Vital Nork Update

There was not a Batchelor-Cohen Cold War discussion last evening. In its place, John recorded this 12-minute conversation with North Korean missile analyst Bruce Bechtol. It is very important that you take the time to listen to this today.

This is an extremely informative, 12-minute discussion and keep in mind that, shortly after this was recorded, the Norks disclosed that the missile tested yesterday was actually an updated Hwasong-15. The full DPRK release is below:

Obviously, this situation is getting to be extraordinarily dangerous but only gets worse. Today we have this story from Reuters that summarizes the statement above: And we also have the American War Party springing into full attack mode:

So, please take the time to listen to this podcast. It's only 12 minutes and the information is VERY important, particularly toward the end when John and his guests discuss what the Norks are likely to do next.




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risk of war and gold smashed seems about right ( or is it)

Edit; was at a investment conference last week and the CIO made a couple of interesting points on NK
1: he thought that "fat man" was smarter than Saddam or Kadfi because he does have the bomb and that changes the equation in negotiations.
2: Mr. mainstream CIO said it was the 6 Trillion in minerals that NK has that the US want, particularly the rare earth minerals.One mineral specifically is needed for batteries and NK has it in abundance.
3: He thought it was all show

I must admit that those comments from a mainstream guy took me by surprise


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Do I need to repost Rothschild?

Why does Rothschild care about Power and not the USD?

Why does Rothschild LOL when the grandchildren and children of stackers sell their family jewels inheritance for less than spot?

Why not focus on the great decision we all made to stack?

Are your next-in-lines guaranteed not to sell your metal when they get their hands on it?


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Thanks Craig.

More news that needs to known.


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As Always, Keep Stacking

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What's more important?

Cantor Fitzgerald setting up a Bit Coin derivatives platform on NASDAQ in 2018.

NORK nuking a big city in N.A.  

Maybe THAAD can stop an incoming missile but, more importantly,  can we protect ourselves from a Bit Coin derivative WMD?

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Hawaii monthly emergency warning sirens test

At 11:45 a.m. Friday, during the regular monthly siren test, 50 seconds of the usual steady-tone alert for hurricanes or tsunamis will be followed by 50 seconds of the wavering attack warning tone, Hawaii Emergency Management said.

The last time Hawaii residents heard the attack warning siren test is not entirely clear, with estimates between about 1980 and 1990 during the Cold War.

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