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Fighting The Banks

The strong reaction in the metals continued overnight and the picture has turned decidedly more positive in the hours since the FOMC. However and as you would expect, The Cartel Banks are still in the "market" this morning and doing their best to contain and control this latest price move.

The Latest From Batchelor and Cohen

Professor Cohen and Mr. Batchelor got together again last evening for their weekly discussion of The New Cold War. Events are once again moving quickly so please be sure to give this a thorough listen as soon as you can find the time.

Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?

Thank goodness it's finally FOMC Fedlines day and the sole remaining question is if Mother will only raise the Fed Funds rate by 25 bps. If she does, it will be very important to keep in mind that the gold price bottomed the day following the FOMC hikes of the past two Decembers, not the day before.

Cartel Doing Their Business

It was a brutal day of direct, Cartel price capping and raiding ahead of tomorrow's FOMC Fedlines.

Politics and economics--Sorry, they cannot be separated

The other night, I could not sleep, and as usual I went downstairs, stoked up the fire, and began to let my mind wander, digging out my subconscious concerns so I could face them. And as usual, my 22 year old daughter, who is a night owl, wandered downstairs and said, “Hi Dad. Can’t sleep? What’s on your mind?” She plopped down on the couch next to me and we started talking.

Moribund Monday

With all eyes focused upon Mother and her Wednesday Fedlines, the week begins with some listless and dull action.

Holding Support

It may not last through next Wednesday...or even today, for that matter...but at least Comex Digital Gold has managed to crawl back above and cling to the important support level that we've been monitoring all year. Perhaps a small victory after a very difficult two weeks.

Oh The Joy

Our two-week slog toward Mother's next rate hike continues today and about the only question remaining is whether or not she might jack the FF rate by 50 basis points instead of just the expected 25.

Russophobia with JBSFC

John and Steve returned last evening with an excellent, comprehensive rundown of the outrageous rhetoric emanating from Washington and New York in the relentless propaganda and cold war against Russia.

Endless Fed Deceit

Of course,  we all know that the benevolent and altruistic organization called The Federal Reserve is on a rate hike regimen because the US economy is "booming" and "robust". Oh, really? After just +1.6% "growth" for 2016, Mr. Donut in Atlanta today lowered his Q1 GDP projection to just +1.3%. That sure sounds robust to me!

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