A Lesson In Suppression

If Comex digital metal prices were back down today solely upon easing war fears, I think we'd all be relieved and fine with it. But when you realize that yesterday's "market" action was simply just the latest act of The Criminal Banks, you might feel otherwise.

Again, we've written about this a million times and if you haven't yet listened to yesterday's podcast, you should do so right now. Check the charts, too. Note the amount of volume it took to move price up during Comex hours versus the amount of volume needed to maneuver it back lower on the Globex. You might also go back rand reread the seminal piece on price manipulation through open interest, written about a year ago: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/blog/8252/econ-101-silver-market-manipulation

So, in the end, it's just another chapter in the sordid history of Bank price manipulation and suppression. Well, not even a chapter, really...just a footnote, instead, as this has all taken place in just two days. Price was ramped on heavy volume yesterday, only to be shoved back to Tuesday's level on light volume. See below:

And what is the primary tool The Banks use to accomplish this? Their untethered ability to create from thin air as many new Comex gold contracts as necessary, literally at a moment's notice. In this latest example, The Banks created a whopping 32,161 contracts on Wednesday. This increased the total OI by nearly 6.5% and it represented 3,216,100 ounces of digital gold or almost precisely 100 metric tonnes!


And please don't fall for The Apologist Shill bullshit of how this is hedging for mining companies. Do you really think that some mining CEOs had left standing orders with The Bullion Banks to immediately sell forward a year's worth of production on any sudden, war-related spike in price? Give me a break! But this is what The Apologists and Shills want you to believe!

So now today, with war fears slightly easing and the dollar rising, the price of Comex digital gold is rapidly falling. I have a last of $1342, which is a full $27 or 2% off of its highs of yesterday morning. As The Specs unload the digital gold exposure that they just bought yesterday, The Banks gleefully buy back and cover the shorts that they just created. And you'll surely see this in the open interest report tomorrow where, no doubt, total Comex gold open interest will fall backward by at least half of what was created yesterday.

It's a scam! It's a fraud! And it's all plain to see except by those who are either willfully blind or supporting an agenda.




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i will rerpeat what ss121 said, wake me up when silver is at 25.00


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A coveted position for a post like this one!

Thanks Craig for doing the heavy lifting.


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I wonder....

Is it possible for the cartel to wash the gold COT (makes specs to liquidate longs) on the price of gold range-bound...by creating daily up and down movement for few weeks?

Edit....the 200 MA for gold should move higher in few weeks...and that would do it.

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I'm new here, how do we trade

I'm new here, how do we trade this? I am aware of all the fraud on all markets and quite frankly have become agnostic to it.  What I do want to learn is how to spot the fraud and prevent myself from getting burned by it or learning to trade it.  Thank you

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Welcome Hitesh !

The first place to look if you are a trader are the "trading forums".  There are a few that are active and you might pan some nuggets over there.  Go to the top of the page and tap the "forums" tab and then hit the "traders" tab.

You might also find some tidbits on these main pages too.

Best o' luck !

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Spot gold did not make a new high yesterday

1365.1 vs 1365.9 jan 25th

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Silver can't hold $16.60

Snow White is still a virgin.

Dopey's an epic fail on that score.  

Maybe we should queue up Bashful.  

He hasn't been laid in 10 years.

When markets are priced to perfection gold and silver are perfectly manipulated   Gotta give that crew a hat tip if, for no other reason, that they got their game wired to perfection.  If nothing else, the price of gold ans silver are still a stacker's delight

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The banks will control the market until

they decide it is no longer is feasible, which if they can do forever they will . AND NOBODY knows if or when that is. It’s sad that some who have the money and/or influence are cowards to get into a fight that they 100% are in the right but don’t have the will or courage to fight. 

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Markets are stuck in a sort of limbo situation. They can't get enough traction going to break out in stocks - even with a considerable amount of help with gold manipulation/suppression which is not cascading down either. Lesson: learn to like the market you have - maybe the other choices aren't so hot either?

Bonne soirée

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KL is doing just fine thank you. Up on the day.

Hopefully KL can pull some other miners with it. We need GDX and GDXJ to start pulling their weight. Silver too. 

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Recall what Eric told us


Recall what Eric told us about the amount of $$ they make versus supposed "senior" plays such as GG.

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lesson in suppression?

Sounds like the theme of the mind numbing, soul sucking, despotic cesspool (ie. municipal government) from which I recently retired (it wasn't a cubicle, it was Hell with fluorescent lighting). Ah, the bad old days, I miss them not!

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Ah the american dream

I one day hope to own a home that is 10x more than my income will support, have 2 or 3 kids, that from birth will be pumped full of vaccines that will kill them or permanently damage them. Pay unbelievable prices for food even there is no inflation, and I hope that the stock market continues to go up even though we are at edge of WWIII. What a utopian world I hope to live in.

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Miners in very tight range

Miners in very tight range today. And FNV is up almost 1%. Franco is good quality gold miner. Any news on FNV today?

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Reset and Narrow Range a Possible Clue

I agree Blythesshrink and it's frustrating as hell to wait and see what happens.  I believe Jim Willie has said before that the Ukraine crisis was a Deep State attempt to stop a monetary reset.  Now years later the Deep State did not count on a President Trump.  I am eagerly awaiting the Inspector General's Report and revelations that could lead to arrests and military tribunals.  I want to believe Q Anon is really part of the Trump team and an April scenario event would be fine with me.   Let's end this shit! 

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Why We Don't Care About Stormy Daniels

Since my last article on the Second Amendment was so well received when I posted it here, I thought I’d share my most recent for anyone who might be interested.  The idea for this blog was prompted by the polling news yesterday revealing that most voters don’t think Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels is important news.  It’s much shorter than the 2nd Amendment piece.  You can read this one in a minute or two.  Thanks.

Why We Don’t Care About Stormy Daniels

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Syria attack or not

Well, the markets are giving the all clear thinking the danger of an attack on Syria is over.

But if there is an attack, it may be on Friday after the markets close. That way they would have some time to prepare their manipulation of markets' reaction.

Jus' guessin'

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and now this

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more Syria info here


How does this stuff get leaked?


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But silver

is immune to any Syria news.

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Re: But silver

No worries, a futures contract should supply all the Ag needed for the replacement cruise missiles.  After Russian's jamb signal, there is also the underwater salvage opportunity


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of course it is


The dollar price of the digital derivative is simply tracking the POSX.

Response to: But silver
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They are laughing at us

With all the intelligence gathered here at TF Metals ,,,, I just wonder if we could not come up with a Plan ,,, A Way ,,,to free this market some how? 

Whats it gonna take to get y'all Mad [ as hell and not going to take it any more??]

We have a fearless spokesman ,, Craig ,, Lets gather all  the miners large and small ,,, lets set up a cartel ,,, and a group of 1 million large and small investors [ Hunt Brothers on steroids ]to promise to buy up the production

I Hear You laughing at me now,,, what kind of stuff have I been smokin ,,, yes yes ,, but some day someone ,,, some people will rise to this challenge !

I just wish it could happen before the PTB set everything back to the stone age!

Freedom always finds a way

Best to all 


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It's prime time in Syria

9:32PM as good a time as ever to let the fireworks begin.

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...I like your thinking but we are small-fry.  There is no way we can challenge TPTB and their paper shenanigans.  And the mining companies ????  Cowardly and captured.  

It's going to take a MAJOR power to break the paper markets.  The ONLY way is going to be physical demand, and that will have to be large.  Who are we to force that position ?

And, it is likely that we would also be facing off against the Central Banks themselves, those who are enjoying purchasing physical at cheap prices.  Again, we are tiny !

When the physical finally starts to dry up for the large purchasers, then the paper game will end.  Until then, count your blessings if you have the cash to exchange for phyzz at these prices.  

I don't mean to sound defeatist, just realist.

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“Longtanding Chinese War: Intrigue & Betrayal”


Our Jackass has a new article....

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Thank You!

Thank you Bill

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Geofarmer and Billhilly

It may not amount to anything, but I have written many an email to my miners investor relations folks.  Explain why I'm concerned about product price being set on paper in place of market demand, naked short selling of stock, and other impacts to their stock price.  If they start to get hundreds of the same type of emails, maybe it would help.

Beats doing nothing.


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