Batchelor-Cohen on Russiagate

John and Steve used last evening's podcast to summarize the current rash of headlines detailing the concerted effort made to infiltrate and undermine the Trump campaign in 2016. Knowing this, they then ask if the entire "Russiagate" story is nothing but a fabrication and an effort to conceal the tracks of deep state malfeasance.

Though events are definitely heating up in Ukraine, last evening John and Steve chose to focus on current events in the US and they used this time to again compare and contrast the current period with the McCarthyite "Red Scare" period of the 1950s. As we've repeatedly stated for the past 4+ years, NOWHERE in western "media" will you find such a thorough, fair and objective summary of current events. Thus, PLEASE take time this week and every week to listen.



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One of The Best Ever...

...and if you listen and come away with the knowledge that you'll never be thrown in a FEMA Camp. There's no hope for you.

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Must Listen

A needed shot of reality amid the false hysteria. 

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Professor Cohen

I could listen to him talk all day.   Education at its best!

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About the John Batchelor Show

A 1000 thanks to Craig for introducing me to such an educational program. The more we learn of US history, the harder it is to not take a knee. 

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Great Report

Very interesting show which ties in very well what Q Anon/Trump have reported on for months.  The clues that match with other sources make me more confident that these criminals will soon be rotting behind bars.  

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Thanks Craig!

As always.

Be sure to check out John Batchelor's RSS feed. I am always impressed with the number of topics and John's level of preparedness given the number of shows per day he manages! Topics are wide and varied.


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