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James Rawles recommends swapping gold for silver

The shorts must be screaming, about now: Gold shoots past record $1,800 an ounce. When I last checked, the silver-to-gold ratio was at 45.4-to-1. Again, if you have the vault space, this is a great time to ratio trade out of your 1 ounce gold coins, and into silver bullion coins. (Such as pre-1965 American "junk" silver.)

Scrap Gold

Where the best place to cash in some scrap gold jewelry? I would like to convert it to coins.  

1 OZ Silver Canadian Maple Selling for $105 today!

I often purchase bullion from - today I was going to make a small purchase and look at the price! Wow! - Silver Maple yesterday was C$42/ coin on the same site - today, it's C$105 !!!

Gold Maple is now going for $3882!!

Obviously - they think that prices are going UP UP UP.

Here is the link ..

Cramer Sucks :)

I don't think too many would disagree with the title of this topic, but this video may help if you're unconvinced. Fundamentals are sometimes trumped by simple demand. Here Cramer recommends both gold and silver in August 2010, but says buy gold for September (Asian wedding month buying comes in) and silver after in October. He thinks there's a great chart story for silver to go from $19 to $24 in the following 12 months before falling back again :)

Cramer vid

What Happens to Silver when the Currency Reset Happens?

What Happens to Silver when the world undergoes a massive currency reset?

According to Jim Sinclair the downgrading of US debt on Friday is the final lynch-pin that will herald this event, and the new virtual world reserve currency will be at least partially backed by Gold. FOFOA has also argued that Gold, not Silver, is the ultimate safe haven precious metal. Even Max Keiser has quietly started talking the Gold book, despite his SLA/Crash JPM campaign.

Is Gold & Silver Still Worth Their Price?

I understand the value of Gold & Silver as a hedge against the dollar/inflation.  However, I'm starting to question whether Gold & Silver are really still worth their price.  As of today, I have to save up roughly $1700 for a 1-ounce gold coin, that's only 1 coin! 

Cameron will let Gaddafi stay in bid to end Libya campaign quickly

Cameron will let Gaddafi stay in bid to end Libya campaign quickly

By Oliver Wright, Whitehall Editor

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Global Currency, the ONE

"Single Global Currency Association,  is dedicated to the goal of implementing a Single Global Currency, within a Global Monetary Union and managed by a Global Central Bank by 2024.   We shall achieve this goal through education and persuasion.

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