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Professor Cohen last evening: "We are in graver danger regarding war with Russia than we have ever been in history". Please listen to the entirety of this podcast today.

As you know, we've been posting these weekly discussion since February of 2014. Why? Because we feared that Ukraine Crisis would lead the world to this moment...and it still may. However, events in Syria have now made it ground zero in The New Cold War. It is simply imperative that you remain on top of this situation by arming yourself with as much reasoned analysis as possible. As we've stated repeatedly over the past 4+ years, nowhere in western media will you find a more reasoned, objective and fair analysis of current events than through these weekly podcasts.



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This series is a welcome breath of truth.

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Nobody wants silver (#2), ok I'll take it!

Feels like everyone is afraid to breathe and upset the nice day!

Good luck to us, we're due.

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Thanks Craig!

Getting here late, today.

Glad this conversation took place.

Always important; more so, these days.


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American Propoganda - does a full circle

During the Cold war the bad guys were the soviets and then by the mid 1980's with the warming of Soviet - US relations  I clearly remember in the 1980's the baddies of the US propoganda TV and movie scene were the fascist South Africans. Recall Danny Glover and Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. With the advent of 9/11 the bad guys were the Muslims and that has gone on for years now and suddenly this past year it has changed again to the untrustworthy, election meddling and cyber hacking Russians. The full circle is complete.  

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