Batchelor and Cohen Return

The good professor returned from a two-week hiatus last evening and the discussion picks up right where it last left off...namely, the New Cold War and the elements in The West that seem hell-bent on driving it toward hot war.

As always, please make the time to listen to this program. The topics discussed last evening do not require your immediate attention but you will, nonetheless, find them extraordinarily helpful as a counter-balance to the prevailing media narrative regarding Trump, Russia and the worsening Cold War that is growing hotter on several different fronts.



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Merry Christmas !

Batchelor and Cohen are back !!!!

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Thanks Craig.

As my cousin, above, says .. their return is simply an early present we don't have to wait for.

As always, Craig, thanks for continuing to bring these episodes to Main street in Turdville; this is most important stuff.


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If your a night owl and would like the opportunity to speak

with the professor, he'll be a guest on "Coast to Coast" radio tonight.

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