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Because I Said So

Just when world markets were seeking assurance, our esteemed and supremely qualified leader uttered this:

Levels To Watch Today

After a very interesting and exciting overnight, the metals are pulling back a bit this morning. This will present some opportunity if we interpret things correctly and are prepared.

Re: Tonight. I Have No Idea.

It's Sunday in the U.S., a little after 1:00 EDT. The Globex opens in about five hours. There seem to be quite a few people who are interested in my opinion regarding how the metals will trade tonight and tomorrow. Frankly, I have no idea.

Three Weekly Charts

Whew! I don't know about you but I am glad this week is over! I'm just glad I had all of you to share it with.


Weren't the looks on the faces of The Shill and The Coug absolutely priceless? "What? An upside surprise?" Look, we don't refer to it as the BLS"BS" report around here for nothing.

It Has To Be Said, So I'll Say It

The U.S stock market now off over 10% in the past three weeks. Pundits and analysts are panting and scratching their heads, searching for the root causes. The typical "news" story goes something like this, from the WSJ:

Overnight and Tomorrow

It's 3:20 and, as I type, the Dow is down 392. It'll probably get worse into the close and folks who were trying to hold on, hoping for a late-day comeback, give up and sell.

Into tomorrow, we are about to discover the degree to which gold, and to some extent silver, are now regarded as a safe haven currency instead of a commodity.

Opportunity Knocks

I've been out all morning but watching events from my iphone. Yikes! I was afraid that the selling in everything else would eventually spill over into the PMs. Sure as heck it did! The question what?

The Great Raid That Wasn't

The Turd doesn't like being wrong. However, in this case, I don't mind so much.

Objectives Met

As you know, I've been looking for a short-term peak in Dec gold, somewhere around 1680. I've also been looking for Sep silver to trade to a peak between 42 and 42.50. You may have noticed that this morning I simply split the difference and called for 42.25. I have intraday highs of $1675.90 in the December gold and $42.06 in the September silver. That's definitely close enough!

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