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Trading The Midline

Sat, Dec 15, 2012 - 11:58am

As you're well aware, the metals have been rangebound for all of 2012. As we enter the new year, where will price be and will the ranges hold? Correctly answering those questions holds the key to successfully forecasting the next big move.

Admittedly I'm biased. Not only am I 100% confident of my long-term assessment, the short-term fundamentals seem extraordinarily positive, as well. To recap:

  • The U.S. government is embroiled in a nasty fiscal debate. Regardless of how these issues are resolved, the debt ceiling must still be increased and, as we know, the price of gold has historically tracked the debt ceiling quite well.
  • The last debt ceiling debate ultimately led to a drop in the U.S. credit rating. This event sparked a 5-week, Cartel short-covering rally from $1665 to $1920.
  • The Fed is poised, in January, to restart the wholesale printing of money ($85B/month) in order to partially fund the U.S. government deficit for fiscal 2013 (which, after just two months, is on a run rate of $1.7T).
  • Recent history suggests that gold rises sharply for 3 consecutive years and then consolidating every 4th.
  • Here are two charts that you need to commit to memory as we turn the corner into 2013. The first is one we've printed here repeatedly. It shows the price of gold tracking the ever-increasing level of U.S. government debt. The second chart is one that I just found this week. It shows the price of gold this century and details the point made in the last bullet above.

    Against this fundamental backdrop, the metals will likely enter 2013 mired within the trading ranges that contained them in 2012. The charts below detail all of the price action over the past 12 months. Please study them for a moment. Note how price has consistently found support or resistance near the midline of these ranges. When trending either above or below the midline, the trader needs to hold either a bullish or bearish bias, depending upon where price currently resides.

    And this is a critical point as we finish 2012 and head into 2013. Where would you expect price to reside currently, based upon the fundamentals? Should price be above the midline or below? Should the trend be toward the upper end of the range or the lower end? Should we maintain a bullish bias or a bearish bias? Again, based upon the fundamentals laid out above and other factors such as total gold open interest (which is only 432,000 so I ask you again, who is left to sell?), I simply do not believe that the metals should break down here, through the midlines and trend toward the lower end of the ranges. A far more likely outcome is that the metals bounce off of the blue diagonal trendlines I've drawn and then proceed to rally into the end of the year. I have been thinking (hoping?) that we'd wrap up 2012 near the top of the ranges. While the action this week certainly calls that into question, there's still quite a bit of time left and, as we saw on Black Friday, thin holiday conditions can lead to sudden short squeezes. If we don't make it back to $1780-1800 gold and $35 silver before year-end, I'll be perfectly content with $1750 and $34. And, regardless of how the next two weeks play out, all of this week's BS regarding the "premature" ending of QE will be soon recognized for what it was...complete and utter nonsense. Why?

    • Unemployment will not print at 6.5% anytime in 2013 and not in 2014, either. Even The Fed's own forecasts do not show sub-6.5% unemployment until 2015 (which is exactly why they've consistently said that rates would be "extraordinarily low through mid-2015).
    • And inflation will not print higher than 2.5% anytime soon, either. Oh, you and I will know that's it's higher than 2.5% every time we go the grocery store. That's not in question. But what's also not in question is that the CPI will never be allowed to show anything higher that 2.5%. Right this minute, your politicians in Washington are discussing ways to alter the computation of the CPI so that they can, once again, dramatically cut the COLAs for Social Security recipients. ( https://www.oregonlive.com/today/index.ssf/2012/12/gop_proposes_medicare_cuts_red.html)

    Finally and again, I can't stress this enough...though I'm too lazy to type it all out again so here's a C&P from the comments section of the previous thread:

    Submitted by Turd Ferguson on December 14, 2012 - 10:17am.
    The Fed is buying $45B in treasuries directly from The Treasury Department. This is direct monetization of the debt and money that is put into circulation by federal government spending, transfer payments etc.

    The Fed is also buying $40B/month in MBS from the Primary Dealers. This does two things:

    1. "Cleans up" the PD balance sheets by allowing them to exchange the near-worthless CDS for cash which the PDs then, in turn, use to purchase treasuries.
    2. By purchasing $40B/month in treasuries, the PDs artificially create demand for treasuries at auction. This demand, when combined with Fed demand, creates $85B/month in buying pressure at auction. This continues the illusion of a healthy bond market, keeps auctions from failing and holds interest rates at extraordinarily low levels.


    OK, that's enough for a Saturday. Please use this weekend to step away from your computer for a while. Hug your kids, grandkids or someone else who is near and dear to you. Appreciate and value the important things in your life because, as we were all sadly reminded of again yesterday, they can be taken from you in an instant.

    God Bless everyone in Turdville and thank you for making all of this possible.


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    turd [at] tfmetalsreport [dot] com ()


    BagOfGold · Dec 15, 2012 - 2:31pm

    I have posted a few movies discussed here at "The Speak"...if anyone wants to watch them!...


    Bag Of Gold

    rl999 · Dec 15, 2012 - 2:38pm

    As much as I hate to say this Breitbart has had some good info. Also check out the lengthy story at Canada free press.

    (I feel the need for a disclaimer when posting links from a blatantly biased source - I dislike both parties as they are the same beneath the surface. That said I read everything and try to sift through the bs for the gems. TFMR is a constant gem, other sites are barely worth the trouble. Like breitbart. They have had more coverage of this issue so I 've been forced to visit there.)

    Chaffetz: State Dept Hiding Benghazi Survivors

    This is the follow up Chaffetz: Injured Benghazi Survivors Evacuated to Tripoli on Night of Attack

    WH: Drone Footage of Benghazi Attack Went to Defense Department, Not Us

    (The constantly shifting narrative over substantial issues means this isn't going away. The dems will have to continue the delay and obfuscate strategy. The three above are all Breitbart. I-IV and the master link are CFP.)

    Master link to all authors articles (Douglas Hagmann)

    Part I, II, III, IV. Benghazi explained by intelligence insider. How it relates to the gen. and his mistress.

    Site run by retired SEAL's. The Benghazi UAV cover up

    As a vet I know what it's like to go on a mission and expect backup (or know explicitly that there is none available). I wouldn't want to be left to die in some foreign shi*hole for mere political expediency. I am convinced that is what happened here. I also think that this was simply operation fast and furious with bigger toys, going to badder people.

    ETA: My frequency of being first on a new page is disproportionate to the amount I post.

    AlexCojones · Dec 15, 2012 - 2:48pm

    Actually Mister T, you are probably 20-30 years younger than me but I always call the boss, "The Old Man," out of respect. BTW, where do I find your snail mail address for correspondence, donations or postcards? AC

    "OK, that's enough for a Saturday. Please use this weekend to step away from your computer for a while. Hug your kids, grandkids or someone else who is near and dear to you. Appreciate and value the important things in your life because, as we were all sadly reminded of again yesterday, they can be taken from you in an instant.

    God Bless everyone in Turdville and thank you for making all of this possible.


    rl999 · Dec 15, 2012 - 2:57pm

    Fort Hood soldier killed in shootout with military police

    Hacker Gary McKinnon will not face UK charges

    Lanza reportedly tried to buy rifle, was denied (That destroys the msm narrative doesn't it.)

    CIA agents tortured a German citizen, sodomising, shackling, and beating him, as Macedonian state police looked on, the European court of human rights said in a historic judgment released on Thursday.

    In a unanimous ruling, it also found Macedonia guilty of torturing, abusing, and secretly imprisoning Khaled el-Masri, a German of Lebanese origin allegedly linked to terrorist organisations. LINK

    The NYU Student Tweeting Every Reported US Drone Strike Has Revealed A Disturbing Trend ... NYU student Josh Begley is tweeting every reported U.S. drone strike since 2002, and the feed highlights a disturbing tactic employed by the U.S. that is widely considered a war crime. Known as the "double tap," the tactic involves bombing a target multiple times in relatively quick succession, meaning that the second strike often hits first responders. A 2007 report by the Homeland Security Institute called double taps a "favorite tactic of Hamas" and the FBI considers it a tactic employed by terrorists. UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings Christof Heyns said that if there are "secondary drone strikes on rescuers who are helping (the injured) after an initial drone attack, those further attacks are a war crime." LINK

    [In a week where the cia takes numerous body shots we are supposed to be surprised that one of their mk toys goes off. right]

    Oddzon · Dec 15, 2012 - 2:58pm


    I would like to agree with your summation on the near term, but I can't. Your points are logical in a illogical market.

    I not sure the short term extraordinarily positive. You point out that gold tracks the raising of the debt ceiling in the past...yes that's true. Its was also true gold tracked any QE announcement which hasn't happened the last two times. I'm also not convinced that it will rise with a lower credit rating, the Fed starting the printing presses in January or the use of the three year rise / Fourth year consolidation theory.

    I don't know if DPH is right, but I am more inclined to think this is what is going on than rely on charts or past performance.

    The attacks on the metals have been pretty brutal....when almost everyone said they would be going up by the way. I recently read that the metals would go up after the election, after QE3, after QE4, in December based on history, once we solve the fiscal cliff.....now its early 2013.

    Personally I think we should look at this differently. Try to examine why they do what they do when they do it. Maybe DPH is right and its all about paying back the Chinese, well can we uncover any proof of that? Another theory is they are running out of metal, gold and/or silver, can we find additional information to prove that? Any other guesses to what is going on?

    It's clear that the game is rigged. They know the investment habits of the the small investor, the HFT and the computer algos. The can push the buttons whenever they want. As I see it we can spend this time waiting for the end of the road to happen or try to figure out and verify what their game strategy is and work it to our favor.

    Like it Patriot Games, if they know when the satellites observe their camp and hid, maybe its time to re-task the satellites.


    Sneakdoggiedog · Dec 15, 2012 - 3:07pm

    Turd said:


    While I agree, being right when everyone else is wrong usually means it takes a lot longer for your thesis to materialize.  I really believe that the market truly thinks that the Fed would not be expanding their balance sheet so broadly without any way to efficiently escape from the financial hole they are digging. Seriously, do you EVER hear the Press use the "monetizing" word to describe QE? They bend over backwards to call a pig a dog. Some points you have made in the past:

    1. The mainstream media buys into the Keynesian BS
    2. Sovereigns will do ANYTHING to keep the band playing (ala the Euro Crisis)
    3. Congress gets to continue spending because the fiat is "free" and the sound bite society we live in will go along as long as they can watch Football or SNL or whatever entertains them away from RL

    In sum, Turd is right about the printing, but most folks are choosing to not believe it. If I am right, we will all have more time to stack at these low prices- not a bad thing. 

    I read somewhere in a TFMR post about the gold investments that Germans have been making over the last two years. There were some metrics in there about how many grams of gold each German now had. No doubt that Greece, Italy, Spain and the other weaklings have scared the sh*t out of them about the value of their EURO. Americans don't seem to be paying attention. I wonder if the German PM buying binge of late could be tracked and modeled. That may tell us something when Joe Six Pack wakes up and wants Gold.

    The Watchman · Dec 15, 2012 - 3:23pm

    silver66 · Dec 15, 2012 - 3:23pm


    It is interesting how lately banks are the bad guys in movies, maybe we are more aware of it now


    silverwood · Dec 15, 2012 - 3:30pm

    I am listening to the Financial Sense Newshour https://www.financialsense.com/financial-sense-newshour which I have done most every Saturday morning for about the last 8 to 10 years. I do respect what I hear on this show. So I am listening to segment 1 at about the 30 minute mark where Jim is talking to Erik Townsend. Erik puts forth his theory that the poor reaction to gold, silver and oil after the QE announcement is that he is seeing a cyclical top in gold and related markets and that in my opinion this may spell more sideways action for some time to come. Anyway it could make for some interesting discussion here as it appears to be somewhat contra to Turd's bullish call for 2013. I am certainly not trolling here as I am just interested to find some answers to as where to invest.

    ltcolkilgore · Dec 15, 2012 - 4:09pm

    Excellent link, thanks for posting.

    dropout · Dec 15, 2012 - 4:12pm

    Between last Christmas 2011, and New Years, the cartel beat the prices down with a vengeance. They are creatures of habit when beating the price down, so what was successful for them in the past, they will repeat.

    The charts are coming to head in these next two weeks. Only two ways to go - breaking up or down.

    I predict that the cartel attacks the lightly traded period between Christmas and New Years again.

    The beat down in gold will go to as low as $1,625.00 & $1,675.00 with major buying after the New Year pushing the price back to the March 2012 highs near $1,800.00

    If the support at $1,625.00 fails during the beat down, then the next level of support would be $1,560.00 with an absolute major bull ensuing after the New Year, pushing the price to over $2,000.00/oz.

    For what its worth? Only my two cents worth. IMHO. BTFD.

    Byzantium · Dec 15, 2012 - 4:14pm

    IMHO, the USA doesn't do power sharing.

    Maybe as a prelude to a betrayal, or to buy time.

    When China thinks it has enough gold to do what it wants to do, then they will find out the US response.

    I am in the Jim Willie camp; the global economy will split into two; the one that accepts the new fiat dollar, and the rest.

    RRJJ · Dec 15, 2012 - 4:16pm

    Great post Turd! 

    I'm spending the whole weekend with my kids just as I always do. Such a terrible event that happened in the US yesterday. Hard to imagine really that such things happen in our world. Sick to say the least.

    SRSrocco · Dec 15, 2012 - 4:26pm


    I have been reading some of the comments as well as the analysis coming since the Fed announcement of QE4. All I can say is "WHERE THE HELL IS THE COMMON SENSE?"

    Anyone who thinks deflation is coming next year and possibly for decades has no real understanding of the falling EROI - energy returned on invested or the break-even costs for producing oil... the liquid that runs and greases the whole economy.

    Anyone who believes that the USA has 100 years of shale gas and trillions of barrels of oil reserves needs to check oneself into the nearest clinic and get an MRI.

    Anyone who believes the analysts who are producing bearish rhetoric for energy-commodities-gold and silver after the QE4 announcement, needs to take a stiff goat milk enema.

    Lastly, Anyone who believes gold and silver have topped and will be moving sideways for the next several years needs to get a frontal lobotomy.


    As you can see, I am a bit frustrated by the lousy analysis by DEAD-BEAT ANAL-ISTS since the announcement of QE4. This was the motivation for me to write my next article coming out either tomorrow or Monday.

    Merry Christmas....

    Urban Roman · Dec 15, 2012 - 4:51pm

    The deflation message is not popular, so economists tend to preach the other thing. Deflationists do not get tenure, and do not get published, etc. (anyone remember Steve Keen?) But I am reminded of market dynamics by this article on ZH today:

    There Go Apple's Margins: iPhone 5 To Sell At Wal-Mart For A Third Off Original Price

    As we can see, the business model, and the stock price, and so forth about AAPL, are based on endless growth. This is true of every market. When growth no longer happens, they break down rather more quickly than they built up.

    The reason I follow PMs is this: they at least retain some value even in the worst conditions. A share of stock can go to zero, as I have personally witnessed back in the "dot-bomb" days, and here now recently.

    But the grand champions of the bearish case are the proprietors of the Automatic Earth, Ilargi and Stoneleigh. Here is their latest essay, and they make the case so much better than I can:

    Impotence, Leverage and Central Banking

    Just because that graph in Turd's key post goes exponential from the left edge to right now, does not necessarily mean that it will continue to do so forever. By the way, Stoneleigh does not disagree with Turd's statement in the masthead: The end of the Keynesian experiment is upon us. What she wishes to point out is that deflation is a real possibility, nay, a likelihood, on the way to currency-oblivion.

    The main thesis of TAE is that our financial system as it exists today is a heap of promises, a pile of ponzi paper, and that the underlying wealth it represents is a tiny and shrinking fraction of it. When the music stops, there may not be 1 chair for every 100 party-goers. Where Stoneleigh differs from the average "Gold Bug" view is, she maintains that the petrodollar is still pretty close to that underlying wealth, and that it has a good bit of "inertia". (and I say "Gold Bug" in the most affectionate way, being a somewhat stack-challenged one myself)

    Bottom line is: currency in the mattress, and coins in the safe, but try not to let it get to be a security risk. And another good way to stash your $ is in short-term treasuries. I think they have them as short as 90 days. Maturities of 2 years and less. The advantage of treasuries over a bank account is that the bank can succumb to deflationary forces and close, but the likelihood of treasurydirect.gov closing is much less. Beyond that, have some land or know someone who has some land, and / or perhaps join a CSA and, as Jeffrey Brown keeps saying, "get thee to the non-discretionary side of the economy."

    As for predictions of what the Fed will do, based on input from ZH and TAE, it is by no means 100% certain that they will "print" forever. What you can count on is this: they will do whatever they can do to maintain and increase the power of the bureaucrats, the central planners, of this political-economic system. It's natural, since they are the prime beneficiaries of all the central planning. If printing increases their power, they will print. If not-printing increases their power they will not. Simple as that. And, since it looks like they are losing some of that power over time, you can count on them acting in ever more desperate ways. Sucks to live in a collapsing empire.

    Urban Roman · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:00pm

    I have a good bit of my retirement savings in PM related issues. I think they'll go up in 2013.

    Which is actually contrary to Stoneleigh's advice, and contrary to Turd's advice as well. Because with a 401K, it's all just paper anyhow. It's mostly Sprott paper, as I find him more "truthy" than the other gold-salesmen. But you know, with paper, it can always go something like this: "Dear customer, oopsie, haha, there wasn't any silver there after all! Our bad! Sincerely, your retirement account administrator" ... you know, Corzined.

    I am trying to wrap my mind around what to do next ..

    The Watchman · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:05pm

    Byzantium · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:10pm

    You can probably trust Sprott's integrity, and likewise I trust the integrity of Goldmoney & Bullionvault.

    The greater risk is force majeure. A letter to customers will one day probably read like this.

    'Dear customer, as you know, the government has recently frozen all physical bullion assets held by custodians and vaults, in the national interest. We are currently awaiting legal advice, but will keep you posted as to developments......."

    ¤ · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:12pm

    I hear you on that as far as the U.S. double dealing or having a shrewd alternative and then sticking it to the Chinese.

    That's why I always throw in "or war" when I discuss a US/China partnership because I can see what you're getting at with how the West has always treated China. If some type of level-headed debt negotiation isn't possible and they're at odds right from the get go then war might be the easiest thing for them.

    I think both countries want business as usual (and as profitably as possible) to continue because both have much to lose if it goes sour and 180 degrees in the other direction towards a debt resolution that uses conflict to settle the ledger. Then there's this apsect of it that I posted the other day and it's the way I'm leaning.

    It's essentially the same as appearing to be on the up and up but smacks of what you mentioned earlier.



    "My position at this point is this...I have felt for some time that after what I've witnessed the past 2-3 years that the USD is a long, long way from being finished. It's not even close to be replaced by some BIS inspired global currency/SDR. I can however see the USD and Yuan at some point sharing the role together for many reasons I've stated on here that revolve around US debt consolidation and cutting a deal with the Chinese in an attempt to retire or make whole the outstanding debt to them that we already don't own. They'll share the currency reserve role to some extent at some point. That's what I can see now in late 2012 but didn't see in 2007. I think the reserve role becomes a burden at some point (point of maximum debt creation) and I'm of the belief that if the West can keep China convinced that the reserve role is a prize they should desire that they'll allow them to share in it and own more of that role in an effort at some point to stick it to them when China does have a larger currency reserve role. That's what the western banking world does...create a bubble and then walk away from it. The USD/UST is that bubble and they'll try to hand part of it off in some manner."

    Nana · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:13pm


    Transcripts Expose Rate-Rigging at Libor, the Benchmark for Over $300 Trillion in Gobal Contracts

    ¤ · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:16pm
    Video unavailable
    Prize Fighter · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:23pm

    Here are some more numbers to consider.












    I know, right? 3 is sheer lunacy!

    Mudsharkbytes Karankawa · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:30pm

    Texas get's it right:

    Texas school where teachers carry guns prepared to protect students


    Sirtitan45 · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:31pm

    Hey man, how you been? Good to see you in these parts riding another bull. Im a long time Turd lurker. Hope you are enjoying your holidays. Best Regards...

    Ojibwemowin · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:32pm

    Gold does reliably track the debt limit being raised as Turd says. That seems to be the one thing we can all count on over the long haul and that trend is still very much intact. Also we can bank that gold will not go to zero and will hold substantial value compared to many other assets. 

    I sold a portion at the end of October and transferred the fiat to new tires for the trucks, new kitchen appliances, new wood burning insert for hearth at home, two bathroom remodels and other useful things. I was happy to learn that selling and getting a good price over spot was very easy to accomplish. 

    Now I am waiting for some more of a drop to unload a bunch of fiat back into gold to replace what I sold. If it doesn't pull back I will just keep up the DCA approach to keep the long term plan in place. 

    The recent events in the news insure even more costs/debt to municipalities as now there is going to be trend of more LEOs stationed in the schools for security.

    Watch now how the left will focus on the guns versus the real problems, including the breakdown of the family and what it has done to our kids. 

    Here is my model for just one of the "symptom pathways"in our off track society: 

    Federal reserve act of 1913 = credit card for government.

    Credit Card for Gov't = creation of welfare state

    Creation of welfare state = over spending by both government and individuals, and subsequent devaluation of dollar.

    Devaluation of dollar = both parents working, and working more hours just to keep up, or buy even more stuff.

    Both parents working = Kids thrown in daycare before they are developmentally ready to deal with the stress causing permanent changes to the brain; kids left to themselves and the computer/Xbox too long; no time for God; no time for church; no time in nature; no time finding things to improvise with in play; no time in face to face communication outside of the structure of school. 

    The end result is what we see now in our culture. The changes have been very noticeable in my almost 50 year lifespan. There were always guns. I could walk right into my College dorm room without a thought with my cased shotgun after spending a day out pheasant hunting. We could pass 100 new gun laws and it will not fix the underlying problem. 

    The computer gaming the kids are engaged in now is a major issue. From the experience I have accumulated in almost 25 years of my clinical practice I can tell you that we are loosing a lot of young men to this activity. It has all the hallmarks of an addiction model, males being more susceptible to visual stimulation. Once hooked the children develop a tolerance, needing more "bang" (the next level or game upgrade) to get the same stimulation, and withdrawal when they don't have access to their game. It is really simple how the central nervous system works. It readily accommodates to stimulation, so that more exposure is needed to the reinforcing activity to get the same "kick." Many kids with developmental disorders and delays are becoming stagnated in their development nowadays because they are not engaging in enough activities that would foster their development in healthy ways in lieu of sitting in the basement on the PS2, XBOX, or computer.

    The Watchman · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:33pm

    Photo: To many in both business and government, the triumph of the self is the ultimate expression of democracy, where power is truly moved into the hands of the people. Certainly the people may feel they are in charge, but are they really? The Century of the Self tells the untold and controversial story of the growth of the mass-consumer society. How is the all-consuming self created, by whom, and in whose interest?

The Freud dynasty is at the heart of this compelling social history. Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis; Edward Bernays, who invented public relations; Anna Freud, Sigmund’s devoted daughter; and present-day PR guru and Sigmund’s great grandson, Matthew Freud. Sigmund Freud’s work into the bubbling and murky world of the subconscious changed the world. By introducing a technique to probe the unconscious mind, Freud provided useful tools for understanding the secret desires of the masses. Unwittingly, his work served as the precursor to a world full of political spin doctors, marketing moguls, and society’s belief that the pursuit of satisfaction and happiness is man’s ultimate goal.

excellent documentaries about bernays :https://thoughtmaybe.com/the-century-of-the-self/#top

    old tradesman · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:35pm
    Keiser Report: High Frequency Scalping (E380)
    Nana · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:36pm


    Lanza, a vice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services, is the father of the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, 20, who is also suspected of killing his mother, Nancy.

    Peter Lanza now lives on Bartina Lane in the Westover section of Stamford. Lanza has worked as a tax specialist in the financial industry and served as an adjunct professor at Northeastern University in Boston since 1995 and has taught classes on tax partnerships at Fairfield University.

    silverwood · Dec 15, 2012 - 5:41pm


    Submitted by SRSrocco on December 15, 2012 - 4:21pm. I don't think you can ignore what the markets did after the Fed QE4 announcement. Yeah I do believe there are manipulative forces in play to some extent. I have been stacking since the 1970's. Can the Fed have the markets that confused? Look at oil and mining stocks many are in bear markets for the year. I was big on the old Canroys mainly for dividends, PWE, PGH and they are performing so terrible that I am afraid to add to them. Here is a list of my poor performers; AEM, AAU, AUMN, AXU, BRD, CGR, HL, FSM, GPL, GBG, IAG, KBX, PWE, PGH, MRDDF, NG and TGC to name just some of my crap! I have come into an inheritance and will wait and see what to do with this cash. Anyway I do respect your posts!

    Notice: If you do not see your new comment immediately, do not be alarmed. We are currently refreshing new comments approximately every 2 minutes to better manage performance while working on other issues. Thank you for your patience.

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