XG additional Drill results... good? or not

Hi everyone,  I was just curious if anyone looked at the Drill results published today by XG management... I assumed they were not too impressive that's why the stock got hit 9% down...  but since I am not super good at ready those results... if you have looked at it... can you share your thoughts?  thanks!


XG: Extorre price action...

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if any of you are following XG and if you have noticed the sharp decline of it's price since yesterday.  Does anyone know why?  Is it due to the Closing of the Financing?  But the news about the financing was known a while now and the final closing was announced on the 12th of July... so why is the price action only start declining significantly yesterday?  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  Can the price decline relates to other news?  thanks for your input! As of now, it's bid/ask is at $12 on the tsx...

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