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John and Steve continued their discussions last evening and they followed up on many of the themes The Professor and I discussed last week. As usual, we strongly urge you to listen.

In case you missed it, here's the link to our own podcast with Professor Cohen:

John and Steve follow up by adding even more depth to the issues we discussed last week. Therefore, please be sure to listen this week and every week as The New Cold War will only grow more dangerous as 2018 progresses.



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Has the U.S. given up on Turkey as an ally

and now solely committed to do Israel's and Saudi Arabia's bidding (in the Syrian conflict)?

It appears that the U.S. "is completely concentrated on countering Iran. But there are few if any Iranian troops in Syria and the supply line from Tehran to Damascus is via air and sea and can not be influenced from an enclosed Kurdish enclave. Moreover, the U.S. presence in the north-east is not sustainable.

The north-eastern U.S. held area of Syria is surrounded by forces hostile to it. Turkey in the north, Syria in the west and south, Iraq, with a pro-Iranian government, in the east. It has no ports and all its air-supplies have to cross hostile air space."

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Turkish President Calls On NATO To Take Stand Against U.S.

I really really don't like the way things are shaping up these day's.

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China prepares to deploy nuclear submarines at Pakistan's...

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Thanks Craig.

Our weekly dose of cold war reality. Oh wait, two doses this week as Professor Cohen came to Turdville!

Thank you!


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We've had so many nuke incidents and accidents that it's only a matter of time before someone "accidently" pushes the "Glass Parking Lot" button. That's a given. But will it trigger an overwhelming nuke response back and forth? How close are we to this event? Will the Earth become uninhabitable? Etc....

Cheery thoughts, I know.

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Chinese submarines - isn't that #64 on the menu

Thank you for that article - it was a good one.  One question though re:

Submarine communications tend to be one-way most of the time, because a submarine that doesn't transmit is extremely difficult to detect.

I have no knowledge of this problem but just for S&G.... if a nuclear sub, lurking deep and dark needed to transmit essential information without sacrificing its position, why not load a "communications torpedo", surfacing a mile away or more and just long enough to complete a burst transmission, followed by a dive to extinction.

I don't see why big subs couldn't carry at least a half dozen or more of these and in a pinch, it would do the job.

Whadayathink.  Should we patent it?  (Wishful thinking on my part, I'm pretty sure it already exists)

Have we got any submarine navy people on board who would dare 'leak' confirmation.

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Re. Angry Chef

" I really really don't like the way things are shaping up these day's. "

Well I do. That is assuming the US elites are not dumb enough to start a war because of this.
I see the possibility that the US will be forced to wind its head in an behave like a normal country. Hope it's not just a remote possibility.
And once the power of the US is curtailed the EU will be able to break up into its constituent nations.

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This might be worthy of its


This might be worthy of its own thread once I've had a chance to watch it. For now, we'll just leave it here.


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Turd - Thank you so very much

for posting Ukraine on Fire.  I wish it could be required viewing for everybody in Turdistan.

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