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Ocwen - Take Action for Those Harmed by Their Mortgage Servicer - Post Script to SHOW ME THE NOTE

It's been a long time since I sat down to write up a post.  Mr. TF and the other regulars have simply done an amazing job and I just have been too busy in my day job to add to the excellent discussion.

But, just a day or so ago, I came across an article discussing how Ocwen, an infamously corrupt mortgage loan servicer that had been essentially unmasked as a serially corrupt servicer engaging in ongoing illegal activity.  The ramifications were instant, and the effects are just now emerging.

One commentator, whose blog is here 

An Outrage!  But for Whose Benefit?

For-profit ITT Technical Institute shuts down, leaving 40,000 students in limbo, and adding 8,000 to the unemployment rolls.  Oops, this was not the narrative that was supposed to happen.

This just in from zerohedge:

You Want Fries With That?

Look, not to get all morbid or anything, but life comes at you, good and bad, and it is not always about Fibonacci retracements, options expiration, open interest and the FED.  On the good side, we have our excellent proprietor, Mr. TF, celebrating a lifelong accomplishment, his 20th wedding anniversary!  Hooray!

But on the other end of the spectrum, we see another loss of life, which from any viewpoint, is a tragedy.

Sugar Daddy FED Creates Generation of Prostitutes

Economics is based on human behavior.  “One of the central tenets of economics is that people want certain things and will change their behavior to get those things – in other words, people will respond to incentives.” 

Applying this to the FED’s policies, and ramifications, should then yield logical connections between the results of the FED’s policies, and their intentions in implementing them, then, right?

The Walking Dead = Metaphor of the Failing Western Fiat Currency Scheme

I’ll admit it.  I love The Walking Dead.  I even have some bobble heads of the characters that I picked up from Barnes and Noble.  But, what is the fascination with the goo-oozing zombies, the apocalyptic US South, the certainty of doom and miserable, painful death haunting each character, every single show?  

I finally figured it out!

In re: London Silver Fixing Ltd. - Antitrust Litigation

Our resident legal expert, California Lawyer, has taken time to completely annotate the legal documents surrounding the DeutscheBank civil settlements in the gold and silver price manipulation case. Please be sure to review this entire public thread.

Suing the FED for FRAUD - Is it Time?

So you read something on the internet about suing the FED for fraud, for debasing the currency, amounting to fraud and theft.  And now, you want to sue them, right?  What could go wrong . . . ?

Show Me the Note - California Supreme Court Update - Yvanova v. New Century Mortgage

This is too important to not share.  I found out about this last week, and wanted to get an update out there.  But, there are absolute legal wizards on this who are far better and concise at stating the importance of this decision by the California Supreme Court, UPHOLDING the right of someone who claims their home was taken illegally by a shady bank that has no right to foreclose.

<This is a very important public post. Please read and forward.>

The Jackass Nails the Dollar Rise

Jim Willie is right once again.  This concept is critical to grasp, as the unfolding events track his predictions exactly.

Banking Cartel, Fraud, and Antitrust - Where is the Enforcement Action?

At some point, certainly, the concept cannot be lost on law enforcement officials that the banking cartel selling massive paper futures, naked or not, are perhaps violating the law.  I say this somewhat in jest, because also at this point, there is clear evidence of the banking cartel taking massive, concentrated, short positions on the Comex, something the CFTC could, but won’t, do anything about.  

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