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Silver Maple Degradation (not sure if right forum)

Not sure if this would get more exposure in the Silver forum.

However, I'm a tiny physical investor in the UK. I like to collect bullion coins from loads of different countries, so instead of just stacking bars of identical silver, I prefer to get a tube of ASEs, a tube of Phils, a tube of Maples, Libertads (beautiful coins!!!!), etc.

I also pick up individual coins for collectable purposes. But in general - Canadian silver Maples, whilst high purity - are 'investment bullion' to me.

Just pull some savings out of your Institutions in NICKELS!

If one was to pull some savings out of the banks or credit unions in nickels, would that strain the system in a smallish way? Imagine if 10% removed $100 in nickels from their personal savings accounts and saved it personally? Todays price in metal value  is up from face value and was up the beginning of the year 40%, after testing just below $0.05 early this fall. It is a win win!

Silver Coin Hunting

Hey guys, been hunting more boxes lately for "free" silver and I had a decent find. Found 12 total coins in a $500 box of halfs. Do any of you still do this? Is it profitable for you as well??

Video of my search is here:

Did I get damaged silver from an online shop?

Hi guys,

Since I'm quit new to collecting physical silver Im' looking for some advice from someone who has experience with silver coins.
Last week I ordered 25 silver maple leafs  (2011) from a german online coin dealer :

Since I'm a poor student this is only the second silver purchase I ever made. The first time I ordered at an other German shop and received 25 Maples in perfect mint condition.

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