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All That Glitters Is Hope

A surprise announcement today from the PBOC has provided our first glimpse of hope for a turnaround in the Comex precious metals.

Ahead of The BLSBS

Back in the day, this was "the most important datapoint of the month" as CNBS mouthpieces breathlessly awaited the latest report from Hampton Pearson at the Labor Department. Now, yawn. Nobody cares.

The Upside of a Yuan-Gold Peg

So far, all we've seen is downside and negatives from the apparent linkage of the CNYUSD and Comex gold. Could there be a positive resolution by the time this all finally plays out?

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Now that we're back in the office, we can review the most recent CoT report to discover some historic anomalies. The question is, are these CoT changes the cause or the effect of this most recent price decline?

Back To Work

A new week begins as many of the past several have before...with both Comex metals trading sideways to down, following the CNY in a tight correlation.

Shares Get Pounded

It was definitely not a good day for the shares on Thursday.

Two Things To Consider

You may have already seen both of these but I thought we should combine them into one post.

Four More Charts

Not much progress has been made this week but at least things haven't gotten worse.

Just Six Charts

No need for a detailed post as there is only one, primary driver in July 2018.

A streaming fountain of Truth

Since we may all be thinking of other things instead of metals today, and seeing that chart this morning with silver swatted down yet again, I am certainly focusing on other things. Well, perhaps the bankers just gave metals a mean look and said, “Get back in your room!” rather than a full trip to the woodshed.

(My gut says, “If silver really does drop to single digits, crack open the piggy bank [credit] and make a purchase.”)

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