Fighting Back

If you're depressed and despondent over the price action in the metals, don't be. It's all simple, option expiry nonsense and it will get better next week. Besides, I have some happy news for you today...The Good Guys are fighting back.

You'll recall that late last year, the U.S. District Court in New York dismissed the civil suit for silver manipulation against JPMorgan. At the time, The Court granted the plaintiffs 30 days to re-file. Today, I'm happy to share with you that they, in fact, have re-filed and are quite optimistic about their case going forward.

First up, here's a link to the summary written by Turdville Attorney General CALawyer in the days immediately following the dismissal. You might want to review this again before going forward.

Upon receipt of the filing yesterday, I once again sent it off to CALawyer for his opinion. Time was short so he was only able to reply with the email below. We are all in his debt for taking the time to review it. Again, CALawyer, THANK YOU!

Hey Turd:
This is my quick take.  I read the Motion for Leave to Replead.  It is very standard, and should be granted.  Routine pleading, nice summary.  The defense will oppose, claiming that even with all the new proposed facts, the new facts do not make a difference and thus, the Motion for Leave to Replead should be denied.  It is a very low hurdle for Plaintiffs, and the Motion is almost certain to be granted, based on the new facts from the Proposed Second Amended Complaint.  My read of the proposed new complaint is that this should be enough to make out a case.  That may or may not be enough to get discovery launched, but the absolute last thing the defense wants is an army of Plaintiff attorney's scouring through the JPM documents.  No TBTF bank wants that, ever.  I hope, but I do not know, that the court will grant discovery on this based on the showing of alleged facts from the new complaint, though.

For example, look at this new allegation, at paragraph 137.  I like this quote a lot:
"e. As a sophisticated and large market participant as well as a
market maker on the London market and clearing member of COMEX, JP Morgan
well knew each of the foregoing facts as they occurred. By selling in the small
COMEX market, JP Morgan knew that it received lesser sale prices because it had a greater depressant effects on prices. Thus, JP Morgan repeatedly and
uneconomically incurred additional transaction costs in order to sell at the lower
prices it caused on COMEX. JP Morgan thereby intentionally acted contrary to the
conduct of a hedger by repeatedly incurring greater transaction costs. It did so in
order to depress prices."

This allegation is tight, and makes out a compelling case, because it finally shows that JPM's behavior is illogical and hence, that leaves only the conclusion that it was manipulating prices.  The distinction between the Comex and LBMA as far as price, volume, etc., is critical.  Rhetorically, then, the obvious question that is asked, "Why would JPM hold a large short position on Comex to hedge when hedging on Comex cost more than on LBMA?, is then answered: "Because it wanted to manipulate prices despite the costs to do so because it made money from depressing prices, which ultimately means it was not hedging at all, since JPM would not hold a hedge that lost it money when it could hold the same hedge on LBMA without losing money."

I like the substantial allegations at paragraph 137 a lot.  This could get real interesting if discovery is allowed. 
That decision is the next real test, not the next motion to dismiss.  
Thanks for letting me weigh in.
Anytime you need something my friend, just ask.


CALawyer, Esq. Attorney General de Turdville

OK, with that, the documents to review are below. The have been filed with the court and are fully public. At this point, we'll need to let the process run its course so no need to get carried away today. However, I felt that it was important for you to know that The Good Guys are continuing the fight on your behalf. Wish them well and Godspeed.



Second Amended Complaint in JPM Silver Manipulation Civil Case by Turd Ferguson


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On Anonymous: Operation American Freedom

To Orange:

I have followed Anonymous for several years.

Their videos began appearing many years ago with a challenge between Anonymous and the Church of Scientology.

The Church of Scientology was engaging in an internet info war where some activists were critical of copyright enforcement at Youtube and some other websites.  COS attempted to have youtube pull down the videos and the websites complied.  Anonymous responded by initiating a PR fight against the COS and their tactics.   (do a youtube search and a google search on "Anonymous, church of Scientology").

I first became aware of the group's activities in Southern California when a variety of news reports surfaced on broadcast TV.  When I began doing investigation on my own, I began noticing their rallies.  I had noticed the Guy Fawkes masks on their people and wondered what the mask was about.  They wear those Guy Fawkes masks and do the computer generated voice overs in order to shield their identity from investigation.  From what I can tell, the group is loose, has no formal structure, and is essentially an informal group of people who share common principles of freedom of speech.  They appear to have the view that all information should be distributed freely.

The US Government's agencies have been investigating several layers of these things in order to identify if foreign threat exists.  The prosecution of a variety of people including Aaron Schwartz, dot-com (megauploads I think was the name of his site) and anonymous members appears in swing.  Schwartz "committed suicide" and was some sort of persecutory process.  His partner was on MSNBC's Up with Chris Hayes this morning.

This morning, MSNBC and CNN ran stories about how Anonymous took over the United States Sentencing Commission website.  I have no idea what the USSC does, but it's probably another bureaucratic politically appointed committee that is impacting our rights again.  We've seen this quasigovernmental process in full swing in various regions of the nation.

Anonymous seems to be complaining that the government has insufficient review by the people.  If the CFTC and SEC enforcement in the above action are consistent with the USSC activity, then the complaint probably has merit.  We've all seen how the CFTC and SEC have been utterly impotent in levelling the market rules on all players equally.

I have located a youtube video that appears to have been posted a few days ago.

CNN was reporting that the group had "declared war on the United States government".  I have no idea what that really means, and you have no way of knowing if that is really "anonymous" or "Anonymous" with a capital A.  But, suffice it to say, that any prior group that tried this type of thing was rapidly eliminated from the playing field.  You have to wonder what kind of rebel force believes that it can use tactics to take out the empire.  I won't say that it can't happen, but the odds are certainly stacked against the rebel force.  And, its no Mickey Mouse affair.  Call me an Ewok, but my sticks and stones are no match for the Death Star.  For many years, there has been disturbance in the force.  The disturbance is greater now than ever.

But, you have wonder.  What kind of logic and rationale is it to attack government in general?  The group Anonymous has an anarchistic element to it.  They also posted (same Youtube account) a video arguing that the Canadian government has trouble also.

Because Anonymous is a loose knit organization, you can't really tell what is really an "Anonymous" video and what is actually something from a person posing as Anonymous.  In fact, their "group" isn't so much organized as it appears a collective.

When searching youtube for "operation last resort" this morning, I locate this URL:

As part of the screen presentation, they post the message "Download encrypted #warhead1 files @ hacked or".

I have gone to that website.  It looks like is corrected to the original form.  But, the website is still active.  The Anonymous group appears to be issuing a call for legislative reform.  The pastebin URL posts a variety of instructions to field operatives with specific instructions on how to engage.  I have no idea what that stuff really means, but the instructions are really interesting...they refer to a "Warhead - U S - D O J - L E A - 2013 . A E E 256".  It seems to be an allegory to the movie Wargames and the video accompanying the file shows clips of the movie.

One can only hope that the game will not be played.  (what a strange game...the only winning move is NOT TO PLAY!).

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For a limited time, free viewing is available for the new documentary Agenda; Grinding Down America

Free to watch for a limited time @ vimeo [DOT] com/52009124

Must See this 1-1/2 hour documentary!

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Central banks & gold


But ANOTHER definitely said CB gold leasing was part of a plan. It was a plan that was supposed to keep the price of gold low (close to production costs) while enabling the mines to dramatically expand production at the same time:

Date: Sat Mar 07 1998 13:08

To grasp the fact that the CBs had a plan, is to know that they lend the gold for only 1% or 2% while the proceeds set in a Bullion Bank and grow with interest for the benefit of the BB and the mine! And further, the lenders allow the return of the gold to be extended out for many years, as in "spot deferred". The CBs allow public opinion to think of this as "typical government stupid", it's not!

Unfortunately, there was a flaw in the plan that could not be foreseen:

Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 21:06

The fatal flaw was found in the "forward sales" of unmined gold. The whole system counted on the expansion of cheap mining techniques to supply much more gold at a cheaper price far into the future. This happened to a degree for a few years but then just leveled off.

This flaw forced the CBs to become "the primary suppliers by replacing openly held gold with CB certificates. This action has helped keep gold flowing during a time that trading would have locked up."

taken from:

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@I AM Bartertown

I said:"if you are just bitter (and brittle) old white straight guys bemoaning your lost cultural hegemony, go off in a corner"

Your response:Haha! Good to see that you are so tolerant and resistant to stereotypes yes.

I say:  These are not stereotypes, these are the men I work with everyday.  And they are OLD.  They are not anti-collectivist (like you and ME), they just want the world to go back to when they did have cultural hegemony; political economy has nothing to do with it.  They dont recognize that of those who look to change the world some of us are seeking equal OPPORTUNITY while many indeed are seeking equal RESULTS.  The lack of awareness does not. help. our. cause.

You said: Why would a straight, white man need to be old to object to affirmative action, diversity programs at every university skewing admittance, contracting set-asides by .gov, huge EEOC, etc. bureaucracy, federal judges overriding ballot initiatives...etc,etc,etc...

If anything, it would seem that the objection should come from the young white man (or his mother, or sister) facing a lifetime of accusation, unearned guilt from grade school up about his 'priviledge', .gov-sponsored and media-celebrated displacement, sole designation as the only group that can't represent its own interests (clearly as such),  systematically disadvantaged in the halls of academia, government jobs, and corporate diversity programs, etc. Your answer is "go off in a corner"? No.

Why would you think I would disagree with you on this?

You said: But, the real point, at least for my posting, was the part about:

"claiming an ancestral lineage for his ideology that is utterly fraudulent and bogus"

I agree this is an important point.

which you seem as willing as obama to engage in:

"if it is a reclamation of American principles which you really seek"

WHAAAAA?!?!?!  How in any way shape or form can you conflate my comments with that Marxist fraud?!?!?!  I want America back.  I believe we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights amongst them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  My "pursuit of happiness" might not be your cup of tea.  But if I am not in anyway shape or form infringing on your unalienable rights, there should be no problem should there?  Isnt this the world you want to live in Barter?  How does relate to what Obama is doing to this country?

You said: Standing up for a 'new order' is one thing. I actually like my Marxists better when they are openly denigrating 'old, straight, white men' and renaming schools from George Washington Elementary to Harvey Milk Elementary. It's more honest.

Sure.  Whatever.

You said: It's the misappropriation of historical figures that I find irritating. That was my (and I think Buchanan's) point.

I see your point, and I agree with it.  I just dont think that facile lumping of entire classes of people in the collectivist soup to make that point helps our cause; indeed it dramatically hurts it.

I have to go for a while, but I'll look here later smiley.

Until then.

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I suspect the Anonymous group calling for civil war, revolution, etc. is a .gov run honey pot operation.  Even if it isn't, the overwhelming majority of Americans will not support them.  They'll be squashed.   End of story.

Mariposa de Oro's picture

Letey Petey

Not trying to pick a fight here, BUT, have you considered that your man/equality issues may have more to do with your physical attractiveness in general, and a tendency to speak your mind?  Now, before you or others flame the shit out of me, let me 'fess  up to being a woman myself and not one who is generally considered to be very attractive though I clean up well enough when I can be bothered.   I've been an electronics technician for twenty years, and was in the Army for five years prior to that, was married, have a daughter, etc.  I too, tend to be outspoken and can spot bullshit a ways off.  I've noticed that physically attractive people (men and women) as well as physically unattractive brown nosers can get away with shit I can only dream of pulling.  What I'm saying is that sexual preferences are pretty far down the list of reasons not warm up to someone for most people.   That's my observation.  Flame away, ya'll.  wink

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@Swineflooger: My review of

@Swineflooger: My review of The Four Horsemen is here: Review: The Four Horsemen

And here is part of a comment I made about it on an earlier thread.

My main critique was of one of the solutions they put forward, the political/economic philosophy know as Georgism, but I also also fleshed my review out and posted it on my blog.  There I added the following note:

There are other flaws in this film. Notably the references to government regulation of the economy championed by Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and worker ownership of the means of production. Each of these can and should be addressed, but I am concentrating on Georgism as it is the most egregious of the errors presented. It is also something with which people are least familiar.

So I would have to ask: do you think hyper-regulation of the economy, worker ownership of the means of production and the concentration of authority over natural resources into the hands of an oligarchy would be viable solution to the current situation?  Personally, I find these things to be just the opposite of a free society and I would resist it to my dying breath.

Your mileage may vary.

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I think there are still some well-meaning anarchists in the Anonymous camp, but at this point it's a race between them and the cointelpro/ajitprop agencies we all support with our tax dollars. 

I'd recommend Turdites stay away from that "warhead" thingy and away from pastebin and 4chan, unless you really really know what you are doing and how to proxy up and be anonymous. Although we all like to use clever silly noms-du-net here and on ZH, unless you are behind a string of proxies, the site administrators (and anyone brandishing a "security letter") can simply look at the user agent header (from the logfile) associated with your post and know exactly where you were when you posted it. 

It is also worth noting that you do not need to post to a website. Just looking at a page causes a user agent header to be submitted to the web server. That's how Google compiles all those detailed pageview statistics. Google knows more about you than your own mother and the NSA combined.

OK, Google now knows that I've watched that Youtube video. Very interesting. Looks like it gives somebody a good excuse to "shut down" the Internet. 

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@Dyna mo hum: General Mattis

@Dyna mo hum: General Mattis should have known better than to ask questions.  Our wise overlords don't like that.

Pentagon insiders say that he rubbed civilian officials the wrong way — not because he went all “mad dog,” which is his public image, and the view at the White House, but rather because he pushed the civilians so hard on considering the second- and third-order consequences of military action against Iran. Some of those questions apparently were uncomfortable.

Like, what do you do with Iran once the nuclear issue is resolved and it remains a foe? What do you do if Iran then develops conventional capabilities that could make it hazardous for U.S. Navy ships to operate in the Persian Gulf? He kept saying, “And then what?”

Inquiry along these lines apparently was not welcomed — at least in the CENTCOM view.

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Aren't Anonymous seen as being engaged in terrorist activity, cyber-crime, by the western governments, particularly the USA?

If someone is labelled a terrorist, and is considered to be a serious threat to 'national security' (ahem)  Youtube will remove any videos that are  linked to, or a produced by, that 'terrorist organisation' as fast as they can find them.

Yet all their videos stay on Youtube.

I believe Anonymous to be US gov't-backed. Most likely CIA.


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Yes, perfect reasoning.

How to justify total control over interment in the future. I suspect 2nd amendment is not the last freedom to be taken. The internet will be.

Imagine when they close your ip for being naughty - visiting gold sites. Or just pulling everything down they do not want you to see. YouTube do it now. Say, zerohedge etc.

Imagine if we could no longer connect to each other - divide and silence.

It really would be game over

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Speaking of loosely-knit conspiracies,

What ever happened to the Turdite plan to stand for delivery on a silver contract from Comex? 

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Turd?

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@ Mariposa de Oro

Hi Mariposa -

Im not sure if youre missing my point, or Im missing yours.

This is not a personal issue.  Hell, I am fortunate that I dont have significant equality issues per se in my personal life at this time.  Cutting my teeth in a male dominated field was a journey fraught with extra baggage, but to Nietzsche's point it made me stronger, and my business is very much a success because of it.  I live in a state where I am free to marry whom I choose, and I did. 

My point is this:  the freedom loving community is not served by facile group labeling of whole groups as purported opponents.  We need to promote and reward free behavior amongst all groups that have experienced discrimination in the past.  Let me pursue happiness as I see fit, and I will encourage you to do the same.  This American idea, this founding idea will not survive if all immigrants, women, blacks, Hispanics, gays, etc are equated with the free-sh*t army by lazy pundits.  White straight men are no longer a majority.  Freedom must be nurtured in these other groups (and there is no reason on their face that freedom cannot ultimately make inroads), or we walk right into TPTB's divide and conquer to world domination scenario.

I personally stand by my freedom loving, small goverment convictions even if a hundred Pat Buchanan's conflate my pursuit of happiness with the march to collectivism.  We cannot expect the confused but teachable masses to do the same.

Does that clarify?  Do I need clarification?

PS In keeping with Gandhi's be the change you want to see - I dont do flaming, and I would ask that you not imply that you would accept that from me or anyone else here.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  Mariposo!

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Your assertion about anonymous is probably spot on.... All the loyalists that hold the work of our founders dear are being eliminated. Many of the latest generals admirals etc were useful in the grand scheme of the new world order advocates and now they are being discarded like yesterdays trash. Many were nothing more than pentagon knob polishers anyway. I would admire the officers that see things our way.  I feel confident there are some real studs in the military hierarchy but they keep out of sight for now. There is something playing out here and I have no idea where it all will end.

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Simple question for turd

Are any of the following HEH?

a. Class action suit

b. CFTC package

c. Bill Murphy's summer to now, on-going JPM story/information

d. NASE (they have their 5Moz)

e. Gold backed Yuan.

If not then it was supposed to start last time I heard as early as thankgiving and through December accelerating in Q1 2013. The wheels were in motion, contracts were signed, boots were dropping, etc. Given price wise we are no better off than November has it  actually started? If it has is it not possible to outline the stages we should expect or a rough time line?

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On Anonymous: Operation American Freedom

As always, the comments on Anonymous from Turdville are cogent, analytical, and rational.

As I stated in my original posting today, I've tried to discern the story behind Anonymous for some time.

Some of the Anonymous followers strike me as people tied to the movements seen in 2011 and 2012 in major US cities where demonstrations were held against the banksters and their criminal syndicates.  Earlier demonstrations appeared against the Church of Scientology and then some media outlets.  Those media outlets were viewed by Anonymous as being "anti-[fill in the blank]" and therefore worthy of criticism/attack.

The Anonymous people appear to be very intelligent and well trained on cyber technology.  They appear to be administrators on the web and therefore can snoop web traffic.  They can also create proxy spoofing of IP addresses.  On the criticism of visiting web sites and being proxied, I agree with that security/threat assessment with one caveat.  If someone spoofs your IP address, you're going to look like you're visiting sites that you are not.  There's no way to know if your ISP or other company are tracking your web activity without them releasing that information.  Even if I am perusing those websites, who cares?  The data is jibberish unless you have the software to decrypt that info.  We don't have that info because we're not on the inside of Anonymous to decrypt that files.

Still, I'd sure like to know what is those encrypted files.  I saw one blogger this morning with the assumption that they were DOJ files on the Supreme Court Justices.  But, then he retracted that comment, when he realized that the SCOTUS justices names were just used for the files on various mirrors spread over the internet.  I'd observe that if the group is so cocky as to use the SCOTUS Justice's names on their server array, it shows that they're are really educated on the legalities.  Most goof-ball organizations do not understand the legal process.

The people on Up! with Chris Hayes were discussing this element.  They were discussing the fact that legislative changes are needed to copyright law.  They were also discussing the processes required for democracy to flourish.  That was when I got curious and started looking at the websites. 

I don't know what's in the "warhead" files.  But, they sure have me interested now! 

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I agree with your theory and I am curious about the warhead factor also. What I cant understand is they wear the terrorist label according to our overseers but the anonymous  videos are all still up on YouTube.  It all has the ring of a psyop for public consumption.

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How would you like it wrapped?


Oh, and this: 


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ECB’s ‘Nuclear Deterrent’: Unused OMT

Coene Says ECB’s ‘Nuclear Deterrent’ Ideally Left Unused

European Central Bank Governing Council member Luc Coene said he would prefer if the ECB’s as-yet-untapped bond-buying program stayed that way.

“The ideal situation would be for the OMT never to be used,” Coene said in an interview during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland today, referring to the Outright Monetary Transactions program. “It’s like a nuclear deterrent. Whenever you use it, that will raise new questions and new issues” such as the risk that governments would then ease off austerity measures.

No country has yet asked for a bailout that could trigger bond-buying by the ECB after President Mario Draghi’s rescue plan, announced in July, ended a wave of panic in euro region bond markets. Countries have so far balked at asking for aid because any assistance from the ECB will require them to sign up to a program of reform and potentially more austerity.

Coene, who also heads Belgium’s central bank, said that generating growth in the euro area is now the job of governments as the crisis shows signs of receding. The ECB “cannot solve the underlying problems.”

“There is only so much a central bank can do,” said Coene, 65. “Governments can make the adjustments that are needed to make the economy grow again. We are going to hear that message this year again and again. The next move won’t be from the ECB.”

The 17-nation euro area will see a “shallow” recovery starting this year as long as leaders don’t waver on the implementation of measures to reduce debt and increase competitiveness, Coene said.

Stronger Momentum

If that scenario holds in the coming months, underlying economic momentum could mean the ECB will revise its prediction that the euro area economy will contract by 0.3 percent this year.

“When you look at the latest indicators in Germany they point to a stronger underlying base of activity than was assumed,” he said. “If there is any adjustment to happen, it will be a small adjustment, and probably rather on the upside than the downside...

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@Bugzy. Of course, full control of the Internet is a must when the shit really starts hitting the fan.

@Dyna mo hum. Indeed, something is playing out. The need for tptb to take total control. Anonymous are there to create fear so the gov't can step in and save us all from these 'terrorists' by taking full control of the Internet and shut down all the 'terrorist' communication channels. As Bugzy said - that will include places like ZH and here, or indeed anywhere where people come together to discuss the truth behind what is really going on.

Anonymous even have their own Youtube channel, with the address "Anonymous world war 3" .

Terrorists my arse.

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Anonymous sounds like a group of libertarians

I wholeheartedly endorse & agree with what they said in their message (he said at risk of being branded a government terrorist).

But I'd always thought Anonymous was a far left group in the vein of OWS???

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@letey petey

I would marry you but you are already taken :(

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@Dyna mo hum on Anon

Psyop is not entirely the picture.

I've tried to drive by some Anon protests.  You see people there who are younger in age (20-30).  When I went to Zucotti Park in NYC and observed the demonstrations last year, the demographic was largely white and 20-30 years of age.

RT has an interesting interview from 2 years ago at: 

The interview is interesting because it shows the nature of the psyops.

Anonymous itself seems to have socio-economic goals in mind.

The key line was at the end of the interview, the hacktivist says, "We're always one step ahead.  The internet itself is always one step ahead.  We're so diverse.  Anonymous is diverse.  The internet is diverse.   If these companies try to play these games, they try to take down sites because of stupid reasons.  They try to use our own tools that we're actually using against other websites that they actually claim to be illegal.  I mean we're one step ahead.  We  have technology that is one step ahead of them and we will always have technology that is one step ahead of them."

That's not a psyops op in the NSA/CIA.  I don't doubt that a counterintel op is running though.  The best way to take out this type of group is to infiltrate.  That interview from RT was done apparently in 2010.  My guess is that the guys involved in this Op were different from the pvt Manning and wikileaks thing, but indirectly know them.

Anonymous seems to be loose and without leadership.  It's a nebulous thing because any body can down load those apps and run the DOS executable from their own IP.  These guys are net admins and tech guys...that's why they're saying that they can stay one step ahead of the authorities.  Since the laws are not updated for current internet protocol, the intellectual property rights are not clarified internationally.  The interviewee suggests to me that he could be Irish or UK based.  Wikileaks certainly had ties to Europe and Assange was last held in London.

I post this info not to encourage Turdites to get involved, on the contrary.  I post this to inform the Turdites of what I've put together over several years of observing the tactics of Anonymous in California.  Some of these people seem to be active in California and could be at major tech firms.  Many years ago, I noticed that some of the tactics seemed to be coming out of the bay area.  This was substantiated when Oakland had large and sometimes violent demonstrations in 2011-2012.  I contend that it is not totally a psyops thing.  There are a lot of "grassroots" types in the demonstrations and on line.  And, there are international hacktivists in the fold.  I noticed that dot-com guy was in New Zealand.

So, the international aspect of these issues is magnified when one considers that US laws can not apply to these people when they are  outside the US to begin with or may not be US citizens.

What does this have to do with gold?


Texas Sandman's picture

Anonymous & Wall Street

Certainly if those guys hacked wall street &/or banking sites in a coordinated way & on a large scale, that would blow the lid off the gold (& silver) price, no???

MrGuboci's picture

No way ...

No court would ever go against the will of the government ... It's like Irwin Schiff who proved 100% techically during his trial that the income tax is unconstitutional and theft yet was sentenced to prison for not paying it . As usual , only the markets have the power to end all this crap when there is no silver left or the dollar system collapses . Ofc I hope those kind of actions can succeed but the chance is very slim , like bombing a forest and a house built of trees comes out of the explosion because of randomness of the way the trees fall on the ground ... i might be exaggerating the chance a bit , maybe two houses getting built in the explosion

Dyna mo hum's picture

Texas sandman

I hope interests will lead them to  freedom then wealth should follow. I doubt they are interested in personal wealth yet. Who knows?

Karankawa's picture

Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war in Mali and exposes

32 years old.  Wonder if he'll see 33?


Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war in Mali and exposes the international neo-colonial plot at the Belgian Parliament.

On January the 17th, 32 years old Belgiam MP Laurent Louis, the most controversial and demonized national political figure ever, explained why he voted against the belgian support to war in Mali. Meanwhile, he expressed his disgust and wrath against the criminal foreign policies of the belgian elite and its submission to foreign financial and interests groups. For the first time at the Belgiam Parliament, he evokes that 9/11 was made up and says what no one before him has never dared to speak out!

Please share this exceptional moment of truth. There were other interventions as powerful from that man regarding the necessity to re-open the DUTROUX CASE, since he has been confronted to official pictures of the pedophile's little victims that dramatically contradicted the official version of the cause of their death.

I'll translate his intervention on that subject within the next days because too many dark secrets are poisoning our democracies, and because it seems like in the heart of EUROPE, dark secrets have become a raw material.
Thank's for sharing. This man needs and deserve our support.

Strongsidejedi's picture

Anonymous and Gold on google

I just did a search on "anonymous" and "rove" on google.

Guess what popped up... this stuff... wow what a mind blower!

Youtube searching of "anonymous" and "gold" popped this video.  I guess Anonymous mentions gold at the end of their statement.  The video seems to be a reporter commenting on Anonymous and Karl Rove.

The man's story corroborates with multiple reports on multiple websites.

I just found this URL on the election of 2004 and 2012.  This website claims that a non-profit called the Velvet Revolution has been searching for evidence of electronic vote tampering.

It alleges that Karl Rove had an op running called Orca and that Orca was a back door to steal elections.  These people claim that Rove's computer operation was actually a hack to steal the vote count in Ohio in 2004.  The story is entirely plausible since electronic voting does not have paper documents to track the vote count.

Its interesting that this youtube video was posted prior to the election of 2012:

Now, today, we see that Anonymous has posted these files on these mirror sites today of the DOJ.

I have to wonder now if Anon has elements with military and intel experience in it.  If Anon does have that kind of experience, then Anon may be posting the evidence of the Orca in order to warn GOP operatives that its coming.  If they get paid (in some fashion), then you have to wonder what the payment type is.  The letter from Anon might be the clue as to why Google popped the story when I searched for "gold".

Get a load of the last paragraphs

"We work without remuneration.  Karl, on the other hand, takes ships of gold from barons to do their bidding.  We sank those ships and we have a warning for Karl - sail again at your peril.  We may just put all the evidence into a tidy little package and give it to a painfully bored nemesis hanging out in a certain embassey in London."

I think the nemesis is Julian Assange and wikileaks.  There's obviously alot of animosity there.  But, the "ships of gold from barons"?  Could this have something to do with the timing of the gold calls by foreign governments on the New York Fed Bank?

You have to wonder if the files encrypted and posted by Anonymous might have something to do with Orca?

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total conjecture

OK, this is total conjecture.
But, after learning about Rove's Orca project.

What if the "London Whale" is named "whale" because he funded the "Orca"?

If Orca was funded privately, one would need hundreds of millions of dollars to fund it.

So, where could that money come from?

It could come from being the counterparty to derivatives and planned theft from a major financial institution.  If there was conspiracy to defraud between the parties, one could place bets that are contrary to the financial interests of the institution and essentially divert those funds to private hands through massive derivatives losses.  Someone was on the other side of the JPMC Whale trade.

What if that party was using the money to fund Rove's Orca?

And, what if that money wasn't being tracked electronically, but instead was taking the form of gold shipments around Switzerland or New York City?

This is all just conjecture and I have no specific evidence other than the reports on the web...but is it total coincidence that the JPMC lost billions through "the London whale trade" while Rove was funding "project Orca" in the US over the last five years?

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