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Getting Nowhere

The week begins with a falling dollar but, unfortunately, the Comex metals are down, too. But it's going to be a long week full of economic events and other concerns so let's get started and see where we go from here.

Finding the Promised Land

I'm tired of looking at property. But making a poor decision at this point could be costly. What can you do but prioritize your needs and keep looking? We have searched far and wide for the promised land, looking at places through realtor websites and Google Earth, then driving to see close and promising ones.

Friday Wrap

The week draws to a close with both Comex metals holding decent gains as the POSX finally rolls over from overbought conditions. Let's hope this continues into next week as any further dollar pullback will certainly benefit our precious precious.

Fed Goon Dilemma

Hot on the heels of yesterday's tame PPI, today's CPI came in "below expectations", too. This has finally prompted some weakness in the dollar and supplied a handy bid for the Comex metals.

Wholesale Inflation Slows Again

Lost in all of the international news today is the latest Producer Price Index print which showed a significant drop in price inflation at the wholesale level. If tomorrow's Consumer Price Index can follow this trend, then maybe we'll finally see some easing of this historic run in the POSX.

Just Relentless

Another day, another 50¢ spike in the POSX. So, as you might imagine, the Comex metals are down again with Comex gold again on the verge of a Spec washout that would drive price back under $1300.

Living The Dream

It's always fun to start the week with nearly the entire commodity board green except Comex gold and silver.

Prepper Fatigue

Back in the tumultuous days of 2011, I was certain that the world economy would crash at any moment. Some would say my wife and I had already bugged out, living an hour from any large metropolitan area. We had a 5 acre wooded property on the edge of a 40K town, with a modest house. But I was troubled.

May the Fourth Be With Us

It's "Star Wars Day" and, frankly, we need all the help we can get in our eternal struggle against The Evil Empire.

Finally Some Good News

It seems like an eternity since the last time the POSX fell more than a few cents intraday.

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