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Evidence-Based Policy

A funny coincidence occurred recently—yet another week when the Fed is hinting, signaling, screaming (but probably lying) that they will raise interest rates. A colleague asked me if I would review an article she has written for an encyclopedia on research methods. Her article explains “Evidence-Bassed Policy.”  So I’d like to muse about the FED’s decision-making methods here in this short essay, and contrast them with the theory behind their stated rationale.

Sunday reading... How to get out of trouble.

Traditionally, when one's character is impugned, one must defend themselves publicly. Traditionally this is done either through a duel or a speech. As much as some of us might love to see a duel, we’ll have to settle for talk. Traditionally, the impugned person would deliver that speech (advised by a PR team), but today it usually an underling as advised by that same PR team. So what are the Democrats doing to save face and recover their honor after revelations that they have colluded with the media to rig their Primary Election process?

Hint: It's certainly not the right thing.

On Forests and Trees

About 20 years ago I was working at an Intel Plant in Albuquerque NM on a construction crew. At lunchtime each day, many of us would leave the plant and drive a mile to one of the fast food places up the road. Often we would be a few minutes late coming back. You know what happened next. A general contractor superintendent got pissed off, counting minutes and multiplying by hourly wages. They “reacted.” They made a new rule: Anyone who comes back from lunch late will be fired.

It's a long hard journey ...

Aaaahhh, the life of a farmer …  filled with healthy food, baby animals, fun for the kids, beautiful land, lying back in a field, hands folded behind my head, watching clouds while chewing on an grass stem... and… a whole lot of hard work, government meddling, spring storms that kill blossoms, pests, drought, skunks running amok in the garden, zombies, and did I mention hard work?

Guest Post: Monsters and Metaphors

Much discussion this weekend that is relevant to the central aim of our blog seems to center around the legitimacy of this recent metals rally and whether or not “this time is different.” Our fine host Craig has warned us on Friday that this time may not be different. In fact, key signals that have traditionally preceded a metals smash are building.

Why? the monsters are not dead yet.

The muses who inspire our literature and dreams are shouting at humanity with some basic principles. Our monsters are warnings--a coded taxonomy of those people and offices that we must keep in check. Only the people, bonding together, marching out with torches and pitchforks, can stand against their power.  

Enjoy your vacation Craig. And don't forget to check under the bed.

No More Cash?

Some musings for a Sunday afternoon as we await the market open.

I just became a real roofer this week—first roof ever. There I am straddling the top of the original homestead building (1905) as my wife snaps a photo. I am getting too old for this kind of work. But we are discovering that our neighbors around these parts are not what we hoped. Its time to switch our efforts to a friendlier location.

The prepping goes on!

An appeal to sensibility

Well, my students say they get too much of me and they really do each semester. But my winter break is almost over and I'll slip back into the shadows again til summer, so I thought I pass along this missive I wrote to my relatives, hoping to persuade them to get out of the markets and do something sensible to prepare for the crash.

None of this is news to our readers here, but feel free to pass this essay along if you think it might help your cause. Otherwise, enjoy it as weekend reading and feel free to constructively critique my efforts so I can warn people even more forcefully in the future.

"WOLF!"  and I'll cry it again, "WOLF!!!"

Emergency back-up Podcast

Well life just doesn't seem right without an end-of-the-week podcast. So I'll try to pinch-hit without striking out.

Come on in for a listen and then leave a comment to straighten me out. God knows I need it.


On the road again

Just a holiday thread to generate some prepping discussion and give our dear "number 2" host a break. Business needs have called us away from home to work--to get property in sale-able shape so my family can be out of debt, completely! say a prayer for us and we'll reciprocate.

Awake but still sleepy

From my vantage point, the informed consensus is that we have begun a long slow economic decline, hoping to avoid world war, pissed off at the FED and banks for their thievery, but thankful that we have not had a collapse. I feel inspired to quote Thomas Paine’s ending words to Common Sense right here:

“Until an independence is declared, the Continent will feel itself like a man who continues putting off some unpleasant business from day to day, yet knows it must be done, hates to set about it, wishes it over, and is continually haunted with the thoughts of its necessity.”

I resonate with that feeing, being haunted each day with the necessity of the imminent collapse, restructuring, revolution or whatever has to come. And if the Totalitarians have their way, it just puts the end off a bit longer, with even more pain and suffering in between and after. The Adults who are awake can see all this. The sleepy teenagers just want to sleep… five more minutes. But they are waking up.

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