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This Week's Batchelor-Cohen

As the New Cold War continues to worsen, John and Steve discuss the similarities to the first Cold War and how this current crisis is far more dangerous.

2018 Reality Check

In a stunning development, the POSX magically reversed overnight and, in doing so, enabled the Bank HFTs to drive Comex gold down more than 1% and away from the $1355 area.

Easter Week

A holiday-shortened week begins with stocks up, the POSX down and a nice move in the PMs. Given that today is option expiry for the Apr18 Comex gold, any move to the upside is unexpected and appreciated.

An Interesting End To The Week

It's certainly going to be an interesting day with concerns about trade wars and actual wars sending Comex gold sharply higher.

Post-FOMC Blahs

Price has faded backward today even though the "stock market" is sharply lower in a reaction to the FOMC and anticipation of Trump's Trade War.

Some Random Pre-Fedline Thoughts

The first FOMC fedlines of the Chief Goon Powell Era will hit at 2:00 pm EDT today with his inaugural "press conference" a half hour later. Ahead of these events, here are some random observations to discuss.

Batchelor-Cohen Return

After a one week absence, John and Steve returned last evening to discuss the recent Russian election and other developments in the New Cold War.

A Troubling Development

When we first discovered the yen-gold correlation in the fall of 2014, it opened our eyes to the complete dominance of algos and HFT in the "gold market". However, on the bright side this made the task of forecasting price changes considerably more simple. But now it appears things may have changed a bit and we have a few charts to show you today that require your consideration.

Guest Post: "8 Reasons Why Your Portfolio Needs Crisis Insurance", by Olivier Garret of Hard Assets Alliance

Here's some more helpful information from our friends at Hard Assets Alliance. Please be sure to keep them in mind for all of your precious metal needs.

CGP Week Begins

So why not have a Hat Contest?!?

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