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Four More Charts

Not much progress has been made this week but at least things haven't gotten worse.

Just Six Charts

No need for a detailed post as there is only one, primary driver in July 2018.

A streaming fountain of Truth

Since we may all be thinking of other things instead of metals today, and seeing that chart this morning with silver swatted down yet again, I am certainly focusing on other things. Well, perhaps the bankers just gave metals a mean look and said, “Get back in your room!” rather than a full trip to the woodshed.

(My gut says, “If silver really does drop to single digits, crack open the piggy bank [credit] and make a purchase.”)

Friday Follies

The Comex metals have recovered from another overnight drop. Can we manage to finish the day strong and finally put this week behind us?

Who Is In Control?

As the Comex metals fall to absurdly low levels due to a tumbling Chinese yuan, today we have a question for you to consider.

JBSFC on Trump and Putin

John Batchelor and Professor Stephen F. Cohen have recorded weekly updates on The New Cold War for nearly five years now...and we've diligently posted them here at TFMR since early 2014. Nowhere else in western media will you find such a fair, balanced and objective discussion of the situation and I urge you in the strongest possible terms to listen this week and every week.

Sinking Ships

As the Comex metals decline in price again today, it has begun to feel as if we're on a sinking ship.

CGP on The Hill

So, let's see...The Fed chairman goes up to Capitol Hill and the price of Comex gold is slammed lower. That's never happened before! I'm stunned!!

Catching On

As evidenced around the internet, more and more folks are catching on to this latest CNY-gold link. But while this correlation is clearly evident, there's very little agreement as to why it exists in the first place.

Playing With Fire

Comex gold teeters upon critical support today. Let's hope it holds or we risk a significant stop run to even lower prices.

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