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Silver Stands Firm

While we await tomorrow's economic data and CoT report, it is at least somewhat encouraging to note that Comex Digital Silver is holding firm again today. As we've been noting, should CDG continue its gradual ascent, CDS should soon rush to "catch up" from a technical sense.

Guest Post: "Equities: "Ding, Ding"...Last Lap", by Paul Mylchreest

For anyone wondering how long the central banks may be able to prop up the global equity markets, our friend Paul Mylchreest has your answer. Please be sure to read this extraordinarily interesting and thorough piece of analysis.

FOMC Minutes = Hat Contest

We've done this before so why not do it again? You'd better hurry, though, as the contest closes at 2:00 pm EDT.

Metals March Higher

The Comex Digital Metals continue higher this morning in another extension of this latest rally from deeply oversold and fully CoT-washed positions. However, prices are now nearing points of expected resistance so we need to watch closely.

Some Perspective On The Latest Commitment Of Traders Report

Last Friday's CoT for the Comex Metals was rather interesting from an historical perspective. Because of this...and because we know that not everyone listened to Friday's podcast...it seemed appropriate to type up this written summary today.


There are some days and weeks that leave ole Turd utterly exhausted...and here we are. To paraphrase the immortal words of Chris Powell, "there are no markets, there are only manipulations/interventions".

Total Control

Even with all of the madness of yesterday and the ongoing meltdown in Brazil, US stocks are higher this morning as the USDJPY is pumped up by The Fed et al in the hope of maintaining their dreams of another rate hike in June.

GAN2017 Continues To Crumble

Didn't we just write about this again yesterday? And now here we are. The investment world is finally beginning to realize that the entire, Banker-promoted Trump narrative is crumbling into dust.

POSX Swoons to New 2017 Lows

Recall that one of the key tenets of The Generally Accepted Narrative for 2017 was a return of "King Dollar". This was supposed to be easy. The dollar was supposedly going straight up in 2017. Oops.

Silver Bounce Continues

After finding a bottom near $16 again last week, the bounceback in Comex Digital Silver continues today with prices up nearly 2%. Since we discussed the possibility of this last week, it's nice to see it playing out this morning.

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