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I'll always remember where I was when silver was crushed for $6 on the Sunday night back in April. I'm sure that I'll never forget the past two days, either. These are amazing times to be alive. Historic.

OK, Here Are Some Charts

I hope you're sitting down because these charts are not pretty.

No Charts Tonight

After a long day, I knew I had to post something for you. If anything we have to start a new thread because the old one is now over 600 comments. I could take what has become the usual theme and expand on it but I'm not going to. No charts tonight. Just a brief, frank discussion about what is to come.

Bad Day To Quit Sniffing Glue

It's also a bad day to be traveling, which I am. So I will be out and unavailable all day. I would heartily suggest you stop by the chatroom or "pailin's trading corner" in the forums if you're looking for ongoing discussion.

Lots of Choices. All of Them Bad.

You know, in a way, I kind of feel sorry for The Bernank. As a central-planning plutocrat, the poor guy has put himself into a very tough position. He chairs the Federal Reserve as we stand at the end of the Great Keynesian Experiment. Bummer for him. Lots of choices. All of them bad.

More From Carnac

I may look like a complete idiot in about 10 minutes but I wanted to get on the record before we hear from The Bernank and his minions.

Front-running The Bernank

It's going to be a wild and wooly day. Expect lots of volatility ahead of the Fed "announcement" at 2:15 EDT. The day of the QE2 announcement last November was wildly volatile as The EE tried to force price down before the expected surge higher. Do not be surprised by similar action today.

Bullish Gold in Four Pictures

All four of the charts below paint a bullish picture but it appears that the next 24-48 hours hold the key. Hmmm. Isn't that interesting? What earth-shattering, market-moving news is possible over that time period?

The Knife Catcher

At the risk of making an even bigger fool of myself, Carnac wishes to double down.



The Turd awoke this morning to the disturbingly familiar LBMA/Comex beatdown pattern we've seen so frequently in the past. This stuff is sure getting old but, unwittingly, it appears that The Cartel is about to hand us an extremely attractive opportunity.

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