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Batchelor-Cohen on Russiagate

Wed, Jun 20, 2018 - 9:38am

With the New Cold War simmering on low at present, John and Steve returned last evening with a thorough discussion of the entire "Russiagate" affair in light of the recently-released report from the Inspector General of the US Justice Department.

Inspector General Horowitz has testified on Capitol Hill each of the past two days. Excellent summaries have been compiled by ZeroHedge and you can read them here:

With the report and Horowitz's testimony being prominent news this week, Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen took the opportunity last evening to completely recap the manufactured stages of deception that have led us to this point. If you need a refresher of how "Russiagate" began and the specious details that led to the "crisis", be sure to listen to this excellent summary.


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lnardozi · Jun 20, 2018 - 9:55am

On both sides, too much!

Katie Rose · Jun 20, 2018 - 10:56am

Never have gotten a first yet!

But this is my 1st second in 6 years! Yeah!!!

EDIT TO ADD: Still no water! Looks like we may need a new well pump. Bummer for us! 

Since I live from government check to government check, SS and Hubby's disability checks, looks like we are screwed for now. And NO!, I am not selling PM's to get a well pump. My PM's are down in Spokane in a safe at the local coin shop, and it's just too long and hot of a drive to get to them. .........

(Katie ponders her reluctance to part with her PM's. Pondering....pondering....)

Although........., isn't this why we purchase PM's every month? For this kind of an emergency? I may have to rethink my reluctance to part with my PM's. It just may be I'll be visiting Spokane today. We really do need water here.

Without water, nothing survives. It really is a life or death situation here, especially for our orchard.

Thomas More · Jun 20, 2018 - 11:01am


I live in France in large part because I admire French women - still do. And my two daughters and their friends.

Wingy · Jun 20, 2018 - 6:53pm


I just wanted to say Thank You for posting JB & SFC every week. I've, over the years, come to admire both of these men and I find their discussions very helpful in aiding my understanding of the greater world we live in. Many nights, and this was one of them, I wished they would continue on for another hour. I guess I'll just have to make do with the 39 minutes they give us. Thanks again.

I also wanted to say that the paucity of posts on this thread must be a function of the flurry of posts that appear here on Wednesday morning. I sure hope that more than four people on this site are listening.


Bohemian · Jun 20, 2018 - 8:21pm

-- as if from some soviet horror movie! :-)

I think that at this point, Russians are really confused. Well, that's how it works! If Americans are confused, what Russians could think? They are lost. It's a great strategy, you know? Everybody is confused and thinking: What the F is going on?!

It's coming!

What? -- From where? -- F !!! Can anyone tell me what's coming and from where?

Novichok! -- Space Troops! -- Wait a minute! We could have some Novichok, but it wasn't ours! We also have the Space Troops, right? Yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirenko. We do, since 80's, in Belarus, the Vielka village. The Russian Space Troops linked to satellites and ballistic missiles. I know, but about that Novichok! Listen, Sweden and Czechoslovakia were able to produce it too! Ask them! Ask Slovaks and Czechs!

President of the Czech republic, Zeman, in the morning, after several bottles of Slivowitz: "Yep, sir, we do! We just produced some Novichok, recently, but that was another Novichok, with a different number!

Do you see that bullshit? Czechs! Bohemians! Thank you, comrade Zeman!

Well, no problem, Vladimir Vladimirovich. I was just told by our military secret service!


Jeeesus Maria, you moron! That's not a production of Novichok! We don't produce it, we just make some to test it, so our WMD NATO units could detect it. It's a completely different version!

Shit, give me some drink! I know what I know.

Okay, that head of secret service is fired. He is a moron, too. He talks too much. Nation is laughing, what a cabaret!

Czechs did it. No, we are Bohemians, not Czechs. Russia did it. BTW, we have a Russian mafia here, so -- it is quite possible that it came from us, the Czech republic, but from the Russian mafia!

Do you understand that this Russian double spy was borrowed by the Czech secret service in Prague? Wait a minute, why? We had some questions for him. Where? He was in Prague, too? I don't know. No? Okay, you are fired too! Next one?

BTW, our Communist party is back in business, entering the government right now! It's the best defense against the Merkel crazy woman and her plans! Doin't think about using liberal and cultural Marxists! That's a wrong move. Use only skilled Commies!

Prezident Zeman: Guys, come to my Castle, okay? I will show you something.

So, media people went to the Prague Castle to visit president Zeman, to see what he is up to again!


That's what was flying above the Prague Castle in 2015 --


Yes, the great red pants, the commie underwear. And if you don't understand what I am actually saying here, that's okay. I don't understand Professor Cohen either. That's exactly what's going on. What do you think Russians and others think, reading our news? They have no f'g clue. Hahahaha...

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