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Spooky Developments

Two not-unexpected developments occurred overnight and this morning. First, the all-important USDJPY bounced from a double-bottom at 113 and then moved 45-degrees higher. Second, The CME and The Banks have decided to sink their fangs into Bitcoin through the introduction of Bitcoin futures.

Settle In

Wow, it's going to be a really busy week with headlines dominated by politics, geopolitics and economic datapoints. There's even an in-between FOMC meeting. So settle in and prepare for some volatility all the while keeping in mind that it's not how you begin the week that matters...

Guest Post: "Bull In A China Shop" by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform

Jim Quinn has the unique ability to cut through the noise and present the facts. His latest, posted earlier today, is a must read for anyone incredulous at the continually rosy economic picture painted by the mainstream financial media.

Q3 GDP Soars

Apparently the old Keynesian fallacy regarding "broken windows are good for GDP" was on display once again as Q3 US GDP beat expectations this morning. This has predictably spiked the USDJPY and now Comex gold sits poised for a fall, right upon its 200-day moving average.

Gold Down On Draghi

In yesterday's podcast, we warned that the "market" reaction to Count Draghi would dictate the direction of price today. Indeed it has with the euro and CDG tumbling together.

Cold War Update from Batchelor and Cohen

Another great update last evening from John and Steve. As we near four, full years of posting these weekly conversations, just a reminder that you should be sure to carve out time to listen each and every week.

No Rest For The Weary

We'd hoped that yesterday's fall from 114 USDJPY would provide a brief respite. Nope. Instead, we are right back in the barrel today and trying to hold on against a swarm of MOPE, hope and dopes promoting a new version of GAN2018.

A Busy Week Begins

The week begins with a USDJPY rally as Mother's Friday comments are swept away by the sweeping election victory of Abe in Japan. So now we watch for the expected resistance to come and hope that this provides support for Comex Gold in the days ahead.

Friday Blah

In an unprecedented level of G-3 control, the all-important USDJPY has now been force-reversed on three occasions in just the past 24 hours. We simply must take this into consideration as we assess the short-term potential of the Comex metals.

Thursday Hope

As the all-important USDJPY once again struggles with the 113 level, hope is gaining traction this morning as Comex Digital Gold prices rise back toward $1290. Once more with meaning, it's not how you begin the week that matters...

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