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Duldrum Volatility

It appeared that we would have a "Happy Tuesday" until today's latest economic data point was used to spike the all-important USDJPY off its lows.

Moving On

Another week full of data looms and it will be important in terms of whether Friday's BLSBS price reaction takes hold.

Jaded and Disillusioned

Look, I'm no different from you. All of this bullshit is wearing me out, too. The BLS cranks out 158,000 make believe "jobs" via the birth/death model and they also throw on 393,000 part-time jobs. All of this is trumpeted as a sign of a "surging US economy" and used as cover to spike the dollar and smash Comex silver by 2.5%. It's all just one big, massive freaking scam.

Awaiting The BLSBS

Though there will be some data released as we type this update, the most significant number will be released tomorrow with the latest BLSBS. How the "market" perceives this number will go a long way toward determining where we end the week and where prices may be headed in August.

More Silver Shenanigans

As we documented after it happened, the Comex "silver market" was hit with another stop-run last evening that sent price wildly careening in both directions. That this occurred at precisely 7:06 pm EDT...the exact same time as the silver flash crash of July 6...should come as no surprise to anyone who recognizes what a farce and scam this pricing system has become.

The Monthly Chart

Since June of last year, we've been following the monthly chart of Comex gold, hoping for a trend change. Using this chart, we've clearly achieved a breakout as of last month. Others however prefer to draw the line differently so we thought that today we'd present you with some other, possible options.

A Full Week Of Data

It's going to be a long and interesting week. Not only will political and geo-political events continuously loom, each day will bring economic datapoints that will capture the attention of the HFTs. So, buckle in for some volatility.

A Day To Pay Attention

Since Wednesday, we've been imploring you to pay sharp attention to the price action through the close today. With today's GDP data, things are moving in our favor but the outcome is still in doubt.

A Durable Rally

Despite some misleading numbers in the latest Durable Goods report, the Comex metals are remaining firm today. However, there's still a lot of time between now and Friday's close so be sure to remain alert.

Fedlines At 2:00 ET

While these in-between FOMCs rarely produce much new information, the low-volume, summer doldrum "markets" are dying for anything to play around with. So while it's hard to expect more than a few subtle verbiage changes in today's Fedlines, be prepared for some HFT-created volatility regardless.

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