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I speak, therefore, I think, therefore I am.

When I first learned there was a thing called money, I soon realized I could exchange it for candy and toys. My allowance was in dollars. Everything I desired was denominated in dollars. My paper route customers paid me in dollars. Later, my paycheck was denominated in dollars, my expenses were in dollars, so were the value of my possessions—both assets and debts. My small business, my equity in the house, my mortgage, my car loan, dinner at the Mexican restaurant, groceries, vacations—they are all denominated in dollars. How can I ever escape?

The Exigence

A truth we teach in the field of rhetoric is that a speech responds to a problem in society and retains its power as long as the situation which called it forth still exists. We call this an “exigence.” I suppose there was a time when people read Patrick Henry’s most famous speech, after the war was over, after the exigence had been satisfied, and these people appreciated Henry for his passion and efforts. But the speech’s work was done, it had no more grounds by which to move people. It was just another lesson in history. But today a growing situation has reinvigorated Henry’s speech. And it forces those of us in the US to examine ourselves as a parallel exigence arises.

Fool me once, shame on you...

Well, its not every week, or even any week, that you will get two posts out of me. But recent events demanded to be shared lest any of the fine members of T-ville be deceived!

Turd, you should probably not read this...

Getting too close to home

What gained my attention this week, and prompted me to write this, as we close in on mid-September, were my recollections of predictions that something may happen this month or next, that we may indeed be approaching some system-changing pivot point. Rob Kirby got my attention two weeks ago. Of course, Jim Willie always piles on the evidence thicker. Then a series of ZH articles began to cite financial luminaries as concerned for the near future.

Wake up, O sleeper. Rise from the dead

As people begin to awaken from their slumber—awakening from a dream that all is well, that the economy is recovering, that the government statistics are correct and employment is improving—these people are seeing a grim reality that is not pleasant to look at. No wonder they want to stay asleep.

But even as they sleep, people know in their soul that something is wrong. A feeling they cannot shake. I know it when I look at the charts after a three day weekend.

Uninformed & Assuming

I hope that most of you recall the structure of logic that you should have learned in school: Do you remember the Syllogism—the thought formula that leads us from truth, through the available data to sound conclusions?

Given a major premise (truth), and considering a minor premise (fact), we can conclude that…

  • All men are mortal. Socrates is a man. Therefore, Socrates is mortal.
  • Lawbreakers try to escape the police. OJ Simpson ran from the police. Therefore, OJ broke the law.
  • Men have wider shoulders than women. Michele has wide shoulders. Michele is really a man.
  • Normal trading patterns reflect human psychology and news events. Gold charts are erratic. Therefore, human agency is unduly influencing the price of gold.

It is the “givens” that cause problems, not the logic. Our certitude of the major premise determines the likelihood the conclusion is true.

Burn me once … or learn from mistakes

Back in those heady days of plus-forty silver, I used to tell myself that only I wish I had been enlightened just a few months earlier. My actual “date of enlightenment” was about September 15, 2010. Oh! I would have bought lots more silver at $18-24 per ounce in the Fall of 2010. As it was, I had just discovered metals and was picking and choosing, looking for sub-spot pricing, wondering if it really would go higher. Well it did. Then it went back down...

Dumping the Banksters

We just had a taste of how good life can be without banks. Damn, they run up the costs! Then they front load the credit contract so that the majority of interest is paid up front over the term. If you buy & sell every 3-5 years, you hardly pay down the principal and build equity. But all-y’all know this, so I’ll end the mini-rant.

My problem is that I have contractually obligated myself to them by purchasing real estate with their fiat. And the system has not collapsed as I was expecting it to a couple of years ago when I bought my home. Moreover (controversy warning), I am beginning to think it is foolish to count on an economic collapse to get me out of the contract. It has been my plan all along to pay off the home with silver proceeds, putting extra fiat into metals instead of paying down loans. Perhaps that is not the most sure plan either...

Holding Down the Fort

The rhetorical vision of the precious metals markets in 2010-2011 brought a distant dream near to us with arguments for silver strength coming from various directions, including a couple of cartoon bears. As Max Kaiser jumped in and repeated “Crash JPM” with a chorus of other hawkers chanting “silver to the moon,” and “parabolic,” we watched the price rise to nearly 50 before illegal actions put a cap on the rally and dashed our visions of future wealth as AG might have shot up into multiple hundreds per ounce. 

Size Matters

Are you well endowed with a large stack?

This past weekend Gamble put the question to everyone, “How much physical is enough? I thought I was good until I saw a picture of someone's stack, I think there was over a hundred ounces!” First of all, it is never good to compare your metal endowment to pictures others... you know?

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