Any thoughts on szsmf?

This silver mining company reports in sustaining costs per ounce that are a few dollars above $17.  How long can it endure prices below $18?

Mantis' charts

I thought I'd make a place to share some of my charts and ideas with the good old folks of the watchtower.

I've been doing this for a few years now and in general I think I'm getting quite good at it. though I say so myself !!!

If people show any interest I'll stick around.


Will silver sell for over $35/oz. in the next ten years?

What do you think the chances sre that silver will sell for over $35 /oz. in the next ten years? Or what do you think the highest price silver will sell for in the next ten years? That is my maximum time left to sell. Would just like some opinions, thanks.

GoldMoney...still safe?

Hiya Stackers,

It's probably me over reacting but just wanting to check in with the forum and see if anyone has had any issue with GoldMoney.

Just been told by GoldMoney that they no longer allow metal transfers: 

Real-time gold and silver prices/charts

Hi everyone,

I've created a couple of new sites with real-time gold and silver prices and real-time charts. The URLs are nice and short, so ideal for your phone: and

I know a watched pot never boils, but I can't help but watch anyway. All the best to everyone in Turdville for 2015.


King Silver

will post links to new videos here, ...feel free to check out the previous vids or subscribe to the King Silver channel

Only Silver and Gold are Money

Harvey Organ Should Be An Interesting Read Today

This topic is nominally a five day a week summary of the Harvey Organ Daily Gold and Silver Report (  I summarize the key gold and silver statistics he reports, condense some of the articles he reproduces on gold, silver, and the economy, and I usually add some of my own comments to the mix.  My emphasis is on protection of yourself, your family, and your assets by converting ALL paper assets to precious metals, particularly silver.  All paper asse

Medical uses for silver,including colloidal silver


I'm no expert ,just interested to see this forum continue.

2014/11/08 - Pig-headed Ignorance or the Courage of Conviction? Why I'm Thrilled to Own Gold And Silver

Just wanted to commend Pining for an(other) outstanding piece. Hope your preps are going well.

Harvey Organ Should Be An Interesting Read Today Also

This is the backup thread for Harvey if the main thread is broken.  The main thread is at

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