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More Commitment of Traders Perspective

We all saw a lot of commentary and "analysis" over the weekend regarding the latest Commitment of Traders report. Again, these numbers are most important when considered through the lens of historical perspective and that's what we attempt to show you today.

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Watching Gold Into The Close

We've been watching CDG climb all week toward the important level of $1250. With price butting up against some key technical indicators, we'll want to watch price into the close to see where we end the week.

The Count Creates Craziness

Count Draghi once again emerged from his crypt today and he had a few surprises up his cloak. Most notably, the revelation that "ECBQE tapering scenarios are not being discussed". And as those words passed his fangs, the fun began in earnest.

The Last JBSFC For A Few Weeks

A thorough update last evening ahead of a multi-week break for Batchelor and Cohen as both prepare for some vacation time. Please be sure to listen so that you are fully caught up before the break.

Watching USDJPY

Once again, we find ourselves closely monitoring the all-important USDJPY. Why? Because if the 2017 pattern repeats again, it's about to fall even farther. And if it falls back toward the 2017 lows...well, you should know by now what that will mean for the price of Comex Digital Gold.

A Specific Peculiarity

For years, we've watched JPMorgan stockpile what is alleged to be physical gold and silver in their Comex vaults. However, something has changed over the past four months and we thought we should bring this to your attention today.

Comex Gold Threatens Its 200-Day Moving Average

As Comex gold approaches its always-critical 200-day moving average, today we review the latest charts and assess what might drive the "markets" as the week progresses.

Oh Mother, Our Mother!

Oh Mother, Our Mother! Your fearful trip is not done. Your Fed has scammed every rack, yet the prize you sought is not won.

Just A Few Charts

As Mother begins Day Two of her Hump-Hawk, here's just a handful of charts for you to consider on an otherwise uneventful Thursday.

Must See Video

A few moments ago on Fox Business Channel we heard someone proclaim that "given all that's going on the world, gold should probably be $5,000 to $6,000 per ounce". Who actually had the gall to say this on live television? You won't believe it unless you see it.

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