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How Do You Kill 11,000,000 People?

That title probably gets your attention. It's also the title of a book I've been meaning to recommend to you and today just seemed like the right day to do it.

Whatever. Sterilize This!

Before we begin, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the lively discussion thread of the previous post. Solid, thought provoking stuff the kind of which makes this site special. I agree with most of the discussion, particularly that gold is your ultimate, certain store of wealth. I believe, though, that silver has a place, too. I've consistently maintained that gold protects your wealth while silver protects your purchasing power and the simple ability to even purchase things, in the first place. Let's hope we don't reach a point where it takes ounces of gold to fund a trip to the grocery store or gas station. Silver should fill that role.

The Impending Bottom in Gold and Silver

What a difference a week makes! Just last Tuesday, this site was aflutter with expectation and hope. Silver appeared to have won its "Battle Royale" and was threatening to take gold along with it through stout Cartel resistance. Ehhh....not so much. So here we are, one short week later, and despair reigns supreme, replete with frustration and fears that our precious precious metals are about to swoon to levels not seen since 2010. I'm here to tell you that that is complete nonsense.

Spoke Too Soon - Gold and Silver Still Declining

Well, nuts. I sat here yesterday and kept looking at that gold chart and thinking (hoping?) that maybe, just maybe, the worst was behind us. Once again, it looks like I spoke too soon and should have, instead, stuck with my ideas from last week.

The Wisdom of Uncle Ted

As many of you know or suspect, I am a subscriber to Ted Butler's newsletter service. Simply put, "Uncle Ted" has forgotten more than I'll likely ever know about the silver market and I find his perspective to be quite valuable. He usually puts out two newsletters per week and, last Monday, after reading his "Weekly Review" of 2/25/12, I asked him for his permission to re-print it here, in its entirety. It's nothing unusual, earth-shattering or out-of-the-ordinary. It is, however, a discussion of many of the issues we commonly mention here and it serves as a fine example of the value of his service.

Is It Monday Already?

Sheesh! After last week, I was really looking forward to some down time and now, all of a sudden, it's Monday. Oh well, not much we can do except deal with it.

Ridden Hard and Put Away Wet

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for this week to be over. The title of this thread refers to an old adage of the American West and it has to do with horses which, as you might know, need to be cooled and "walked" after a strenuous ride. Pretty well sums up how I feel. I need to be cooled and walked after this strenuous week. No time for that yet, though. We've still got to get through today's trade and, later on, I'll have some very important information for you.

CSI: Comex. The Gold and Silver Massacre

As with most crime scenes, evidence can be difficult to uncover. First, you have to know where to look for the evidence. Then, how do you build a case if the only evidence you find is circumstantial? Well, your humble correspondent is willing to give it a try.


Malicious Intent

I would imagine that most of you have already spent time last evening and today, digesting and learning from all of the information regarding the events of yesterday. Frankly, I have neither the time nor inclination to give you a full rehash of the events. So, for the sake of brevity, let's get right to it.


Two of these charts just ain't like the others. Two of these charts just ain't quite the same.

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