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Guest Post: "A Nation Built On Lies, part 2", by Jim Quinn

Please be sure to read Jim's follow-up to yesterday's excellent post.

Self-Assessment in 2018

2018 has so far proven to be a challenging year for precious metal owners and prognosticators alike. Can we turn things around in the second half?

Guest Post: "A Nation Built On Lies", by Jim Quinn

This seems like a good complement to what we just wrote yesterday regarding the lies told regarding Syrian chemical weapons back in April. Our old pal, Jim Quinn, shows that the lies don't start and stop with just foreign policy.

Comex Gold Up 2% in Past Week

That's one way to look at it. And it may be the correct way, too, as price has now clearly broken free of the downtrend which had contained it for nearly three weeks.

Lies and Damned Lies

Back in April, the world teetered on the edge of war. In the west, we were told that "chemical weapons, including sarin gas" had been used in Syria and the the civilized world could not stand by and watch innocent civilians die in agony. It was a compelling and frightening story. It also wasn't true.

Same Old BLSBS

Comex precious metal prices are flat this morning after another edition of BLSBS where all of the "job growth" came from part-time jobs and wages only saw a slight increase.

Post 4th

The mid-week US market holiday is now behind us and Comex gold is trying to maintain the early stages of a turnaround. Will it? Can it? Tomorrow's BLSBS will likely decide its fate.

Some Relief

As Comex gold enjoys its best day since June 14, it's helpful to reconsider what drove us here, what might get us out and how we might know when the worst is behind us.

July Begins, Pain Continues

Running a precious metals website sure is a lot more fun when Comex gold rallies $120 over two months. This current decline is wearing everyone out, particularly yours truly.

Guest Post: "My Harvard Speech in Retrospect", by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I read this article over lunch today and found it to be both fascinating and timely as clearly many of these same themes still resonate today. My hope is that the nice folks at National Review and The University of Notre Dame Press won't object to the "guest post". If they do, I'll gladly remove this article.

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