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Beyond The Pale

I was going to write about this yesterday but got sidetracked by the CFTC stuff. I could not wait any longer to post it because, frankly, this story is far more important.

The Silver Bull Market of 2012

No sense in mincing words tonight. The CFTC has finally acted and silver is headed significantly higher. Maybe not tomorrow but soon. Very soon.

Monkeys Attack

The Wicked Witch unleashed the monkeys this morning and the effects were immediately felt.

I've Come To Bury Keynes

Is Keynesianism dying? Is it already dead? Conversely, maybe it's not even sick? Maybe it's actually the cure?

Here We Go Again

Time to start another week. The charts suggest a quiet, rangebound week. Why is it I feel they're deceiving me?

The Turd Speaketh

As we head into the weekend, I've got a few things on my mind. However, it would take too much time to type it all out so I figured it would be best to speak to you directly.

Collusion & Corruption

I have several items that merit your attention today but first, here's an update of the charts.

Deflating Inflation

Mrs F returned from a trip to Target yesterday, full of vim and vigor regarding the prices of everything she had to purchase. I explained to her that the U.S. government deliberately understates the true rate of inflation and then proceeded to explain why they do it. It then dawned on me that many of you could use a refresher, as well.

What Do You Make Of This?

As you know, pattern recognition is one of the main practices that we preach here. It's one of the primary reasons I've had some success with my technical analysis over the years. Well, do I ever have a doozy for you this time.

A Rally Cometh?

Though I am still guarded in my short-term optimism, I have been itching to give you a rally thread. A couple of items have come together today so I'm ready to stick my neck out just a bit.

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