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JBSFC on Trump and Putin

John Batchelor and Professor Stephen F. Cohen have recorded weekly updates on The New Cold War for nearly five years now...and we've diligently posted them here at TFMR since early 2014. Nowhere else in western media will you find such a fair, balanced and objective discussion of the situation and I urge you in the strongest possible terms to listen this week and every week.

As The New Cold War grows more dangerous by the week, we should all be grateful for these podcasts. Please be sure to listen and then forward to anyone searching for honesty at this critical hour in history.



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body language

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2.50 sell puts

Last quote .65? 650 10 contracts would let me pick op Mux at 250 - 65 = 185 (bargain) if it drops 

use the 650 to buy  20 jan 19  2.50 calls at .25 = 500 Mux over 250 makes more munny 

pocket the 150 diff 

am I nuts??

not sure of latest prices can't access my account at the moment but some options are on fire with this bullshit PM hammering going on is the smart moving to miners via options ?????

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Venezuelan gold refined in Turkey

Looks like Turkey are helping out Venezuela in their desire to get monetary gold reserves......

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Engineering Perception

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Thanks for the mp3 files

I usually transfer all audio programs to my mp3 player and listen while doing other activities, like gardening or driving. Saves a lot of time not being stuck in front of my computer screen.

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AGAU options

another trade if you are bullish-sell the puts and buy calls with the proceeds.

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John Batchellor Show

if you have itunes you can subscribe to the daily  podcasts-his show has a lot of good other interviews besides Stephen Cohen.

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You are the man. I was stuck on a call the other night and missed the JB Show. I can get WABC barely and I try to listen live when I can, but I've got you for a backup on Wednesday.  When I logged on yesterday and no JB SFC post I was disappointed, but you mentioned it on your podcast last night. When I logged on today and found that SFC was only delayed and not canceled AND that you had recorded the delayed broadcast for posting today, it was just one more reason that I was glad to pay you your exorbitant subscription. Yep, $.32 per day well spent! 



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Thanks for mp3 files

Me too!  I am off the grid and covert to mp3 when the sun shines in order to listen at night.

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