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Back In The Saddle

I apologize for my absence over the past 24 hours. Mrs F and Mrs Sweetness planned a little, overnight golf and gambling extravaganza for Sweetness and I last night. The location was rather remote and I had very little internet access. Doesn't look like I missed much, anyway.

Open Thread. Turd Unavailable until 3:00 EDT

Heed The Mavens

I'm not megalomaniacal enough to think that they are responding to me directly and I'm not foolish enough to ignore them.

The Safe Havens

Wow, what a lousy day for just about everything. Crude down $4. Corn down nearly the limit. Dow down 178. The only things higher were the "safe havens" of the PO$, gold and silver. Yikes! And if you think that's scary, wait until you see the gold chart. More on that later.

First, take a look at this incredible rally in the POSX. It should encounter some tough sledding between 76.60 and 77 but, who knows? If the euro continues to fall apart, anything can happen.

Straight UP, For Once

Wow! Isn't it strange to see lines on the gold and silver charts that go straight up? I'd forgotten that that type of action was even possible.

This continues to be a very interesting saga to watch.


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