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Even More Charts

No sense dillydallying. Let's get right to it.

Gold and Silver Looking Good; Caution Warranted

So, there you have it. The technocrats of Europe have spun up a deal to prolong the illusion that all might one day be well. This was expected simply because a default cannot be allowed for the reasons we laid out yesterday. The fiat currency reaction has been muted but the metals are rallying, regardless, due to the money creation that will be the end result of this latest "bailout".

Why Greece Matters and What It Means To You

Probably the biggest challenge I face with this website is converting all of my thoughts and research into cohesive and logical sentences and paragraphs. You might think: "Turd, how hard can it be? You've already written about two books worth of crapola over the past year and a half." True, that. However, there are days when the issues are so complex and nuanced but the timing is so critical, it really stresses me out thinking about how to pull this off.

Option Expiry, a 3-day Weekend and a Raid on Gold and Silver. What a Surprise!

It what should come as a shock to no one, the metals have been mercilessly driven lower today following a positive Comex open. All while the dollar was flat, too. Hmmmm. Who would have seen that coming?

Odds. Ends. Out.

Just a few items as we wrap up Thursday and prepare for Friday.

Gold Charts. Silver Charts. Too Many To Count.

It's 10:00 a.m. EST and I'm just starting to type. What took so long, you ask? Frankly, I printed off way too many charts. This old Officejet is smokin'! After winnowing the list down to 9, I think I'm ready to get started.

Gold and Silver Update and New Format Questions

I hope you've enjoyed this new format today. In what was a trial run, with this post I will have begun seven new threads today for you to peruse and ponder. Five of the threads would be general, public threads in the new format. This note as well as the previous sticky would both be considered "subscriber" content. Again, please don't fear the coming subscription component of the site. I think you'll be quite pleasantly surprised at how affordable a monthly subscription will be and the added revenue will allow us to have a lot more fun. More on that soon. For now, let's update the charts.

Important(?) Webinar at 2:00 EST

Anyone looking for information on how you can help Chaz and her friends at DHS rat out your fellow Turdites, please check the info below.

The Latest from Jim Quinn

Please take the time to read this terrific article.

Lots of Choices. All of Them Bad. (Israel vs Iran Issue.)

I know I'm veering off into dangerous territory here. It seems that an internet-based, open discussion of this issue is impossible without the thread disintegrating into anti-semitic/anti-muslim rhetoric. However, I'm trying to make this place different so I suppose this thread will be a good measure of whether or not I am succeeding so far.

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