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Eleven Fed Goons And Mother, Too

It's going to an historic week for Fed Goon jawboning as a record ELEVEN Fed Goon speeches are scheduled and this doesn't even include Mother, who will speak at 11:50 EDT tomorrow.

Comex Gold Pegged To $1300

Not even the latest hot rhetoric from Trump and Kim can seem to push Comex Gold much above $1300 today. And why might this be? Could the impending expiration of the Oct17 options hold the clues?

Time To Lay Low

Even though we've tried to warn and prepare, none of that makes the inevitable Spec wash-and-rinse any easier to watch.

<As a public service, this thread is now freely available.>

Another Fascinating JBSFC

John and Steve recorded another fascinating hour last evening and, as usual, you would be well-served to give it a listen.

Levels To Watch Today

Not much new to discuss this morning as everything will key off of Mother's Fedlines and presser this afternoon. To that end, here are some key levels to watch after the dust settles.

Looking Ahead To Wednesday

As Mother kicks off here latest Tea & Doily Party, the focus shifts from what type of pie will she serve during the breaks to what will be the market reaction to her Fedlines and press conference.

Two Steps Back

The new week begins with USDJPY continuing its relentless assault higher and this, of course, has both Comex metals under pressure this morning. Back on Friday, we discussed some downside levels to watch this week and, unfortunately, that warning appears to be prescient.

Chicken Little Kim

After months of trepidation with every provocation, the global markets now view any iteration as nothing but mental masturbation.

Guest Post: "Discussing The London Gold Pool and SWIFT", by James Gibson

Longtime TFMR member James Gibson volunteered this information in the hope of answering some questions on The London Gold Pool of the 1960s and the current SWIFT system of international payments.

Waiting On Lil' Kim

It appears that the next test launch of a Nork ICBM is just hours away. How the "markets" react to the news will go a long way toward determining whether the up trends from July continue or if we are now in the next phase of two-steps-back.

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