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This Week With Batchelor and Cohen

Another comprehensive and objective discussion regarding the New Cold War last evening. As usual, you should be sure to carve out some time to listen.

Forth and Back

Volatility reigns as what was bought yesterday is sold today and what was sold yesterday is bought back today. However, Comex gold continues sideways here on Day 11 as we wait out the final hours before the Jun18 Comex contract goes off the board.

Christmas in May

Ronni Stoeferle of Incrementum AG has been a friend of TFMR for a while now. Each May, he and his partners at Incrementum publish their annual yearbook entitled "In Gold We Trust". It is required reading for anyone with an interest in the sector and we are pleased to post it here today.

No Shortage Of Things To Discuss

Man oh man, is there ever a lot to write about this morning. The difficulty is in finding where to begin.

Dollar Surge Continues

The POSX is surging again today, regardless of the FOMC news. Why? The euro is circling the drain again as EU risk spikes with renewed problems in the PIIGS. (We haven't had to use that acronym for a few years!)

Fed Followup

As the "markets" try to digest the implications of the FOMC minutes yesterday, we thought we'd make our own attempt at making it more clear.

Batchelor-Cohen on Russiagate

John and Steve used last evening's podcast to summarize the current rash of headlines detailing the concerted effort made to infiltrate and undermine the Trump campaign in 2016. Knowing this, they then ask if the entire "Russiagate" story is nothing but a fabrication and an effort to conceal the tracks of deep state malfeasance.

The Curious Case Of The USDJPY

We were first to recognize the yen-gold correlation back in the fall of 2014. In the months and years that followed, we watched this phenomenon drive the price of Comex gold on a daily basis. And then suddenly, sometime around February 1 of this year, something changed. Why?

On Schedule

The price of Comex gold ran right into expected resistance today here on Day 6...but that's hardly surprising and we discussed this likelihood in yesterday's podcast. However, things continue to improve if anything by not worsening.

Time To Rebuild

It's Day 5 of the first Comex gold Spec wash of 2018. This means that the lows are near and the bounce earlier today is very likely a sign that we are close.

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