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A Lesson In Suppression

If Comex digital metal prices were back down today solely upon easing war fears, I think we'd all be relieved and fine with it. But when you realize that yesterday's "market" action was simply just the latest act of The Criminal Banks, you might feel otherwise.

<Please read this public post.>


I can't believe the news today. I can't close my eyes and make it go away.

Ahead Of The Next Escalation

It almost seems somewhat pointless to type up the usual post with the usual charts but we'll do so anyway as a distraction from the worsening geo-political events.

How Will Things Look By Friday?

As the new week begins, we can't help but wonder what the world will look like by the time the week ends.

BLSBS Friday

The monthly edition of statistical fantasia was posted again this morning and, this time, it has helped to push both Comex metals into the plus category for the week.

Discussing Comex Silver

With the open interest in Comex silver blowing out to a new alltime high yesterday, we thought it best to discuss again what this indicates and what it doesn't.

<Total Comex silver open interest surged again on Thursday to a new alltime high of 242,895 contracts. Thus, this thread is now public and free for distribution.>

Trade Wars

As we warned when Peter Navarro ascended to the top of Trump's economic team last month, The Trade Wars are now beginning and the impact is being felt across all "markets".

Another Terrific JBSFC

Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen returned last evening with more essential listening for anyone truly interested in fair and balanced coverage of this New Cold War.

Back Down

After a hot start to the quarter yesterday, today brings a no-news equity rally and resultant selloff in Comex gold and silver. Big shock there, huh?

Q2 Begins

It's always a good sign when a new quarter begins with an UP day as this initial trading consistently seems a good measure of overall sentiment.

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