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Friday Blah

In an unprecedented level of G-3 control, the all-important USDJPY has now been force-reversed on three occasions in just the past 24 hours. We simply must take this into consideration as we assess the short-term potential of the Comex metals.

Thursday Hope

As the all-important USDJPY once again struggles with the 113 level, hope is gaining traction this morning as Comex Digital Gold prices rise back toward $1290. Once more with meaning, it's not how you begin the week that matters...

An Important History Lesson from Batchelor and Cohen

Sometimes I feel like I'm attending a graduate level Russian History & Studies class as I listen to Batchelor and Cohen. Last evening's program was another valuable lesson as the history of NATO was discussed.

No Fun Wednesday

Not so happy Tuesday is followed by No Fun Wednesday as the USDJPY continues to surge. Comex Gold is now down over $25 in less than 24 hours and this week is shaping up to be a real dud.

The Latest from Incrementum AG

As a supplement to their most recent "In Gold We Trust" report, the good folks at Incrementum AG have just released their 2017 gold "chartbook".  You should be sure to have a look!

Non-Happy Tuesday

Ever since some headlines appeared yesterday suggesting "discussions" between US and Nork diplomats, the price of Comex gold has come under extreme pressure and is now down nearly $20. While this is terribly frustrating to watch, let's try to keep in mind that it's only Tuesday and there's a lot of week left.

Monday Morning Came Without Warning

A new week begins and it's going to be an interesting one to say the least. We'll be watching some economic data to begin the week, the situation in Catalonia and Korea the entire week and the week ends with a speech by Mother on Friday.

Back To September 7

In early September, Comex Gold was charging higher on the two prongs of North Korea and a looming US fiscal showdown. On September 7, a deal was struck and metal prices proceeded to fall for the next four weeks. Well, guess what? Both risks are back today and this can only mean one thing.

Gold Hold

After gradually rallying overnight, Comex Gold looked set to crawl back above $1300 this morning until the latest PPI number pushed it backward.

FOMC Minutes This Afternoon

In less than three hours, the minutes of the September FOMC meeting will be released. Since little price action is expected until then, here's just a short post designed to remind you of levels to watch this afternoon and into the overnight.

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