Dark Developments in The New Cold War

The disgusting, yet influential, Council on Foreign Affairs is out with a new treatise that will only serve to deepen and darken the New Cold War.

John and Steve spent the majority of the hour last night discussing the implications of this piece. You can read/review the entire document by clicking here: https://www.cfr.org/sites/default/files/report_pdf/CSR80_BlackwillGordon...

There can be no doubt that The War Party is itching to turn up the heat and bring The New Cold War closer to actual hot war. Therefore, you must make every effort to keep yourself informed and these weekly podcasts are one way to do just that. Please be sure to listen this week and every week.




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I am really quite disgusted with the deep state war-mongering of our nation. But what can a guy like me do about it. John Lennon tried and they just did not tolerate his singing anymore.

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Woo Woo

.....ask Clif High about this....

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seems like KL and names connected to it are doomed!


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See House of Representatives.  

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This will not end well!

I am really, really tired of wars and battles.  My family has a huge background in fighting in wars, and some died in the field.  Mom and dad met while building battleships in WW2 while grandpa walked around with a slug in him from WW1.  Brother a POW in the Philippines and another brother shooting down planes in the Pacific. I'm still dealing with friends from high school who cannot shake the effects of Vietnam.    When will that promised time come when "we will not learn war anymore"?

I'm starting to get that feeling again, like back in about 1955, when we thought the nukes were coming any day and we hid under our desks at school.   Today, we see marches everywhere.  Do we remember the protest marches over Vietnam, campus to campus?  Do we need to invade every nation on the planet?  All of us have issues and every person needs to find a place to make their stand, an issue worth dying for. I have mine, so do not try to "draft me" nor declare me a 1A for your conflict.  The battles have already been lost but the sheep have been driven to the edge of the buffalo mount (jump), ready for the skinning.

This may not seem to fit with my message, but it is in the middle of the road for me:

One of my granddaughters, 19, is a freshman in college.  Outgoing, athletic, high GPA and a delightful young woman.   She just told the family something like:   "This campus is a horrible place to get an education.  The  daily grind with other students is difficult.  Finding friends who have a moral life has been impossible.  Snowflakes, parties with drugs,sex, and booze is a plague.  My roommate is never here as she shacks up with her boyfriend.  Many care little about study or grades.  I have been searching for any Christian students, finding none, but I am seeking out any type of campus ministries."

If you look closely, you will see me headed over the pass, bug out bag in hand, no cell phone, seeking a place of Peace, happy for the things that matter.   Nuf said:    Jim



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Many of the members of the CFR are deep-state actors, and as the #DrainTheSwamp actions of Trump  take effect, there is going to be a great lessening of the influence of the CFR. If some large % of the CFR are housed in #Gitmo for being pedophiles and the like they will have greatly reduced influence.  See the #GreatAwakening thread on Reddit. A clue that the #DrainTheSwamp is taking place is a "loss" of FBI text messages. There must be something very bad for the FBI and deep state in those emails.


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Thanks Craig.

Seriouser and seriouser, week by week.


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Wars are for profit

Wars are implemented by the few for enrichment only.  A false pretense is set up for the masses sometimes it involves the death of the those that don't matter (everyone but them).  All for a dollar $.  All done by individuals with no morals, self centered, psychopathic type.  

One day I'd like to see a bill introduced that restricts psychopaths and sociopaths from being employed as anyone's boss.   Unlike so many other laws on the books I'd like to see it actually enforced with no exceptions.

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CFR - Giving Peace a Chance

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