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Day Late, Dollar Long

It's as if the commodities market is one day delayed versus the incredible rise in the US$ yesterday. Today's drop is also pretty handy for The Banks, allowing them to harvest all of the new shorts they've issued in the past week.

The Battle Begins

Will the Comex Digital Metals be able to break through resistance and move higher or will price remain capped?

Here Comes The Volatility

The next 48 hours will bring news out of The Fed, The ECB and The BoJ. Combine that with a few US economic datapoints like retail sales for May and you have a stew of impending volatility that's about to boil over.

Trump-Kim Summit History

Well, that's behind us. Not sure if anything substantial was accomplished but the images of Trump and Kim shaking hands was sure something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. Now our attention turns to the economic news part of the week.

Here We Go

The week ahead promises to be unusually volatile with central bank meetings, the Trump-Kim summit and all sorts of economic datapoints. That can only mean one thing...HAT CONTEST!!

Grinning and Groaning

We're definitely making progress today though it may not necessarily feel like it after the hit that Comex gold took soon after the Comex open. Regardless, Comex silver is rallying beyond its 50-day and this is a hopeful sign.

The Situation In Ukraine Darkens

Ukraine has been the epicenter of The New Cold War since it rapidly intensified in early 2014. Sadly, the situation on the ground is deteriorating once again. We can hope that good will through The World Cup will keep things in check but the reality is that hot war is once again emerging as a real and frightening possibility.

Comex Silver Bounce #11

In what we've dubbed "the easiest trade in the world", Comex silver is back above its 50-day moving average today after bouncing from $16.30 for the eleventh time in the past 90 trading days.


So I was out almost the entire day yesterday. Sure looks like I didn't miss much.

Picking Up Where We Left Off

A new week begins but not much has changed.

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