Turd's Day Off

I will be out for the entire day today. Here is an open thread for you. Now remember, just because Dad's away doesn't mean you kids can ransack the house and run wild. Play nice and remember The Golden Rule.

For fun, here's a discussion starting point that was emailed to me a few days ago.

Infographic Gold Facts
From: Trustable Gold

Have a great day!



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Ever feel like this?

Its been a long day. Is silver to go up, down.  What about crude.  The ER tonight is full of crazy people.  Sometimes I feel.....

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@Be Prepared,Did you know

@Be Prepared,

Did you know that a pint of beer = exactly, 14 ounces, 16 ounces or 20 ounces depending on where in the world you live? But those are liquid ounces which are different from solid ounces. That's why I never order "a pint of beer" - I usually order by the milliliter thus clearing up the confusion except for the Americans where they equate grams with the weight of drugs. 

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I just say - "fill er up" - - -

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-es7TxVMxtzh1svhRi-v When I've had enough I tell my car to "drive home".

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Screw That...

Just order a PITCHER! ;-)

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Silver is coming up on

Silver is coming up on trendline support in the next couple of days. (Gold shown as the red line.)

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Ever feel like this?

LOL  Great one Jack.

Wow, working in an ER these days has to be an experience.  The 'system' is set up to send you the worst,

Drug War sends you shootings and overdoses.

The pharma thing gives you a bunch as well, to which the doctors can only prescribe more of the same, or another one to counter the reaction from the first one.

I certainly respect your efforts, but are you really standing for the truth of what you believe, or are you just going through the motions to support a 'system' you don't actually understand.  One that has been corrupted.

Your answer is your own, but I thank you for this.


I will use it sparingly and with compassion as I see people waking up.

God Bless,


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Your comments above certainly cut to the quick.  There is no doubt in my mind that the system I work in (allopathic medicine) has been for the most part corrupted.  Big Pharma, the insurance game, the abuse from patients that know we cannot legally turn them away yet also know that the gubermint will pick up their bills, the defensive medicine we practice... the list goes on.  I have often felt that I could do more good with 50 acres of rich soil along the Willamette River in Oregon growing blueberries.  I stop myself because I have many mouths to feed.  There's the rub; there's the lack of courage. 

I have been following Chris Duane of late (Sons of Liberty Academy and Silver Shield Report)  I believe as he does that the only way to defeat the oligarchs is to refuse to be part of their system.  Of course I recognize this as quite Randian and do dream of a Galt's Gulch where my family can work and live without the corruption.  I just haven't seen evidence of the critical mass needed to make it work, at least here in the country in southern Idaho where we live.  How do you deal with it?

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Big L.


Think about what you have said in your post.  Realize that you have removed yourself from principle.  You now talk about issues and how to 'slowly' move people back to respect the truth that America was formed about.

You seem to be afraid to stand for principles.

Why, because you might offend someone?  Is that why you don't participate in the Republican Party Process other than voting, and have NO IDEA how corrupt it is?

I'd guess you are a keyboard jockey that is 'late in the game' beginning to understand how corrupt the Republican Party has become.

Issues divide us.  Principles unite us.  Principle and the Rule Of Law are NOT RECOGNIZED by YOUR government.

Tell me what Principle Romney will stand up for, and then tell me how I should believe what he says.

Not leaving the process, Just NOT VOTING,


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Somehow I can't imagine

Romney's S o S having a former MB operative on staff.  Can't imagine Romney having his "right arm" be an Iranian.  Betcha he didn't run on the leftist New Party ticket. 




I am afraid of what four more years of Zero & Co. at the helm will mean for our country.  No worries about reelection, no fundraising, plenty of time to wreck havoc.  Please, BO, play 36 rounds every day if you get reelected.  

Sometimes fear is the best motivator.  And, as far as I know, not voting doesn't give me a free pass to leave the matrix.

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The Obama You Don't Know

Nine short,  interesting chapters.


But beyond the spin and the polls, a starkly different picture emerges. It is a portrait of a man quite unlike his image, not a visionary reformer but rather a classic Chicago machine pol who thrives on rewarding himself and his friends with the spoils of public office, and who uses his position to punish his enemies.

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@ Irene

I'm just saying that what our community sees clearly, is not what the general population sees.  IMHO they will very slow inflation.or at least not enough to be that worrisome to them.  TPTB know better than to create the big bang....just hear what the MSM are saying...?.nothing to worry about...the gov ha everything under control...it's exactl what they want to hear!!!!

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@ Jack

How do you deal with it?

LOL   Stay true and don't sell out. 

If you have already sold out, get yourself unsold.

I have some friends that are very rich and some friends that aren't so rich.  We can all have dinner together because of respect and they are all self sufficient.  (Can't ship the job of cutting lawns or hair to China LOL)

"I just haven't seen evidence of the critical mass needed to make it work."

This is where I find the 'collective mentality' being so destructive.  You are on the web, you have ideas you dream of, but you aren't willing to follow those dreams.

Regardless of what happens in politics, I hope you never give up your soul.

God Bless,


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GSR continued to consolidate

GSR continued to consolidate opposite to my previous expectations. Why I think its not the end of the world, even if there is a GSR move upwards, I tried to explain here:


Still my best explanation. In that case, pullback should be constrained (silver) by 34,20 based on Fibo retracements from last move up. If it moves further down-> the long (Aug 15-today)  log-periodic wave Nr 1. just gets more clear markings at its upper end before next shorter wave up (that should last around  10-13 trading days, i.e till . October 3rd-October 7th. The next upleg, which I hope will see GSR 48 and Silver 38-39.

Today there is hell of a lot of speeches advertising QE and economic metrics:


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Dear Dad - ( Turd ) - - -

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTtt3bJ1AaRUxRtU8QU1Ta Hope your having a good day off and hope to see you soon.Lots of sloppy kisses when you get back ( and promise - no leg humping ).3647451394_b0b95da419.jpg

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The Obama You Don't Know

But Magpie,

You are missing the flavor of the evening.  People come here to get out of the system and return to honesty.

Why would you post something like this?

Why does anyone post cartoonish crap that only adresses ISSUES, and IGNORES the very RULE OF LAW that describes America?

I'm absolutely dumbfounded, but please enlighten me,


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When master is away...

Though we've all seen this one, it's been awhile for me.

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Poor Denver

Quartined just because....so sad.....so bad!!!

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Submitted by Jack on September 20, 2012 - 2:42am.

Great VID!

Now it's up to us to figure out who is the master and who is the slave of our own lives.

It's obvious that the two dogs in the vid have been fed well.

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thanks Ivars - - -

You are a shelter in the storm. Your humble genius is an inspiration to us all. You have always been in my top 5 of  people to listen to. The others are Turd, Jim Willie, Egon von Grey Hairs and Eric Sprott.                                                                                                                  My best advice to all is stick with silver. Silver has a track record and I am confident it will be the overall winner.

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The Great Houdini Show

Let's face it...we're going to get it...all's well...stock market up.  What else could we want?The election...what an entertainment!   Let's relax and watch the show......IMHO we  should relax and enjoy the show!

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"Somehow I can't imagine Romney's S o S having a former MB operative on staff"

That's interesting because I attended the Values Voters Summit last weekend and heard Frank Gaffney say that Suhail Khan, a former official in the administration of George W. Bush, is MB and that he is now associated with the Romney campaign.

Of course Gaffney also said Grover Norquist, of all people, is helping the MB infiltrate the conservative movement, going so far as trying to get him banned from CPAC.

I guess people are going to believe what they want to believe.

Some people want to believe there is a terrorist behind every blade of grass.

Some others believe paranoia is not exactly a rational world view. 

I believe the belief in politics and invisible sky friends is going to be the death of us all.

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October scenarious and their potential effect on silver

BTW, starting early October we will be getting corporate earnings Q3, starting with ALCOA on October 9.  If those are below prognosis, silver could start next leg up. If they are good, silver could stagnate, also due to election uncertainty. I still do not see the first  log-periodic  wave of the sequence ending into elections. Its length from August 15 (if that is the right starting point- we will see) should be about 41  trading day , landing its end on approx the same time as the next wave in sequence I outlined above- October 10. These dates are all +- 5 days, so ..But the region coincides, meaning we can see either a pullback before the next ascent on early October around 3-4 USD as wave is more powerful- or- end of this sequence-> depending on what market collectively thinks about the outcome of elections on silver.

If market does not have a preferred knowledge, log-periodic sequence will break up for October, and silver will trade sideways .

If market does have a negative expectations for silver from elections, we can see a sharp peak in early October and then actually reverse log-periodic sequence (falling, waves getting longer) into the elections, after whom silver then should again kind of consolidate and move up. The last scenario may lead to October peak almost 40 and pullback during October even up to 6-7 USD (bottom of exponential channel) .

I hope , with these 3 scenarios in mind, one of them will show itself early enough to prepare for October.

OR, we may get into another even more powerful sequence  related (pointing to market expectations about time of event )  most likely to the start of war in Iran (should be PM positive, sorry for rational approach) or some intermediate event ( fiscal cliff solution?).

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@murphy - Lundeen blog

The one I suggested http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_12/lundeen091612.html was actually delivered to me ready made  by another participant of this site- RGINSAT


I just found it to be  good as well.

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Puck .T. - - -

don't believe in anything, belief can close the mind to it's ultimate potential - enlightenment.(just kidding  -  you are the enlightened one)

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re Mormons

I hope for all with only good experiences with mormons that Mittens isn't going to spoil the party, but that's another subject devil

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******* *****!

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At times like this

At times like this, when prices are getting hammered for whatever reason, one just needs to remain detached from the MOPE fiction, and consider the reality!

We are now back to pre QE3 / Japan printing prices in Silver. Put simply, if pebbles from the beach were declared to be the legal tender for a town, and a week ago it cost 4 pebbles to buy a loaf of bread, would you as the baker still only charge 4 pebbles a loaf when 2 truck loads of pebbles have just been dumped outside the town hall? Or would you grab a few handfulls of pebbles and go on a shopping/prepping spree?

Thank TPTB & Cartels for granting you another chance to grab a bit more physical at artificially low prices, before it dawns on the rest of the townsfolk!  

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US numbers and speeches

May be we should wait for the USA to wake up and deliver QE promotion speeches and bad numbers on all fronts, especially weekly jobless claims. Otherwise EUR is cancelling a bit Bernanke's efforts to lower USD value AND yield rates simultaneously.

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October Scenarios

Ivars - so silver will either see its price rise - or fall. Or it may trade sideways for a while. Have I got that about right?

Reefer - If you tried to order ale by the millilitre in England, some unkind people might laugh at you and call you names. A pint is a pint.

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