Japanese Report of "Worse-Case" Earthquake scenario

This news story has appeared and seems to suggest that a large temblor greater than or surpassing this past year's March 11, 2011, Great Quake in Japan may occur in our lifetime.  Some of the predictions are very surprising including major damage to Tokyo and many significant Japanese cities.


New Fukushima Fission?

Japan - Earthquake - 7.1 aftershock July 09 2011

This post to note

Aftershock off the cost of Eastern Honshu island, Japan.

2:57 PM Hawaii Standard Time July 09, 2011

Lat 38 N

Long 143.5 East

Depth is pending.

The 7.1 shaker is reported to have been off shore.
The US Pacific Tsunami warning center does not expect a Pacific wide tsunami threat from this particular aftershock.

Great Eastern Japan disaster and economics 3 months later

A documentary has been broadcast by Japanese TV network NHK in the last 48 hours which can suggest the situation in the Japanese economy and government.  The situation appears very difficult and frankly impossible to manage.

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