Your Latest Batchelor-Cohen Cold War Discussion

Another history lesson last evening from Batchelor and Cohen as they compare the current geopolitical climate to The Cold War of the 20th century.

As you consider the things for which you are thankful, be sure to keep in mind our friends John and Steve. They've been holding these weekly discussions for nearly four years now and they've done it in a largely hostile environment where these podcasts are routinely the only fair, balanced and reasoned discussions of The New Cold War to be found anywhere in the western media.

Please make the time to listen this week and every week.



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Looking forward to

The Turd & Jackass discussion... cheeky

Any minute now...angel

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Thanks Craig.

As always, information which should not be passed over.


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My Top 5 Threats To America

1. Banking collapse.

2. Allowing Israel and the Neo-Cons to direct foreign policy.

3. Pedophiles in Government...all branches.

4. Omnipresent and growth of a Fascist Police State.

5. The destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I could come up with another 50 before Climate Change. But I agree income inequality would be in the top 50.

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Not till tomorrow Fix


Sometime in the morning.

Response to: Looking forward to
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4th We'll Take It

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Urgent transition....

Thank you Hillary Fuckwad Clinton.

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Thanks Turd

This classic from April 2016 is why I started leaning toward Trump:

2106_04_06 (Trump's 5 questions on NATO start 30 minutes in)

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