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Another Tradable Low Coming

The divergence from the USDJPY correlation illuminates The Bullion Bank effort to smash price below the 200-day MA and flush out as many Spec longs as possible before the next rise. We saw this is May and in July and we are seeing it again now.

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Spec Flush Time

Since late October, we've warned of a Comex gold plunge through the 200-day moving average. Twice earlier this year, similar moves have prompted a mass exodus of spec longs and it had to be quite inviting for The Banks to try it again. Well, here we are.

An Interesting Week Begins

The week begins with a surprise that the Comex metals aren't down more than they are. The week ends with the BLSBS and some anticipation for the FOMC next week. And of course, "it's not how you begin that matters"...

Hopelessly and Totally Corrupt

So what might this post be about? The Fed? Maybe Congress? Well, even though corruption reigns supreme in those "institutions", today we focus again upon the totally-corrupt and criminally-complicit CFTC, which once again has seemingly zero interest in regulating the very markets they were designed to monitor.

Critical Yen Action

For the second day in a row, the expected bounce back to 112 is failing to hold. While this is a good sign, we are far from out of the woods and must remain diligent.

Greetings From Rock Bottom

This has to be about as bad as I've seen it. The Comex metals manipulated lower on a daily basis while BTC and the S&P soar. What's that they say about the darkest hour coming right before the dawn?

Vital Nork Update

There was not a Batchelor-Cohen Cold War discussion last evening. In its place, John recorded this 12-minute conversation with North Korean missile analyst Bruce Bechtol. It is very important that you take the time to listen to this today.

CGP Takes The Hill

Soon-to-be Chief Goon Powell gets his Senate confirmation hearing today and though no real fireworks are expected, it may still be interesting to see how the "markets" react.

A Pleasant Surprise

Given the positioning of the charts AND the fact that it's Dec17 option expiration day, what a pleasant surprise to find rallies thus far today. There is, of course, a lot of day left to come so let's check where we are and what to watch from here.

Guest Post: "How I stopped worrying and learned to love Amazon", by AGXIIK

While I don't trade Amazon or buy from this company, an article from Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg, posted on Zero Hedge, caught my eye. It lead me to conclude in the long run Amazon might just keep moving higher. There were some key factors contributing to my notion.  

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