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Guest Post: "Winter Is Coming", By Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform

In this three-part epic, our old friend Jim Quinn delves again into The Fourth Turning and lays out the case that the next ten years will be of great consequence for the US and the entire world. When I heard today that Facebook had deemed Jim's website  to be "unsafe" and "dangerous", I knew that we needed to immediately post this article here at TFMR. I strongly encourage you to shove this post directly up Facebook's fascist ass by linking and posting it as often as possible.

Getting Killed By The Pig

Well, this is frustrating. All systems were go mid-week for a major rally in silver and all of the commodities but a soaring US$ has put everything into retreat mode, instead.

To Squeeze or Not To Squeeze

With yesterday's breakout in price, the question of a short squeeze is being asked all over the internet. Today, we'll try to give you an answer.

Your Weekly JBSFC

Professor Cohen last evening: "We are in graver danger regarding war with Russia than we have ever been in history". Please listen to the entirety of this podcast today.

The Tide Lifts The Boats

You are seeing today why we keep discussing the falling dollar and the CRB. As funds flow into the commodity sector, this "rising tide lifts all boats". And boy oh boy, are we ever getting a lift today!

Building Momentum

An overnight rally in the POSX has begun to reverse and already the Comex metals are bouncing from their lows...with Comex silver back near yesterday's highs. Just another sign of some positive momentum?

Dollar Holler

After narrowly escaping WWIII last week, President Trump begins the new week by lashing out at China and Russia regarding currency manipulation. If what he wants is a weaker US dollar, then it's another "Mission Accomplished" on that front, too.

Fun with Max and Stacy

It's always fun to be on The Keiser Report with Max and Stacy. In this episode, we discuss gold, silver, HFTs and spoofing.

<Have now added part two of the discussion.>

Heading Into The Weekend

We began the week wondering how things would look by Friday and here we are. The precious metals are up on the week but that has come at the expense of heightened tensions in Syria. Let's just hope that sanity and cooler heads will prevail over the weekend and into next week.

Guest Post: "Explaining Exchanges For Physical (EFPs), by Gijsbert Groenewegen

Gijsbert Groenewegen of Silver Arrow Partners has taken the time to write this lenghthy explanation of the shady Comex "Exchange For Physical" process. You should definitely take the time to read it.

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