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Turd 2012

Sorry for the late start this morning. The Turd is just a bit under the weather and moving somewhat slowly. I've noticed, however, that our "markets" don't seem to care. They always seem to go about their business whether or not I'm at my post.

A Warning Flag For Silver

As you know, I'm very excited about the prospects for the fiat-conversion price of silver this year. It's going to a big year, perhaps even historic. That does not mean, however, that silver will move in a straight line up. I still believe the The Evil Empire intends to dramatically lessen, if not eliminate, their long-time manipulative short position. However, a careful review of the situation at ground level leads me to think that we're not out of the woods yet.

Not Buying Yet - Gold and Silver To Dip A Little More?

Holy Toledo! How far would the metals be down today if margins had been raised instead of lowered??

Margin CUT?!?

See for yourself. Dying Comex volumes entice CME to reduce margins, thereby increasing trading volume and CME profit?

Maybe 1750 and 34 will finally fall?

More on this later.

Ramblings - Let's Talk Dollar, Gold, Silver, Crude and Freedom

One of the major challenges in compiling and writing this website every day is in keeping it all coherent. Since I am currently only able to offer one or two threads per day, I struggle to include all that I feel is pertinent into one, tidy and neat little package. Today is particularly challenging in this regard. Please bear with me.

A Miner Key - Turd's Latest Thinking on Gold and Silver Miners

I've received quite a few requests lately for some technical analysis of some of our favorite gold and silver miners. Fortunately, today, I finally had some time to actually do the work necessary to write one. Here you go!

The Impenetrable 1750

This is the first of two posts today as I try to get caught up from yesterday. The metals have rallied nicely while The Pig has fallen but, of course, the question is: What happens next?

Quick Chart Update

As the POSX breaks down, the metals are charging higher. Here are some updated charts.

All Eyes On The Pig

Lots of thisses and thats today regarding the precious metals. I suppose that some commentary has merit but, really, it's all about The Pig.

Caution For Monday

Just a quick warning for early next week as I do not like the way things traded today.

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