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Bond Market Boogaloo

It seems that rising long rates are finally beginning to impact the precious metals a bit today as the HFTs "see" falling bonds and sell digital gold. But pullbacks are always to be expected and the overall trend remains firmly in our corner.

Big Picture

After the ridiculous and comical events of the past 48 hours, let's try to end the week by remaining focused upon The Big Picture...namely, the 2018 trend of a weaker dollar and the steadily-growing flow of funds back into the commodity sector.

The Banks Dig In

Not surprisingly, even additional drops in POSX and USDJPY couldn't help the Comex metals to extend yesterday's gains. And it's Feb18 option expiration day today, too! But the overall trend is definitely our friend so we'll let The Banks do their thing and then wait to see what tomorrow and next week may bring.

2018 Trends Take Hold

Well, we've been banging this drum pretty hard for the past couple of months and now here we are. The POSX has fallen sharply and is below 90 while the all-important USDJPY has dropped more than a full point just today. It's going to be a fun year for gold, silver, the mining shares and all commodities and it's just beginning!

Dark Developments in The New Cold War

The disgusting, yet influential, Council on Foreign Affairs is out with a new treatise that will only serve to deepen and darken the New Cold War.

Just Another Tuesday

You know it's just another Tuesday when a surge of selling hits the Comex and the global price of silver is suddenly reset 2% lower. But that's how things work in your Fractional Reserve and Paper Derivative Pricing Scheme.


What if the world ended and no one noticed?

A Weird Week Draws To A Close

It began with a holiday, which was immediately followed by another silver "flash crash". After a bounce, the Comex metals were hit again during the lowest-volume period of the day on Wednesday. And now, on Friday, Comex gold is unchanged versus the Comex close last Friday. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on.

Bouncing Back

After the lunacy of yesterday's contrived selloff, it's a bit of a relief to see the Comex metals bounce back today as the underlying trends reassert themselves.

More Vital Info from Batchelor and Cohen

John and Steve continued their discussions last evening and they followed up on many of the themes The Professor and I discussed last week. As usual, we strongly urge you to listen.

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