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Guest Post: "Mean Reversion In Equities Is Coming" -- by Olivier Garret, CEO of Hard Assets Alliance

Our friends at Hard Assets Alliance offer another timely and insightful piece for your consideration.


Suddenly, there seems to be some really serious shit bubbling just below the surface again. Though we can't yet tie it all together into one neat little package, there certainly are signals out there that make you wonder if the global apple cart is about to be turned upside-down once more.

Day 3

The price of Comex Digital Gold isn't falling today but it's not moving higher, either. History tells us that this is just about what you'd expect on Day 3 of a Large Spec Washout.

John and Steve Discuss The New Cold War

Batchelor and Cohen returned last evening to update the tenuous circumstances of The New Cold War.

Watching The Washing

We might as well find a few other things to talk about to keep us occupied while we wait for the first Comex gold Spec wash cycle of 2018 to complete.

Comex Gold Spec Flush

For a few days last week, it appeared that we would avoid this fate. I guess not. So now that The Leghounds have laid into us, it's best we just sit back and let them finish.

Getting Nowhere

The week begins with a falling dollar but, unfortunately, the Comex metals are down, too. But it's going to be a long week full of economic events and other concerns so let's get started and see where we go from here.

Finding the Promised Land

I'm tired of looking at property. But making a poor decision at this point could be costly. What can you do but prioritize your needs and keep looking? We have searched far and wide for the promised land, looking at places through realtor websites and Google Earth, then driving to see close and promising ones.

Friday Wrap

The week draws to a close with both Comex metals holding decent gains as the POSX finally rolls over from overbought conditions. Let's hope this continues into next week as any further dollar pullback will certainly benefit our precious precious.

Fed Goon Dilemma

Hot on the heels of yesterday's tame PPI, today's CPI came in "below expectations", too. This has finally prompted some weakness in the dollar and supplied a handy bid for the Comex metals.

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