of cash and now want to buy huge amounts of gold and silver with all their ill begotten gains?

They will buy all the remaining gold and silver until there is none left to sell. They must be in league with their East Asia counter parts, just like they were in stripping away the mfg. sector in the US and sent it to Asia.

They must have all been in collusion all along and still are.


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