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Review: Silver Towne Numismatics

I recently made a purchase of 10 oz. bars from SilverTowne. I ordered on Monday and received it Friday. The bars arrived UPS and were nicely sealed in their own plastic containers. 

I paid the internet price, which was very reasonable, used my CC, and got Free Shipping.

I'd rate my experience as excellent and would recommend them.

They are located in Winchester, IN.

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Review: Provident Metals

I have used Provident for several small purchases and found them to have quick shipping and excellent customer service. Prices are pretty competitive and they give discounts for purchasing in cash vs. via CC. I once ordered some Franklin halves and received 1 '64 Kennedy in the group... I complained and they sent me an uncirc Franklin free of charge for the oops. I was impressed and will continue to use them for small purchases going forward.

Review: Guernsey Mint (UK)

I've bought through here (offshore) in the UK:

Pretty happy with the service, although they are slow answering email (if they ever do).  They are an old established business (going back 100 years I believe).  They will store your metals for free for a year (although we are always told never to do that - in case they go bust!).  GM will also ship to a separate third-party secure storage company on Guernsey for you, if you don't take delivery yourself.  Storage and Lloyds insurance there is about 1%. 

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