Ron Paul Survey

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The Doc
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Ron Paul Survey

Working on a survey to find out what percentage of those who are planning on voting for Ron Paul in 2012 DID NOT vote for Paul in 2008.  Love to get all the Turdites' input...we're planning on sharing the results with the Paul campaign.

Ron Paul Survey

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I voted for Ron Paul twice in

I voted for Ron Paul twice in 2008.  Looks like I only get to vote for him once in 2012.

CD-14 holla!


PM Bug

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Constitutionalist wanted

I would be pleased to vote for Ron Paul if he would see fit to uphold the Constitution and investigate the eligibility of Obama-Soetoro-whatever-his-name-is to serve as POTUS.

Too bad.

argent rampant
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"He whose name shall not be mentioned"...

came in a very close second in the straw poll, but as far as the media are concerned, he wasn't there. George Snuffelufugus on GMA this morning: "So, the (Republican) race has crystalized now and the top three are Romney, Perry and Bachman..."



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