Another Terrific JBSFC

Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen returned last evening with more essential listening for anyone truly interested in fair and balanced coverage of this New Cold War.

The level of Russophobia in the west has reached the point of hysteria. Be sure to listen to segments 2 and 3, where Professor Cohen provides a rundown of some of the most recent lunacy, deception and lies propagating inP western media.

As we state each week, this situation represents the most dangerous international crisis since the previous cold war and the  Cuban Missile Crisis. It is imperative that you educate yourself and warn others. Thus, please be sure to listen this week and every week.



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Thanks Craig!

Always important, growing more so, each day.


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Just listened...

.... I think it's safe to say that our Politicians, security agencies, media, University Professors are either 100% corrupt. Or 100% retarded.

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@ Angry Chef

Not sure it's an "either/or" . . .

I believe them to be 100% corrupt and 100% retarded!

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You should listen to this

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Link Didn't Work


Tried yje link and I wasn't able to get it to work. Can you either re-link or give me the Cole Notes version ?

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Please try again


It works for me.

Response to: Link Didn't Work
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A Missing Perspective

Terrific discussion by Mr Batchelor and Prof Cohen, as usual.  The two gentlemen are puzzled as to why Russiaphobia has been dialed up so high in recent years. I wish John would interview F. William Engdahl, who has extensive knowledge of history, geopolitics, and economics. The element not covered by Prof Cohen, who is not an economist, is the break down of the petro-dollar hegemony system. Engdahl has a compelling argument that this is ultimately the underlying source of the ratcheting up of tensions & targeting of Russia and China today.

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