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A Busy Week Begins

It's going to be a long and busy week with everything from economic datapoints to the BLSBS to the Italian referendum on the docket. There's no holding back so we might as well dig in and get started.

All Is Not Lost

The last three weeks have been tough on everyone but it's not as if we haven't been through this before. Rather than capitulate, it might be wise to consider that all is not lost and that the general direction of "the markets" in 2017 is not a fait accompli.

This Week's JBSFC

This week, John and Steve discuss some of the signs of growing détente between the U.S. and Russia. However, The War Party is still in charge so the danger remains high.

A short-term bear

I recall back in the wild days leading up to May of 2011 that a number of regulars on the old blogspot site began to warn of a downturn in silver. They were nearly shouted off the discussion boards with some blunt words. This place was a bullish as it gets and I watched the AG price rise up through the 40s with greed and glee. But the bears were right, and those who took the warning seriously and hedged their stacks did not regret it.


With the Dow and S&P at new all-time highs, it has become quite clear that the simple election of Trump has magically cured all of the world's problems. Too bad he didn't run in 2012. Can you even imagine the blissful nirvana in which the world would find itself at present if he had?

Holiday Week Begins

It may be a holiday week in the U.S. but the trading still counts and price changes are real. Though the week will be choppy, we nonetheless have to keep our attention focused on the "markets".

Site Issue

If you've received a notice today that your subscription has been canceled, please ignore it as we are having a technical issue. Will work to get this resolved ASAP.

Mother's Mumblings

Today, Mother all but confirmed what "the market" has been expecting for months...namely, that the FOMC will raise the Fed Funds rate when they meet next month. As "the markets" have already priced this in, perhaps we should now expect the sell-the-rumor, buy-the-news reaction in December that we've been predicting?

Wednesday Morning

It has been an extremely busy morning and it's already getting quite late. So, just this quick update.

A Cooling Of The New Cold War

With the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, many of us hope that The New Cold War begun under the Obama administration will be stifled. This is the hope of Batchelor and Cohen, too, and they took up the topic last evening.

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