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GAN2017 Begins To Crumble

With the defeat late Friday of the Trump-Ryan healthcare bill, the realization that GAN2017 is in jeopardy has suddenly seemed to grip the "markets".

All Eyes On DC

The week draws to a close but the action won't end this afternoon. There looks to be a vote late today in Congress on the US healthcare legislation and serious revelations may soon be forthcoming regarding the surveillance of Trump and just about everyone else. 

Algo Lunacy

Be ready for a brutal day of "market" watching as the HFT algos swing wildly on every headline and tweet out of Washington DC.

A Very Interesting Morning

Interest rates and the USDJPY are both falling today and, with no Fed Goon speeches on the docket, it will be interesting to see how the day unfolds. More importantly, CDG is up modestly and moving toward our goal of $1260 and another test of the 200-day moving average.

Neo-McCarthyism with Batchelor and Cohen

Your graduate-level History and Foreign Affairs course continued last night as Batchelor and Cohen discussed the growing Russophobia in Washington and how the current situation is beginning to resemble the McCarthy, "red-baiting" days of the early 1950s.

Comex Digital Silver Moves Above Its 50-Day Moving Average

A very positive sign this morning as Comex Silver has moved back above its 50-day MA, successfully reclaiming ground lost during the latest Fed Goon Jawboning Event in the run-up to last week's FOMC rate hike.

Navigating Through The Goons

With a total of eleven Fed Goon speeches on the calendar this week, you can be sure that the jawboning will be thick. So, the question is, how do we get from here to Friday with our collective sanity intact?

Holding Firm

More lousy economic data was released this morning. This is helping the metals to remain firm and will likely induce another update from Mr. Donut. Let's hope this extends into the close so that we can wrap the week on an UPtick.

Fighting The Banks

The strong reaction in the metals continued overnight and the picture has turned decidedly more positive in the hours since the FOMC. However and as you would expect, The Cartel Banks are still in the "market" this morning and doing their best to contain and control this latest price move.

The Latest From Batchelor and Cohen

Professor Cohen and Mr. Batchelor got together again last evening for their weekly discussion of The New Cold War. Events are once again moving quickly so please be sure to give this a thorough listen as soon as you can find the time.

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