Antidote For Manipulation

Though, admittedly, it's anecdotal.

So, let's see...The Cartel uses the Chinese New Year holiday to jam price through the 200-day moving average. This trips a bunch of sell-stops and here we are. The gold chart now looks lousy and it is below each and every relevant moving average. Once again, if the LegHounds are going to go to work on ya, you'd better just let them finish their business. This too shall pass, though, and the opportunity to trade some paper may even present itself very soon.

So, what's this anecdotal antidote, you ask? Well, here's just a sample:

"Not only has Putin made Russia the world’s largest oil producer, he’s also made it the biggest gold buyer. His central bank has added 570 metric tons of the metal in the past decade, a quarter more than runner-up China, according to IMF data compiled by Bloomberg. The added gold is also almost triple the weight of the Statue of Liberty."

"Hi Turd.  Just got back to my apartment in Bangkok.  Went to china town, its Chinese New Year today.  WOW. Talk about quite the time.  I am here for a month exploring the city and trying to drum up some international business contacts.  Anyways on to why I emailed you. The gold buying was freaking NUTS!!! Stores were packed.  I walk by a huge horde of people and a big announcement, I weave through the line to see what the commotion is.  It is Disney announcing a new line of gold coins and jewelry they are launching, people were going berserk.  I thought I would mail you some pics.  Thought the Turdites might enjoy."

So, take it all for what it's worth. However, it certainly seems that if The Monkeys insist on jamming price lower in NY, there's an unlimited supply of physical buyers around the rest of the globe, from Central Banks to ordinary citizens. The question is: On whose side do you want to be on, the paper sellers or the physical buyers?

Lastly, I was honored to be on with Dr. Janda again yesterday. Here's a link if interested in listening:

Have a great day.



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Dumb as a stump


"Spending problem?  Sure we have one.  We aren't spending enough!"

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have you had your Uh Oh Spaghetti Os with horse meat today?

Yes quit horsing around and try some real horse meat with your favorite spaghetti, you will never go back.. yum

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The bond market bubble.. Talk about bubbles?

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Take Care Of Yourselves

c[_]  c[_]  c[_]

Cups of hot chocolate, hot coffee and hot tea for everyone in snow areas. 

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Yellen says FED has tools to exit...

Exit where the insane asylum?

There is no way possible they can ever stop buying debt which will raise interest rates.. What a bunch of liars

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Yeah silver,, that sums it up..

and I thought I have been sarcastic.. 

pretty sad.. this country has changed gradually for a long time now.. sorry for all those misguided flag wavers out there.

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry hysterically, so I will now do both.

Show this to your friends and they will say it's no big deal, just don't piss off the govt and you-will-be-fine-whydoyouhavetomakeeverythingintoabigcontreversylikewearealldoomedorsomething?

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KWN problems solved

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Just FYI, the gold last year

Just FYI, the gold last year that was imported into China via Hong Kong, did not necessarily go to the China central bank for their gold hoard.  Some of that gold went to meet private demand which ZeroHedge forgets to mention when they post their China gold buying graph every month.  Yes, we can assume that a lot of that imported gold went to the central bank, just not all of it.  Also keep in mind that China central bank buying of gold doesn't necessarily have to flow through Hong Kong and show up in the numbers. 

Nevertheless, I believe that China is importing and retaining 1/2 of the world's annual mine production of gold.

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Wall Street and all the Financial markets need to regain

TRUST. Yes they need to change their image to really reflect on how they operate..

For example.

On CNBC they should show a scene just like a Major Las Vegas Casino with all the glitter and hype with show girls of course.

Show Stock machines, where you put in your savings to buy a stock just like a slot machine.. Or how about roulette wheels where you place your bet like in the futures market and then they show how the little ball never seems to roll into the color you pick.

Yes we could go on and on .

You get the picture.. Vegas Street,, enter at your own safety 

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Yellens "tools for exit"

Just call "911"

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Snippet from Brodsky at QBAMCO. . .

"Through policy-administered currency devaluation, fiscal agents and monetary authorities would bid for gold in terms of their currencies. Imagine the following pronouncement, if you will:

"Today, the Federal Reserve System announces a program of gold monetization in which the Fed offers to tender for any and all gold in qualifying forms at a price of US $20,000 per troy ounce. The program will be conducted through participating U.S. chartered banks, which will be instructed to properly assay gold and exchange it for U.S. dollars to be placed in customer bank accounts as deposits. Deposit holders will be entitled to make withdrawals in the form of dollars or gold at the fixed exchange rate.

By establishing the fixed exchange rate substantially above past market prices for spot gold, the Board of Governors believes enough gold will be tendered to produce a supply of new base money sufficient to adequately reserve the stock of U.S. dollar-denominated deposits in the global banking system. The Fed will monitor the tender process to ensure the soundness of the exchange rate and the ongoing viability of the US dollar."

Done. The trillions in net unreserved bank obligations, including those appearing and not appearing on bank balance sheets, would be fully reserved. Banks would be healthier than ever and ready to lend. The debt on the balance sheets of businesses, homeowners, consumers, college graduates and car owners would still be there but would pale next to their new incomes, which would multiply more or less by the same amount as the currency devaluation. Tax receipts would multiply in kind – without raising marginal income tax rates – swiftly closing budget deficits without cutting spending (seriously). With coordinated and administered monetary devaluation all balance sheets would once again be leverage-able. The global economy would be almost immediately ready to grow. It would be economically stimulative.

We think administered currency devaluation must and will occur, as it is already occurring less formally. Banks and central banks would endorse it; their profitability would soar as lending soars and interest rates would remain low and stable. Politicians would happily champion it, as it would seem to the majority of the indebted and increasingly under-employed electorate to be a windfall solution."

Okay Smarty-Pants, When?


No hard date, but eventually (soon) . . .

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Sorry, I could not resist

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@ Turd- Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Trade in Turkish gold bars to Iran via Dubai is drying up as banks and dealers increasingly refuse to buy the bullion to avoid sanctions risks associated with the trade.

Exactly what I thought yesterday.  Even though IAR & Nadir bars are supposedly London good delivery bars, they no longer want them in Dubai.  I suspect the dealers there are being threatened with sanctions if they deal in the Turkish bars.  My bet would be that dealers will still buy them, but that they are discounting the purchase price because they know they will have to melt and re-cast them.

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What's optimal fiat currency position (physical & electronic)?

@ancientmoney posting got me wondering - "The only way to beat the FR policy is to keep as little as possible in fiat to pay the bills; sell any paper asset available, and use proceeds to buy food, water, protection, and physical PMs".

The old rule of thumb was to have sufficient 'cash on hand' for 6 months of living expenses (this was probably during a time when job mobility was not an issue). Has anyone done any modeling or thinking on how much fiat is needed when SHTF, and assuming one loses his/her job during the event? It seems one needs enough fiat to ensure real assets (e.g. RE) doesn't go into foreclosure, etc. It will take a period of time (more than 6 months?) before PMs take their rightful place (new currencies that are PM backed being created, etc). In addition, how much of said cash position should be physical vs electronic (bank holiday impact)? 

Any insights (especially from other countries that have gone through this) will be much appreciated.

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Janet Yellen is right, they do have an exit strategy

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Snow on the east coast

Nope. Not here.

there again. As I am currently touring Belize .........

lot of coconuts though.

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Glad to see somebody

Glad to see somebody looking out for our best interest. I'm mean why should we even have a crazy notion of a separation of powers when O clearly knows best. Hope this solves KWNs problems.

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Hey pining...


would you pls email me at tfmetalsreport at gmail? I have a question/request for you. Thx!

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Worth a read, seems about right to me.

Guest Post: Show This To Anyone That Believes That "Things Are Getting Better" In America

The economic collapse is not a single event.  The economic collapse has been happening, it is is happening right now, and it will continue to happen.  Yes, there will be times when our decline will be punctuated by moments of great crisis, but that will be the exception rather than the rule.  A lot of people that write about "the economic collapse" hype it up as if it will be some huge "event" that will happen very rapidly and then once it is all over we will rebuild.  Unfortunately, that is not how the real world works.  We are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world, and once it completely bursts there will be no going back to how things were before. But other than that, everything is rainbows and lollipops, right?

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"A Turkish official told Reuters that trade with Iran through a third party was no longer allowed under tighter U.S. sanctions which went into effect on Wednesday.

"For example, Halkbank would not be able to be an intermediary in India's oil purchases from Iran," he said."

Is it just me, or is one possible interpretation of this that the only recourse left is DIRECT trade in gold (or barter) from buyer to seller of oil? And doesn't the Bloomie article from the weekend re: Russia 'swapping' its oil for gold imply pretty much the same thing?

I don't really see global demand for the product shipped by the world's producers of the black stuff declining sharply anytime soon. If India, China, et al NEED Persian hydrocarbons, they will get them one way or the other. If in the process their reliance on the reserve currency of a 'competing economic partner' [at best]  or 'geopolitical rival/adversary' is diminished, so much the better. Until kinetic steps are taken by said 'partner' to change this trend, the only question is the rate at which this will continue to accelerate.

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I don't think I can make it this year


But that shouldn't stop anyone else...


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The Travels of Marco Polo Chapter 24

The Travels of Marco Polo--Chapter 24

Furthermore all merchants arriving from India or other countries, and bringing with them gold or silver or gems and pearls, are prohibited from selling to any one but the Emperor. He has twelve experts chosen for this business, men of shrewdness and experience in such affairs; these appraise the articles, and the Emperor then pays a liberal price for them in those pieces of paper. The merchants accept his price readily, for in the first place they would not get so good an one from anybody else, and secondly they are paid without any delay. And with this paper-money they can buy what they like anywhere over the Empire, whilst it is also vastly lighter to carry about on their journeys. And it is a truth that the merchants will several times in the year bring wares to the amount of 400,000 bezants, and the Grand Sire pays for all in that paper. So he buys such a quantity of those precious things every year that his treasure is endless, whilst all the time the money he pays away costs him nothing at all. Moreover, several times in the year proclamation is made through the city that any one who may have gold or silver or gems or pearls, by taking them to the Mint shall get a handsome price for them. And the owners are glad to do this, because they would find no other purchaser give so large a price. Thus the quantity they bring in is marvellous, though these who do not choose to do so may let it alone. Still, in this way, nearly all the valuables in the country come into the Kaan's possession.

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homemade full automatic

"i love weaponizing black and decker tools"

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December U.S. Budget Deficit

Last year we've got the december 2011 U.S. budget deficit on january 12, 2012

Today is february 11, 2013 and I can't find the december 2012 U.S. budget deficit.

Can somebody help me ?

Thanks !

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another snow storm?

It's raining here in MA today - forecast says 4's and sunny the rest of the week.  I'd like to see the snow stay, but I'm not seeing the same forecast as you!

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Run, Dorothy, run--and Toto, too!

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do you have a larger image of that poster?

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