This Week's Batchelor-Cohen

As the New Cold War continues to worsen, John and Steve discuss the similarities to the first Cold War and how this current crisis is far more dangerous.

Of course, this day and current events are already depressing enough so I can't blame you for not wanting even more bad news. But here it is...The growing level of diplomatic animosity, combined with a 21st century willingness to consider "tactical" nuclear weapons as an option, has created the condition where a rapid acceleration of conflict is possible.

Listen to this week's podcast and then, during this Easter week, please take a moment to pray for peace.



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Taking a beating this morning...:(

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The west expelling Russian diplomats

So is the west expelling all those Russian diplomats a very public slap in the face for the beginning of the Petro Yuan?  Looking at the almost non-existant proof for the alleged  'nerve agent' incident here in the UK leads me to believe so.  All wars are after all Bankers' wars.

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And this is fun!


Our friend Simon Mikhailovich, who we just had on for A2A two weeks ago, was also on the program last evening.

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Thanks Craig!

For trying to keeping us sane in an overly insane world.


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What the heck. We need to start climbing. Keep Stacking

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Complete Disdain

It is obvious that 'the powers that be' who control the West have absolute disdain for their populations. They can tell any lie, no matter how outrageous & unbelievable, and the population believes it.  There  are few people with critical thinking skills or even much common sense. (Just mention 'Russia' and 'Putin' to anyone you know. Odds are they will parrot the propaganda.)  A former CIA director said he knew his job was done when everything Americans believe is a lie.

Our politics is a circus, a t.v. 'unreality show'.

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