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Wednesday Wobbles

Just a few housekeeping items today. I also have for you the latest analysis from our buddy, Ned, in England.

How 'Bout Some Charts?

The first trading day of the year certainly brought about some powerful rallies. As we've discussed in the past, trend changes can often be spotted in hindsight by looking for days where powerful, surprising rallies developed. Was today such a day? Only time will tell.

A New Year's Message From Turd

Lots to say yet so little time. How about another brief video, instead?

New Year's Eve

What are you doing, New Year's Eve? Well, if you're like me, you're cleaning the house on the orders of the Mrs. In between chores, however, I figured you might be looking for a distraction so I present these two items.

Revise and Extend

Just wanted to take a moment and add a few thoughts to the previous post.

I wrote that post late Wednesday with the intention of keeping it up all day yesterday. I had a hunch that The Cartel would try to gun the PMs yesterday and they did. Is it a concern that they were able to smash gold through 1550? Of course. However, it's not the end of the world by any means.

The Moment of Truth

If you're about my age, you probably can't read that title without thinking of this song. By the way, Elizabeth Shue sure was freaking HOT back then.

No Charts Today (updated with a chart!)

Because it's all just nonsense. The euro just dropped for no real reason. The incumbent rise in the dollar caused the metals to take the elevator down about 5 floors. Silver has broken through 28 and looks now to be headed toward 26. Maybe by next week we can begin to assess the damage The Cartel is inflicting. Until then, all we can do is watch.

Holiday Trading

I hope that everyone had a happy Ramuhanukwanzmas. After being closed yesterday, the markets are back open today and...surprise, surprise...the precious metals are trading lower.

Christmas Eve Eve

Has this ever happened to you? Your spouse or "significant other" tells you something like "let's not spend money on each other this year". Let's just get "one or or two small presents" and spend money on other stuff, instead. Then you wake up on 12/23 and find all sorts of presents with your name on them under the tree and realize that, instead of relaxing, you'd better get your arse back to the! That's where I'm headed today but first, this quick update.

Quick Update

Just wanted to add a few things before the end of the day.

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