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Good Wednesday

As we stand at the threshold of what may be an extremely volatile, 3-day holiday weekend, the "markets" thus far today have been mostly unchanged and listless. Enjoy the relative quiet while you can as the volatility will very likely ramp up as we head toward Thursday's close.

More Must Listen Audio From Batchelor and Cohen

With US-Russia relations now "completely ruined" according to Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, The New Cold War has now reached a critical moment. As such, please be sure to listen to this week's Batchelor-Cohen podcast.

More FUBAR By The Day

Maybe it's just my overall mood as the past few days have been particularly challenging. However, I would imagine that you, too, feel the same general sense of unease that I'm experiencing this morning.

Monday Greetings

Ole Turd's got his show on the road again this morning with another visit to see Mama and Papa Ferg. Given that, here's just a quick update to see where things stand as this holiday-shortened week begins.

"If The Markets Open Down On Friday, The Russians Win"

No doubt this was the sentiment and action plan overnight for even though we had the U.S. attack in Syria AND the worst BLSBS jobs report in months, the all-important USDJPY was rigged higher and away from 2017 lows.

On with Crush The Street

Back on Tuesday, I had the chance to visit with Ken Ameduri of Crush The Street. The information discussed is timely and the format flowed well so I thought I should post it here in order to make everyone aware of it.

Hoping To Be Wrong

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow will come and go and Comex Digital Silver will simply continue higher toward new 2017 highs. Or maybe The Cartel Banks are simply playing their same old, tired game where they pull the rug out from under everyone after patiently flooding the "market" with new open interest, waiting for buying pressure to exhaust itself.

Mother's Minutes

We've always suspected that, in the three-week period between the FOMC meeting and the release of the minutes, these meeting notes are doctored so as to reinforce whatever message "the markets" failed to heed from their Fed masters. With that in mind, what market reaction over the past three weeks could Mother be hoping to address today when the latest FOMC minutes are released at 2:00 pm EDT?

Cold War Update from JBSFC

Another weekly update on the New Cold War and the Neo-McCarthyism of American politics.


A friend suggested yesterday that I should take the time to write about this and, since we're sometimes looking for things to write about, today seems like a good day.

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