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Guest Post: "8 Reasons Why Your Portfolio Needs Crisis Insurance", by Olivier Garret of Hard Assets Alliance

Here's some more helpful information from our friends at Hard Assets Alliance. Please be sure to keep them in mind for all of your precious metal needs.

CGP Week Begins

So why not have a Hat Contest?!?

Peak Nobody Cares

This is bad. Sort of like 2015 only somehow worse. Nobody cares about gold, silver or the shares. They are dead and long-forgotten. Not even an afterthought for most folks. Of course, after 2015, we all remember what came next.

Gold Hated By Everyone

So, there you go. Trump's latest economic advisor officially hates gold. Add him to the list of Swamp Creatures and their Bankers. They all hate gold. But not me. I see gold as a store of value and wealth protection. It has served this role for millennia and it will continue to do so. All the while, Mr. Kudlow's "King Dollar" will be printed to infinity until it joins the Reichsmark and all the rest on the the scrap heap of failed fiat currency.

3.14 Reasons For Worry

It's Pi Day. While we were hoping for a 3.14% rally today, instead it's just another day in the barrel as CDG is shoved lower on a rising USDJPY and POSX.

Hyperactive Tuesday

After a dull and listless Monday, there's certainly no shortage of events and headlines today. In the big picture, it's difficult to say any of these items being "dollar positive" and that's the proper perspective we'll use to summarize things today.

When Monkeys Attack

The week begins with a good, old-fashioned London Monkey session where price is maneuvered lower no other reason than  "because we can, mate". But, once again, we'll take it in stride as the week ahead promises to be interesting and volatile.

Guest Post: "Why You Should Store Precious Metal In Multiple International Locations", by Olivier Garret of Hard Assets Alliance

We've maintained an affiliation with our friends at Hard Assets Alliance since 2012 and I hope they are always on your list of bullion dealers when making a purchase.  They provide a fantastic service and you'll likely find this new post from Olivier Garret, the Founder and CEO of HAA, to be extremely helpful and interesting.



No Time Like The Present

Given the angst and frustration of yesterday, I figured that today would be the perfect time to point out something that has been on my mind for some time and that you need to be aware of in the weeks ahead.

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