Since we began posting these weekly discussions in early 2014, we've only occasionally implored you to be sure to listen. This week merits that level of attention.

Just listen and then come to understand how serious the situation has become on many levels. John and Steve discuss the current hysteria in Washington, The New Cold War and the threats to American democracy by forces from within.



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Great Interview

Thanks Turd!


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UN General Assembly Adopts Resolution Condemning Crimea Human...

....Rights Violations

Is the word "NAZI" in Ukrainian mean "herpes ". These people just won't go away. And it just goes to show what the UN really is. Nothing but a tool for the Anglo-American Globalists.

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Crimean Human Rights Violations !!!

These guys are hilarious and I really got a belly laugh out of this story.  (Hope you did, too.)

Unfortunately, it's the kind of laughter that, once you settle down, you just wanna upchuck.

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Another piece to the story.

SGT lays it out. If correct, Trump is brilliant. The next video shows Putin understands the enemy, the deep state.

Hence, I conclude Trump and Putin, probably unspoken, both know who the enemy (worldwide) is.


And this is rather funny.

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Ukraine readies to terminate diplomatic relations with Russia

And this...

And this...

I don't like the way things are setting up. We have the situation in Ukraine starting up yet again. The situation in the MENA getting hotter. North Korea is on the table though I doubt anything happens their. Venezuela defaulting and being picked up by Russia. And now Zimbabwe formerly Rhodesia. 

Interesting times....

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Interesting times... and don't forget the turmoil

in KSA with potential war against Lebanon/Iran. 

A lot of powder kegs kickin' around.

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Just an FYI. MENA stands for " Middle East and North Africa ".

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Thanks Craig.

As always!


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Professor Cohen needs to lay off the sauce before he goes on the radio.  It really detracts from the substance of his message.

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Great work !

Brilliant analysis - sets the torch to Russia-gate !

Lock them up !

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Great work !

Brilliant analysis - sets the torch to Russia-gate !

Lock them up !

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