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The Bots and The Cartels Simultaneously Attack

The reason given for the smash of gold and silver is the testimony of The Bernank. Hmmmm. Of course, stocks aren't down very much. Hmmmm. Look, Santa has warned us repeatedly that there is extreme volatility coming. Today's action is certainly a part of that trend. If you can't stomach the volatility, I suggest you completely avoid trading and only use the big dips like today for adding to your stack.

Long and Strong

Wow! Has does that feel?!? Pretty nice to be on the plus side of a $2 move, isn't it?

Is Silver Winning The Battle?

Very impressive price action so far today in the metals. Though gold is still being restrained below $1785, silver is rolling and is currently trading above the all-important $36 level. The is all well and good but, as you might imagine, it's what happens next that matters.

Audacious Gold Manipulation

Look, we all know that gold and silver have been manipulated and suppressed for years. For traders and stackers, the ongoing manipulation has just become a simple fact of life. The suppression is so regular that it can be used as a sort solunar table for those only wishing to "hunt" at the optimal hour.

Please Read This Extremely Important Post

I hope you're ready. Everything that has transpired since May in silver and September in gold has led us to this moment. The next five to seven trading days will tell us everything. Either the metals will win their individual Battles Royale or they won't. If they win, price will accelerate to the upside. If they fail, the metals will likely settle into another sideways consolidation that lasts well into spring. I, for one, can't wait to find out!

Back To The Fundamentals

At the risk of going all Marty McFly on you, I thought it was time to get Back To The Fundamentals and re-visit the fundamental case for buying and holding precious metal, regardless of the price action of any one day. And with The Battle Royale upon us, we'll need to keep the fundos in mind during the volatile days ahead

The Battle Royale Begins

Let's get it on!!!

Astonishing Open Interest and Option Expiry

Thanks to all who sent in some feedback to the questions I posed in the previous thread. Before we get started today, I should probably explain and answer those questions.

$34.40 Hard Cap Still Holding in Silver

Wow, what an afternoon for gold! After toiling all day between 1750 and 1760, someone or something finally got sick of Cartel's cap and blew it right off.

Looking To BTFD In Silver and Gold

Wow, this is crazy, isn't it? There is so much crapola going on in the world that, seriously, I don't know where to start. So, I guess I'll start where I'm most comfortable...with the ruler and the sharpie...and wait till you see what I've found!

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