Building Pressure

Thu, May 9, 2013 - 1:07pm

As if my head wasn't swimming enough, I spent about an hour on the phone with Jim Willie this morning.

As you might imagine, we had a free-wheeling conversation that drifted from topic to topic. Of all the things we discussed, I'd like you to consider this:

Did you even know that this meeting was taking place this week? Have you seen coverage in the mainstream press? Did CNBS send LIESman or Headiromo over for live reports? Here's the summary and source link:

"On May 7-8, 2013, Istanbul (Turkey) will host the Global Finance in Transition conference. The event is organized by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey jointly with the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee and the Russian Ministry of Finance.
Representatives of G20 finance ministries and central banks, international organizations, research institutions and businesses will take part in the conference. Head of Turkey's Central Bank Erdem Basci, Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Sergey Storchak and Executive Director for the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee Marc Uzan will give the opening remarks at the conference.
Five panel discussions are planned as part of the event. They will cover the international financial architecture, in particular, changes in the flow of global investments, local bond markets and growth in emerging economies, incentives and determinants of investment and other issues. In addition it is expected that new instruments and incentives for making the global financial system safer will be suggested during the forum."

Did you know there was such a thing as the "Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee"? Wouldn't you like to know how the panel discussions of "international financial architecture" or "flow of global investments" went? Also, it was "expected that new instruments and incentives for making the global financial system safer will be suggested". Oh, really? That sounds interesting. But of course, CNBS doesn't care. Their main story right now is "Forget Software. Hardware Is Where It's At!" Nero fiddles while Rome burns...

Much appears to be taking place while hiding in plain sight. You see the events and wonder if they are all, somehow, interconnected. I would suggest to you that they are. The problem is, like anything else, you and I won't clearly see how they connect until after the fact, after all is said and done. But suffice it to say, there are connections to be made from just these examples:

  • Western and Japanese debt monetization and QE to
  • Chinese direct currency swaps to
  • LBMA member default to
  • German gold repatriation to
  • China gold imports to
  • Shanghai gold deliveries to
  • Cyprus to
  • Gazprom to
  • The Tamar gas field to
  • Israel bombing Syria and, by proxy, Iran to
  • Netenyahu visiting Beijing to
  • The end of the petrodollar to
  • The historic April raid on gold price and draining of the GLD to
  • The BRICs Development Fund to
  • The latest FOMC language about "raising" QE to
  • .......

I could continue but I'll stop there. I think you get the picture. As it relates to the precious metals, I think we all understand that there is currently a growing rush to get physical possession of metal. Whether it is from/out of Western central bank vaults, from LBMA vaults, from Comex vaults, from the GLD, from the U.S. Mint and other global mints...whatever/wherever...the push is on to redeem paper certificates for actual physical metal. Why now? Who cares?!? In a crisis of confidence, the initial cause is of no import. What matters is the escalating belief and fear that "If I don't act now, I'll be left holding the bag".

And so we've seen:

  1. Comex inventories plummet to the lowest levels since 2008.
  2. GLD inventory plummet to lowest level since 2009.
  3. JPM New York vault nearly emptied.
  4. German gold repatriation plan.
  5. 470 metric ton reduction of Comex Commercial net short position since 9/12.
  6. 800 metric ton Chinese import for 2012. 233 metric ton import for just March 2013.

And this is seeming to accelerate. Look at this chart of Comex inventories:

And look at the increasing rate of Chinese imports:

And then check this out. The GLD has now shed almost exactly 300 tonnes of its "inventory" since the first of the year. That's about 22% in just a little over four months! But did you know that it took:

  • Two months to drain the first 100 tonnes (1/2- 3/7)
  • Six weeks to drain the next 100 tonnes (3/8-4/15)
  • And just three weeks to siphon the next 100 tonnes (4/16- 5/8)

And this week's CoT will almost assuredly show a further drop in the Comex net short position of the bullion banks. I posted this yesterday but it's worth repeating:

  • On 9/11/12, two days before QE∞ was announced, The Gold Cartel was net short 237,091 contracts. That's 23,709,100 troy ounces or a whopping 737 metric tonnes of paper gold.
  • As of last Tuesday, April 30, The Gold Cartel is now net short 95,563 contracts, a reduction of nearly 60%! And they've reduced their potential delivery obligation by 440 metric tonnes to 297!

We'll get another CoT tomorrow and, for the reporting week, gold was down $23 while total OI was UP by nearly 17,000 contracts. I'll be stunned if almost all of the OI increase doesn't come from Spec shorting and Cartel buying.

Again, all of the things I've mentioned are spectacular in their own right. For example, the German repatriation story or the drawdown in the GLD. Taken in concert, however, it becomes quite clear that something significant is coming over the horizon. But what??? THAT is the question we must attempt to answer in the days ahead.

Anyway...time to wrap this up, I suppose. First, some charts. Note that gold and silver are marking time here. Silver is particularly interesting as it is clearly caught in a pennant that is rapidly closing. Keep a close eye on this as it portends a breakout sometime very soon.

And since I mentioned my friend, The Jackass, many of you are probably clamoring to hear from him, too. No, I don't have a podcast for you but Kerry Lutz does. A link is below. Jim and I may record something in a couple of weeks.

OK, that's all for now. Have a great day!


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May 10, 2013 - 11:42am

Fed's Bernanke warns shadow banking risks persist. Who cares?

By Tom Polansek

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Friday that the shadow banking system continued to pose a threat to financial stability, and that bank funding markets might still not be able to cope with a major default.

In a wide-ranging speech explaining the Fed's role in monitoring the stability of the banking system, Bernanke also said the central bank was looking at asset markets closely for signs of excessive risk taking.

"While the shadow banking sector is smaller today than before the crisis ... regulators and the private sector need to address remaining vulnerabilities," Bernanke said at a banking conference sponsored by the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank.

The 2007-09 credit meltdown, and the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers, brought to light the group of firms and funding vehicles, known together as the shadow banks, that were poorly regulated but harbored large risk.

The highest grouping of U.S. financial regulators, the powerful Financial Stability Oversight Council that is chaired by U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, last month also warned of the possibility of runs on the shadow banking system.

Strongsidejedi Occasnltrvlr
May 10, 2013 - 11:43am

"urban survival"

Can someone fill me in... why did people remain in the former Yugoslavia during such a meltdown?

Wouldn't people want to just up and leave that type of environment?

Why wouldn't they leave and then return later if possible?

May 10, 2013 - 11:45am

Shadow banking

They are planting the seeds in the publics mind about derivatives so when the whole thing blows they can trot out shadow banking as a reason. The plan is close to being set in motion and soon the global meltdown will commence. All of the gold flying east is part of the deal china has made with the US to get gold evenly distibuted amongst the major players, then when the time is right the derivative cord will be pulled and the people will be begging for the Globo or whatever they call the NWO gold backed currency.

May 10, 2013 - 11:47am

I don't think leaving

was an option. They where cordoned off

Strongsidejedi ballyale
May 10, 2013 - 11:48am

Bernanke speech

@ballyale -

I watched the chairman's speech this morning on CNBC. I was only half paying attention, but Chairman Bernanke was pointing to areas of instability in the financial system. During Q&A he pointed out that the sub-prime mortgage note losses themselves could have been limited. It was the associated factors that caused the instability. I noticed that he steadfastly did not use the term "derivative" but did refer to "repo" markets as being relatively small markets.

When he was asked about bubbles, he didn't like that word. He then referred to nearly every paper instrument in the world but did not mention precious metals at all. For me, it was like the man is about as scared of the silver situation and therefore did not want to mention gold, silver, or the commodities sector at all.

Loud Noises
May 10, 2013 - 11:50am


Cities blockaded, borders likely closed. Not to mention the risks of going refugee. Unless you get out before everyone else, you'll be stuck there with them.

On the website, Selco talks about how severe normalcy bias was. Even when things were initially crashing down, people didn't or wouldn't believe the reality of what was happening. The decisions made during the first hours and days of an event like that can decide if you live or die.

May 10, 2013 - 11:58am

@loudnoises and grublux

I guess that says something about the portability of precious metals.

1 - if you have some PM coins, you might get out with the coinage.

2 - if you have alot of PM bullion etc, you might as well hunker down and load the ammo. But, if you need to fire the ammo, you're dead because the firefight would be a dead giveaway.

For this reason, storage of PM and the firepower to back it is not a reasonable solution. There will always be a bigger force that can seize that pile of metal by force.

International diversification is helpful in order to open lines of finance and banking in friendly areas. You have to stay under FBAR, but the reality is that you can do it if you are in those other areas consistently (i.e. doing business or living there).

I was posting about Dubai a few days ago. Did you see the awful video of that privately contracted cargo plane going down at Baghram? The story was accompanied by the fact that the plane was leaving AE for DUBAI!

Put two and two together guys!

If the US Fort Knox gold supply has been sold off, where are you going to recover it?

China moved "their" stuff from London to Hong Kong to Beijing.

Venezuela moved "their" stuff from London to Caracas. Maitenant, M. Chavez est mort. Ou'est-ce que l'argent et l'or?

Did the Venezuelan gold end up in Dubai????

Is that why Dubai has a massive gold exchange and why the US government has security agreements, nuclear agreements, and basing rights???

Are you with me here guys???

There's no fricking meltdown coming in the next few months or even a year. Strong dollar is arriving and the Fed is going to keep printing...

May 10, 2013 - 12:01pm

There is some bigger story out there as Denver Dave says

Probably something with the banking system being insolvent and never fixed.

Of sovereign governments, like japan, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, (this is like calling out stations on a train line-a long train line)

or entitlements

or derviatives,

or just because its time.

May 10, 2013 - 12:09pm


Yeah, it's all changed,

I lived in Hong Kong for many years as an expat Brit. No tax liability in The UK because my tax non-residence had aleady been previously established. And in Hong Kong, the maximum rate of Income Tax was 17% BUT ONLY pro rata on days IN Hong Kong. So as I travelled 80% of the time, my total tax liability, completely legally, was about 7%.

I travelled and worked very hard. And was able to save and retire early.

I would have loved to have worked less hard, and for longer so as to be able to contribute to Unemployment benefits, Food Stamps, Disability benefits and Obamacare, but that's probably just silly old me.


May 10, 2013 - 12:15pm


The mining shares appear to be getting the joke that is the algo-controlled, yen-cross fueled futures market. On a normal day when futures are down 3% (that is "normal" these days) the miners would be getting smoked for a multiple of that. But today, the shares I follow are unch, maybe down a tick or two. Even the GDX and GDXJ - deeply flawed on a conceptual and practical level though they are - are not getting rocked to the usual degree. I hear that the redemptions at the Canadian funds are easing, and that there's been a fair bit of insider buying at the juniors. Will be interesting if we don't make new lows in miners on the resumption of futures selling. Takes a firm bowel to step in and buy these here, but somebody's got to do it...

Wonder where JPM's inventory stands today...

May 10, 2013 - 12:15pm

Strongside - When all the pieces are in place

I believe there will be dollar meltdown, no sooner though.

It went Tech Bubble, Real Estate/derivatives bubble, sovereign debt/derivatives bubble (even more systemically damning). This time there will be no bailout hence the DHS ammo stockpiling. Once everything is prepped they will pull the pin and the whole thing will blow. The dubai observation is interesting from the perspective of international trade settlement. I'm sure the big guys have a clearer picture of the ins and outs but I have recently come to the conclusion that TPTB want a return to a gold standard, that's why sites like exist. The video there is obvious propaganda targeted at a certain segment of the pop. Be careful what you wish for comes to mind...

(Imagine the most indebted financially illiterate of the livestock demanding a return to a naturally deflationary currency - displaying their ignorance in plain site. All the while the gld/slv is being drained and the metal is going into the hands of the same people who rode fiat up all these years and are quickly exchanging it for tangibles)

As far as portability and capability of defending the stash. I believe diversification of hiding places will be key along with a small bugout portion to take with you and survive until you can make it back to recover what is left. Making a stand is a losing proposition

Edit: That is what's left after the boating accident of course.

May 10, 2013 - 12:20pm

standing for delivery

harvey o states there are about 16 mil oz silver standing for delivery on may contracts.

Correct me if I am wrong (i do not understand mechanics of futures) but when contracts expire one can get cash settlement or put up money and stand for delivery. Is the standing for delivery set in stone where the longs cannot back out? Or will a selloff like today encourage them to back out. Yes--I know that this even with 30 cent selloff is still the least expensive way to buy silver and its already funded.

So what am I not understanding. Or is this now a bigger picture in that they want June contracts to fold so there is less of a spread between inventory and oi and also there being an ongoing transfer of shorts from the banks to hedgies.

Strongsidejedi Grublux
May 10, 2013 - 12:24pm

@grublux - thanks

@grublux - You and I share common analysis, but the response pattern is different.

I've studied this stuff for years now, including more historical analysis than probably 99% of the population.

TA is relevant. The problem is that the TA is denominated in USD-FRN's that are fluctuating in buy power and therefore legitimacy based upon FOMC/Fed Reserve policy. The guys in the bond pit are not in charge. They've been replaced by the algo.

If you believe that a financial shock is still coming, then you would have to define the circumstances where bug out is triggered. I never see those circumstances clearly defined by the SHTF prep community.

The PRESENT circumstances are already pretty bad. Therefore, the movement away from certain city centers (Detroit anyone?) and the fact that rural environments are becoming more valuable.

Strongsidejedi Mickey
May 10, 2013 - 12:35pm


@mickey - I have never played in that market, but I have researched it.

In 2011, there were a few months where standing for delivery was an incredible play.

If you bought an option on an early 2011 month, the option to buy the future contract would have permitted you to buy the futures contract at a tremendous gain. Setting aside the call option on silver, if you held a silver futures contract, the COMEX would expect you the pay the full value of the contract in return for silver delivery.

When I looked at it, you had to arrange shipment through your broker and then take delivery to your vault.

When the silver vault at COMEX was weakened, there were rumors on message boards that the CME was paying in excess of 25% over spot to get the futures contract holder to go away. These rumors were becoming more prevalent until May 2011 when the CME Group upped the margins and pummeled the PM prices back into submission.

Your question is right on target.

Here's my assessment... SLV is buying futures and impacting silver futures price action. When people withdraw from the SLV or GLD, it causes a relative "sell" position on the market and the spot price moves in tandem. When the hard money shows up telling COMEX deliver or we'll MFglobal you too, then the CME Group turns around and looks at the big banks to see if the open interest will balance with the vault. It doesn't. It never does (see Harvey Organ blogspot).

That's why big CB's have been taking delivery and telling the LBMA and CMEGroup to put up the gold or knock off with the game playing on the market. CME doesn't do anything (see Ann Barnhardt et al). Therefore, CME is left holding the bag (see Jim Sinclair's stuff over the last 10 years).

So, now, you have guys like Jim Sinclair, James G. Rickards, et al saying "take delivery".

I've posted that companies like Apple, Inc; big hospital corps; Samsung; etc need to take delivery. So, we're seeing that action as China imports pallets of commodities to back their economy with hard assets.

Meanwhile, the United States keeps issuing paper because that's about all we're doing nowdays...paper promises trading for other people's hard assets.

When SHTF people start barking about SHTF scenarios, I understand the concern. But, at this juncture, the overwhelming firepower of the USA is the guiding factor.

May 10, 2013 - 12:38pm

Strongside - Yes

Defining bugout and what the bugout route will be is my current project. I just hope you are right and there is at least a couple months to hopefully a year to get better squared away. A strong community and spreading network of safe houses/trekking capabilities is front and center. I believe there is at least a transition period where metals will have to be in hiding and what good is a secret stack if you don't make it thru the transition?

Right now the concept of "owning" rural property/farmland makes sense but he who makes the rules...


I think I have been as guilty as most of paralysis by analysis, and going to far down any given rabbit hole. The time for discipline and concrete actionable steps is in order. Gardening, seed saving, and survival skills are top priority. Knowing who did what when to lead to the situation we are in now is important but when you are starving is entertaining at best, distracting and deadly at worst.

The Green Manalishi
May 10, 2013 - 12:41pm

Pot calling Kettle Black

JPMorgan questions access to Bloomberg user data

Bloomberg has come under fire from two of its largest clients after JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs expressed concern that Bloomberg News journalists had used private details of how bankers use its powerful financial data terminals to steer their reporting.

People close to JPMorgan said they had raised informal concerns with Bloomberg News that its reporters had used data about when its employees logged in and out of the terminal to inform their coverage of last year’s “London whale” trading loss.

May 10, 2013 - 12:49pm


I think one of the strategies is you buy a future on gold or silver just before it expires and then you stand for delivery. Inexpensive way to get it-

however i heard the exchanges and brokers gave the ones standing for delivery a real hard time --ie if you stood for delivery and took it, you might not be able to buy another contract or stand for delivery.

Whats the price now to buy a 1000 oz bar silver/ a buck over? 100 oz stackable hars are close to 2 and they are pretty and smaller. If you pay a buck over for a 1000 oz bar, and a futes contract if not in backwardation is a little over spot-the futes is the way to go. assuming of course you do not pull your hair out waiting to get your bar.

rxman Southern Cross
May 10, 2013 - 3:00pm

One Year in Hell

Antibiotics. I am the guy. Get Rx from your friendly doc (TX Sandman) for large quantities. Forget about getting it payed for through your insurance plan. Many are very affordable in bulk. Not limited to just antibiotics. All maintenance meds eg blood pressure, diabetes etc. Stack the drugs too. Also good for barter if need to.


May 10, 2013 - 3:20pm


to file, YIKES, he cant handle two blow downs in a 24 hour period, and like a dumb ares hits the bottle, YIKES, but part of the settlement, thinking ahead as always, a chinese wall is erected from pooled clients account and in house money, so that the two can not be used together, and client account money FIFO with equal time displacement between receipt and execution of sells order, and in house money is ordered to not manipulate prices, and hence, any in house sells or buys executions must be first aggregated and then staggered in time limited by positions percentage of market, and hence, by court order, shut them down completely, and to limit scope of judicial review, if any.

yeah you got that right, the she head of commodities will have to spread them, and the star gets to ring out clear, assume the position!!! just silly saying.

May 10, 2013 - 3:32pm


do drugs, the natural biosystem works just fine, thank you. I dont believe this is a place for general advertising. Buy and Sell bullion, and now we are talking.

Arthur Brown - Fire

Sorry Bro, just having some fun, with still 10 toes.

Speaking of which, not that it is really any personal business, or is it, cant help but notice the dark one is no longer on the leader board.

And of course, allot of this is just thinking it through, how did you do dat.

Introducing Homey D. Clown
Homey D. Clown Goes To School
Strongsidejedi Grublux
May 11, 2013 - 2:23am

@Grublux - paralysis of analysis

You are spot on.

My rule focuses on my "comfort", which does sound a touch emotional, but so it goes.

My wife is emotional and sometimes frivolous. It's okay...girls will be girls.

I'm not that emotional, but do get irate at times when I see some investment temporarily run the wrong way.

Then, it turns, and I get more "comfortable".

In the case of Prepping: I am rather skeptical about those who think prepping is stocking consumables. I have never seen more people blow out bigger chunks of FRN's than some of those preppers on cable TV. They have bunkers with more food stockpiled for their family than the local town has in their food bank. And, when the old consumables get closer to shelf life, what happens then? Do preppers turn that stuff to the food bank and repurchase $2000 of consumables with fixed shelf-life? Have you ever noticed the shelf life for the canned goods at Costco or Sam'sClub or Target?

To me, the prepping is only helpful if it gets you a Return on Investment that is tangible.

On the other point about bug out plans, caches and way points, you are partly correct. But, my view is that such a plan can not be fixed as an underground railroad for the 1860's. There is too much data collection and there are too many devices tracking us.

When I look at "Bug-Out" situations, there would have to be several dry runs in order to check the roads, security, etc. You can not have clarification on the exit procedures unless you dry run periodically. To really do it correctly, I would want to know various methods to move around major traffic jams on arteries, obstructions to movement (man-made or natural), and/or multiple routes that can be done ad hoc.

In this case, to know for certain how to get from point A to point B, you would have to predict the threat, the exit route, and the choke points where the path can be cut off by the enemy. This is no different than Patton in North Africa, Clark in Italy, or Ike in France. The routes and pathways and methods need to be clear.

I do not believe that the US will reach a point of such distress that such travel routing would be necessary in the 48 states, but the way things are going... there's definitely the blue and the red. If you're in the wrong zone, god help you.

May 11, 2013 - 4:39am

Note II

deserves special notoriety, because finding fancy pants, stepping up to launch the orbiter, is now key, so sorry for the double post, but has to do it, for the record of course. As stated in nostradumass thread.

FERGUSON v JPManipulator, a landmark case, enjoining bullion price manipulation. Geeeeussss, just filing the suit would be hundreds of bucks upward in the price for you trading honchos, as the Hatheway looked for catalyst to bullion lift off, smelling the action and lift off, right under your noses here at turdville.

LIFTOFF of Space Shuttle Endeavour/STS-134(last time)
May 11, 2013 - 7:36am


of opportunity to misdirect their akluas, just to keep them looking else where and out of focus, as they milk the leviathan, as the client seen coming by the akulas, as that is the opening statement by the manager before passing the ball to the hired guns, and that statement should start off with the formalities befitting the dignified tent of the circus master, and specifically, we will show that, with all due respect, of course, and mislead the akulas like crazy, as any good shark would, and that, the akulas spend time to demonstrate, as any clown or comedian would, in the over all set up, to show that such and such was not proved, as the akulas are traditional and easy and always in self interest personal greed, so work that to your advantage, always, using their supposed strength against them, for the slam dunk by the eight ball.

Video unavailable
May 11, 2013 - 8:13am


required hired guns are found in home turf of that totalitarian socialistic fascist racist in the cesspool and specifically in the white house, as, someone should take him out, for a free lunch, and think silly might afford that, and that, that home turf is probably best place to find the skill set necessary for the magnificent seven to ride again, and of course, the problem with that, of course, is increased logistics and longer communication lines, but, the hired guns can relocate, temporarily as desired, as it is just two hours by plane fairies away, suitable for hired guns conjugal visits and reporting face to face back to the hole in the wall gang, but, optimally, of course, the spooning sharks are located near headquarters and close to the star home base, but, its a trade off, between the skill set required versus reduced logistics and shortened communication lines, but being only two hours away, says that one should go for best or best of the necessary skill sets required for the slam dunk being adequately funded in the first place from the get go.

Arlo Guthrie - City of New Orleans
May 11, 2013 - 12:41pm


at the OK Carrol, as the southern freedom rises again, and Chicago dukes it out in NY, wow, in sharks v Akulas shootout of all times, with star in the cross fire, yikes, LMAO, ok enjoy, there is a party going on here, whatd ya expect, and did anyone pick up on Cerberus and "all six of us", too funny. OK but this is supposed to be serious stuff. Chicago v New York at the OK, in the stars home turf, LMAO!!! IGIS? This next vid is a repeat, but says it all, if anything will.

Enjoy and or have a good rest of weekend, china slow boats in 30hrs

May 11, 2013 - 3:42pm


so back to worst guessing game, talking to yourself, or, being your own psychologist, pays off, if one can hear above the ringing, because this all guessing, but, lol, in house money stands ready, eye kept on incoming client sales orders, mgr says yeap we got client money above treshold and is enough for a take down of about 80 cents per the charts, them small specs are all tapped too, mgr to exe convo, mgr, ready, exe, go down to that 22.06 price, wipe out the small specs, again using algo b, or, strike that, darn, that is way to obvious, mgr, I will algo A, and the get client money pooled, to start of cascade, and dump in house money for the take down, and then, finish at target price with client money, and then, resist the bull rally with in house money, exc, excellent, watch out for bull heaves on the crimex, they could stampede at any time, and watch out for those little peeps in the after hours painting the tape, them damn peeps, and that turdville bull guy called for rally today, something about BTFDs by a bunch of stackers, but, man its over man, curtains for him, so, you go man go, mgr, roger that, standby, three - two - one - mark, ok, give it an hour, algo A activated, exe, roger that, AND, that is just a guess at this juncture, and until interviews, it only a guess, Note: Chicago, A) first cull by large spooning school for conflicts against target for client list, B) second cull, partner expertise and funding from partner roster list, C) third, cull by selection by expertise considering funding for the hole dwellers.

The Jackson 5- ABC Photo Slide And Lyrics

4th order guy does not know it all, but damn it, silly would be surrounded by 6 three order guys, with the star as well, and, questions can be answered, and dots connected, for the take down, as it is really, asking the right questions, always, for arming to teeth, the hired guns and torpedoes, for the OK shootout, and, leviathan and their akulas and destroyers are toast, after a few weeks of solid preparation, for we all have to prepare for the examination using our A B Cs.

May 11, 2013 - 4:02pm


nope, no skin in the game, except stacking like tens of millions of other bugs and freedom lovers, been enslaved by that cesspool my whole life, so silly has his heart into it, which is more effective than skin, every day, every ok, Just tooting, Just shooting, Just saying. Sing Along!! Play it again sam.

The Bonnie Blue Flag - Gods and Generals
May 11, 2013 - 10:09pm


when shooting it out, at the shootout, in close quarters, guns drawn, under the tent before the circus master, at the OK, where dignity and respect must pervade, always, the silly team will have orders, white shirt and dark blue coats and ties only will do, always, to avoid friendly fire, and maintain dignity and respect, always, and so, under the tent, one can clearly identify who are the comedians and clowns, the bad guys, as they will be dressed for this team sport, they all wearing hoodies.

May 12, 2013 - 9:56am

Aspect VI

number six of the aspects for the attack plan is the sustaining of the injunctive relief won at the OK, and, leviathan dont care squat about the printer presser or the agency in general, as it really is greed, and, it all about money, and the precious space is but a tiny portion on the git, and leviathan is really afraid of the fallout from the circus master when relief is granted, so likely dead nuts expectations are the moving reconsiders and the relief bonding to get them out of jail free, and here, circling the wagons around the star doves tail back into big top setting during the bond requirements, and here, the poor complainer cant afford the ten billion bond no doubt requested, its a farce by leviathan to scare the dickens out of the star, who has to be tough, throughout, and follow orders, but the bonding and reconsideration counter punching is a forlorn hope for leviathan, and that bonding amount would be excessive, in view of complainer poor condition rendered and the bang up job at the OK, as such in advance of the first salvo because the silly team has circled the wagons around the star, so that, as with any good akula with a client seen coming, so, one can expect motions for reconsideration and excessiveness in bonding, but, having sunk leviathan, extreme preferential prejudice will be had before the circus master and will be felt by all, whom master of course never makes a mistake in self glory before that sexy clerk and the local people, use disadvantage to advantage, always, and akulas will expect the complainer bond to get leviathan out of jail free, not so, to be set by the circus master minimally well within fancy pants deposited means to launch the attack subs of the sharks filing the initial salvo, and hence, the injunctive relief obtained will be sustained but with a minimum bond if not a token one at that, as cirus horse review is the next step which takes years and time for settlement before trial, and thus, one expects that victory at the shootout at the ok, to be sustained in self glory with token bonding, but with, a fantastic public grand standing coming on hard for all to see, and literal bonnie blue flags are selected as the standard of choice to be unfurled and waved in massive street parades about the big top and at the sharks home base along with the fight song, which is great for placing pressure upon the circus master for focusing the circus master at the dog and pony show, with MOPE upon the players and the people nationwide, which flag waiving parade and fight song dovetails back into preparation for the shootout at the OK, and so, the get out of jail bond requirement should be minimal is not nominal, because the star had followed orders in advance, and is really just a poor complainer, an average joe, taking on leviathan, the OK set up and MOPE set up working for the one two blow knock out for the eight ball, with fancy pants sitting at a nine ball in the wings smelling blood in the water, with the corn holing all ma mater fight song from gods and generals, and, so all systems are a go and to be then sustained of the time necessary to resolve the dispute, and, the counter punch by the akulas did not trip up the silly team, and so, another couple of months is spent on the counter punch, which is the second of the one two blows for the absolute knock out, with leviathan dead in the water, as a hallmark of akulas, is to concurrently, while leviathan makes internal plans so as to modify business practices pursuant to the relief ordered and stop the nefarious conduct complained, and leviathan is really scared in this regard, as actual jail time of the diamond back, also known as the snake, and jail time of the she head, also known at the medusa, and since its all about money, and since, the precious space is but a tiny portion of the over all profits of leviathan, one could reasonable expect that the snake and medusa will not only follow circus master orders to avoid jail time and the national market fiasco appendent, but will also seek to avoid jail time for non compliance with the relief ordered, despite alukas trying to buck up leviathan, and particularly the snake and medusa will personally feel the heat, as the power center of the client seen coming, and so, back to the shoot out at the OK, because it all dove tails, as the investigator has apparently shown price target and that my friends is the hallmark of manipulation, and hence the key silly focus of the advanced pre filing interviews focus before at the shootout so as to complete the salvo loop, from the predictive powers of andy dany to the actual business employed, now obscured through the looking glass, but firstly reasonably guessed by the hyena as part of the first set up, form which in opposition, the destroyers will deliver up on a silver platter, on the record, the actual business plans, for the huge blues clues, to then use those admissions against interest, to sink the ship, striking hard at the vitals, and so, the silly focus using multiple dimensional mental silly space and jargon, knowing the speaking of the dimensions and jargon across many hats, asking the right questions, when silly is focused in advance, is to determine how that price target was first estimated, in view of commitments trading and market size inferences, and from which to close the loop as to the first guessed at business plans arrived at by hyena, and here, silly is well schooled on the job, turning complexity into simplicity, asking the right questions, and using the arctic goalie for presenting clearly with testimonial supporting all the inferences and guessed business plans of the nefarious methods employed, to sink the ship, and obtain the relief sought, and after a counter punching attempt to save the ship from hitting the breakers, which should fail miserably, the relief is sustained to trial under the normal rules before the circus master, but the eight ball should never get there, as Leviathan will be looking for the out, with the snake and medusa staring at jail bars in wet dreams, and so, after one go at the dog and pony show with a first blow, followed with one counter punch, two fisted, then comes second blow for the knock out, and finally, the settlement with the snake and medusa heads on the chopping block, the precious space time well known in advance by trading bullish honchos, the ordered modifications in place, and leviathan will cave to the star after the counter punch is over, and the knock blows with leviathan and the snake and medusa on the floor, throwing the towel, so figure three to six months for the shootout, another three months for the two fisted counter punch, and then a final three months for the all is nice again play to avoid trial and bar jail time, where the star and fancy pants sit upon billions coughed up in settlement, for all to see, as bonnie blue flags are waived nationwide showing support for the south in glorious victory, figuratively as freedom from totalitarian rule and TBTJ greed, when the south will rise again.

May 12, 2013 - 10:33am


relief sough does not touch position limits, a guessed exclusive jurisdiction of wet pants bart, now with andy dany supposed, and in that cesspool and before that black robe reaper having already shown his colors, the us standard with only one red big star these days, and as such, the relief sought, is couched in terms of chinese walls, FIFO, pools, dollar amounts, and aggregate release times of in house and client sells orders, regardless of position limits, which could get to 100%, as the eight ball dont care about positions by the manipulator in the precious market, as OK curbs sought is stated dollar time wise, and in those moving bonds, the akulas will plead hardship to millions of clients, poor thing, but not so, as there is no prohibition against positions or selling in house or client funds, just modified dollar time wise to prevent heavy handed manipulations.

The Bonnie Blue Flag - Gods and Generals
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