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Deja Vu All Over Again

Don't worry. Move along now. There's nothing to see here. Despite the discovery of all the emails, chatrooms and texts, you can be confident that there is no collusion nor is there any price manipulation. Instead, rest assured that the precious metals, particularly silver, operate in a free and fair pricing structure.

Mother Cometh

Though we could theorize all day about WHY Mother is about to jack the FF rate again, what would be the point? Instead, since the hike is all but a fait accompli on Wednesday, perhaps we should simply review the charts and search for clues as how the "market" may react come Thursday.

Charts To Watch

It has been a wildly volatile and somewhat disappointing week...and next week brings the June FOMC. So, in preparation, here are some charts to watch through the day and into the close.

Just Like Old Times

After gleefully feeding paper contracts to the hungry Specs for over a week, The Banks came hard for the Comex Digital Metals this morning with price raids that had a very 2010-2012 feel to them.

Banks Playing Same Old Game

In what should come as no surprise to anyone around here, The Banks are once again creating as much paper metal as necessary to stall an advance in price. Already twice this year we've seen this happen in Comex Digital Silver and now The Banks are working their alchemic magic in Comex Digital Gold, too.

Good Timing

It was in yesterday's podcast that we mentioned the idea of the USDJPY plunging through its 200-day MA and shoving Comex Digital Gold to new 2017 highs. And here we are! A rather fortuitous bit of timing for your "blind squirrel" host.

Guest Post: The latest "In Gold We Trust" report from Incrementum AG

If you've been a precious metals investor for any period of time, then you are likely familiar with the great work of Ronni Stoeferle and Mark Valek of Incrementum AG. Their latest, excellent research report is embedded here.

A Solid Start To The Week

This morning saw some of the few economic datapoints of the week and, with those behind us, the "markets" will now turn to the pending political and geo-political uncertainty that looms for later this week.

Your Turn, Mother

The ball now sits on Mother's side of the net. What will she do with it? Will she jack the FF rate again in two weeks or will today's disastrous US jobs report force her to postpone her plans?

June Begins

And it's going to be a wild and volatile month. The fun begins tomorrow with the latest BLSBS and the next FOMC (with another FF rate hike?) is less than two weeks away. So, buckle in and let's see where the road takes us.

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