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Quick Update

Turd's in charge of the 12 & under soccer carpool tonight so just a quick update.

Monday, Monday

After a fun, three-day weekend, The Turd is rested and ready. I'd like to thank everyone who sent emails and donations along to cheer me up and inspire me to continue. All are much appreciated.

Another TFMR Podcast --- Ned Naylor-Leyland

Earlier this week, I had the great opportunity to visit with Ned Naylor-Leyland of Cheviot Asset Management in the U.K.

Getting Worn Out

I'm glad we have this new site and I'm thrilled that so many are enjoying it and learning from it. This site is about and for you, not me. But frankly, I'm getting a little worn out.

Ready For More BLSBS?

While we patiently await the once-a-month fun that is the BLSBS release, just a couple of things to chew on.


Though the market for paper silver continues to be manipulated and schemed to the advantage of JPM and the other bullion banks, the market for physical silver continues to rapidly increase with each subsequent price decline. The message that the physical market is giving to The Cartel is clear: You may still win the occasional battle but, in the end, you are going to lose the war.

Three Things To Consider

As we all ponder the pretty little FUBMs on the charts to the right, I thought I'd touch upon a few basic, fundamental questions this morning.

More Downside Ahead?

Wow, this is really getting ugly. Metals down. Miners down. Yuck. Can it get worse? You bet it can. How much? I guess that depends upon whether or not this is "IT".


I love this month and I hate this month. Before we begin:

"October and the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear. What do I care?
October and Kingdoms rise and Kingdoms fall
But you go on...and on..."

Oink Oink

No, I'm not talking about this stuff:


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