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The Greased Pig

Isn't it funny how the brain works? I start out this morning by looking at a few charts of the POSX. Next, I'm looking at a chart of crude. I begin thinking about writing a post regarding a "greasy pig" and, the next you know, I'm watching this video. Out here in the sticks, nestled between Nowhere and Bumfuk, the locals find amusement at such simple things. Maybe you will, too.

Well, THAT Was Interesting

What a day, huh? First we saw some May silver call-sellers get squeezed. Then, the FOMC statement caused a sharp selloff. Unfortunately for The Cartel, no waterfall ensued as price quickly rebounded. We now look to be on the verge of a rally. Let's get started!

Waiting on The Bernank

On a day where noting is moving ahead of the FOMC and The Bernank, what in the world does a Turd write about? Fortunately, Turd has friends who can help him out of this predicament.

Monday Night Discussion

Hot on the heals of the Sunday Night Discussion, here comes the Monday version. If you have a few minutes, I'd really appreciate your feedback on the following items.


The term applies in several contexts today. First, we are finally seeing resolution of the manufactured decline and bottom that began a year ago in silver and nearly eight months ago in gold. More importantly, however, the title applies to our own resolve as we summon the courage to stand with conviction as we face this final onslaught.

Sunday Night Discussion

I recognize that sometimes the pages of comments here get a little overwhelming for some readers. However, there are times when great information is provided within but it gets overlooked by most visitors to the site. The previous thread contained another such gem so I thought I'd start this new thread.

Friday Afternoon Link Dump

The Turd humbly submits a short reading list for the weekend.

Repulsion Revulsion

As the paper price of precious metal continues to be suppressed and capped, I'm finding it difficult to find the inspiration for a comprehensive new post. So, while we watch gold continue to be capped below $1650 and silver held under $32, I thought I would pass along this terrific history of central bank price suppression admission.

We Are SO Screwed

Before we get into the usual metals discussion today, I thought I'd take a moment to discuss what is being called "Taxmageddon". Not for the fiscal or economic policy ramifications but as a perfect example of just how hopelessly broken the political system in the United States has become.

Here Comes Turd, Hat In Hand

I must be a glutton for punishment.

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