More Vital Info From Batchelor and Cohen

As the "Russiagate" narrative continues to crumble, John and Steve discuss the origins of the conspiracy theory and the detrimental impact it has had on US-Russia relations during this New Cold War.

Once again, it is imperative that you find the time to listen to these podcasts each and every week. The western media has become nothing but a propaganda tool for The War Party so it is incumbent upon each of us to educate ourselves to the underlying facts and circumstances.

We've now been posting these weekly podcasts for over four years. Why? Because Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen consistently offer the only fair and balanced discussion of the ongoing crisis.


And here's a bonus segment for you. Andrew McCarthy is a former federal prosecutor so his opinions on this matter are extremely valuable. You can read more from him here: As you listen, recall that "Political Risk" is one of our three, key themes for 2018.


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There You Have It...

....What we've known for over a year. Russia gate is a lie. The media in America is really PRAVDA. The FBI & CIA work for the highest bidder. Nobody liked Hillary. And the Eleech are showing signs of their British counterparts. Too much inbreeding. Case solved. Can we get some adults in the room now ?

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Great News?

   After this long dry spell, the Q.E. robbery program, ruining  grandma's savings account, paying only .1%/yr., our local S & L. has increased the rate by 300%.   Yep, on some longer term CD's, they will pay grandma .3%/yr. .  So if grandma has saved $100,000 in her old rate she would make $100/yr. and now she can make $300/yr., taking care of all her needs through inflation, property tax increases, etc.    Oh happy day for grandma.     (I'll stop here)        Numbers and percentages distort the truth.     Jim

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