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An Interesting Day Awaits

Well, what an interesting day we have ahead of us. The markets are once again in "risk off" mode as the S&P and commodities are down while gold is up. We've also got this Merkel/Sarkozy luncheon date taking place. Don't stray too far from your computer today as the action will be significant.

Three Overnight Items

Gold and silver performed exactly as expected today. Now that we're moving higher again, where do we go from here? The charts below will help.

Happy Anniversary

In case you missed it, today is the 40th anniversary of the decision by the great republocrat criminal, R. Milhous Nixon, to remove the U.S. from the "gold standard". The Turd was only five when it happened so I cannot be held responsible for my inaction.

A Look At The Latest CoT

The "Commitment of Traders" report is issued every Friday. It is a summary of positions from the previous Tuesday. Since it doesn't tell us about the most recent three days, it's not always the easiest thing to interpret. However, this week, several things jumped out at me and I felt they should be addressed.

Gonna Need More Hats

This week's contest has officially ended and, once again, we have two winners! Out of 300+ entries, we actually had two Turdites pick the same number and they both were only off by 10 cents. The winners are....

Emotions In Check

Man, these days are tough, aren't they? If you're new to trading and stacking the PMs, get used to this wrung-out and frustrated feeling. Because both metals are overtly and covertly manipulated by The Cartel, they are subject to these reversals that seem to come from nowhere. One day, you're right and everyone in the world seems to be catching on. But, on the next day, the C/C/C changes the rules in their favor and you tumble into the pit of despair. Have faith, my friends, as this too shall pass. Not without more wailing and grinding of teeth first, but, this too shall pass.

Bring It On Down To Liquorville

Man, this has been a long week. Craziness. Madness. Downgrades. FOMC minutes. Bank runs. Margin hikes. I can't take much more and we still have tomorrow to go. I may need to hit Liquorville tonight!


By now, you're all aware of the pretty technical formation we call an FUBM. Another one that we occasionally get to see is the FUCME. Let's watch for one today into tomorrow.

Wild Wednesday

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? What a day! I hope that you, my dear reader, had as much fun following the PMs as I did today. Now, get ready for tomorrow and, especially, Friday. As we approach the weekend, there is no doubt that things will get even more volatile.

Silver to $44

In the past 24 hours, we can now count four, separate attempts at the 1770 level by the December11 gold contract. We can also count four, immediate Cartel actions to hammer price back down. However, the lows are getting higher and the pressure is mounting. Will the Forces of Evil be able to contain gold through the night and into tomorrow or will they again be forced to retreat to higher ground? I suspect we will know very soon.

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