Batchelor-Cohen Return

After a one week absence, John and Steve returned last evening to discuss the recent Russian election and other developments in the New Cold War.

As always, this podcast is a must listen...particularly the second segment where Professor Cohen adds Russian history and context that you simply won't find anywhere else in the western media.



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World War III will begin any minute now...

Oh wait,

Seems like I've been hearing that for a few years now.

Never mind. devil

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Clive’s alive

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Thanks Craig!

As always, one of the most important hours of the week.


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May as well. Keep Stacking

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Only Part 2?

Hey Turd, both of the audio files above are identical. It appears they are both Part 2. Where is Part 1?

Never mind. Looks like you've fixed it already.

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Who needs a friggin’ wall?

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